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I will hijack stories and make crap. Why? Because there are stories with dark endings, death, pain, misery. I will make such stories happy. I will save the characters from a cruel end.


This story is a sequel to Twilight Tries...

Join Applebloom and her friends Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle as they take your suggestions of what they should get their cutie marks for!

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I look forward to seeing all the things that Apple Bloom and the CMCs will be trying!

Apple bloom tries building a scooter course for Scootaloo.

Maybe stay a day with Discord?

Visit Sunset Shimmer world?

Visit Babs Seed?

Kiss Sweetie Belle in the mouth?

Kiss Scootaloo in the mouth?

Borrow Applejack hat?

Talking a full day like Trixie?

Apple Bloom Tries.....
Beating the high score of an arcade game
Pranking Pinkie Pie
being a black smith

Comment posted by Banana Pie deleted Sep 10th, 2020

apple bloom spend a whole day without saying "apple"...:trollestia:

Do or do not, there is no try, young Apple Bloom.

watching old horror movies

Ohh hey I suggest apple bloom to read fanfiction.

id like to see the cmc watch smile hd

"Plus, we're all girls! Girls only kiss boys." Sweetie Belle said.

Sweetie Belle should never read 90% of the romance MLP fanfiction. She's too innocent for those things, ESPECIALLY the ones with her in it

The CMC try... Joining a Viking Horde

During the parts where you list the comments i recommend formatting it like this:

Do or do not, there is no try, young Apple Bloom.

I think It would seem more sensational and easier to read.

To do this simply put:

Do or do not, there is no try, young Apple Bloom.[/*quote*]

(Be sure not to include the *’s)

Aside from that, this was a good read

Idea 2 react to my little pony generation 1 pilot rescue at midnight castle idea 3 reaction to mlp g3 rainbow dash with guest reaction by rainbow dash

Nightmare night special watch the original Halloween movie followed by the recent movie reboot

I know that I shouldn’t question it, but HOW IN THE WORLD DID APPLE BLOOM FIND THIS?
Also,(you’d have to work with Peni Parker for this) Apple bloom tries joining Twilight for one of her vlogs

1: The Narrator.
2: That is an EXCELLENT idea. I'll talk to Peni about it.

Not sure if already tried but...

What about explore Princess Twilight Crystal Castle? After all it's a magical castle, maybe there is some hidden room or something

Another suggestion could be to try to act like Sweetie Belle or Scootaloo and see how good are you imitating them.

Bunnysit Angel Bunny, the demon rabbit of Caerbanogh

Sing "Another Brick on the wall" in front of Miss Cherilee and the whole class

Try to have a friendly talk with any of the special students of Twilight new school (The student six) except Sandbar as we know you are already friends

Visit Diamond Tiara... after all, she reformed, right?

Ask a changeling to disguise as one of your friend and try to guess who is the real one

Eat a piece of lemon

Search for clues around Ponyville about the mystery past of the evil Cozy Glow... From where did she appear? What she did during free time? Did anyone notice anything strange? Does she have a family in Ponyville? Where did she live?

Let a toad incubate a chicken egg in the Everfree and see if it's true that a basilisk is born from that

Give a 'surprise' party to Pinkie Pie, emphasis in 'surprise' as it must be a surprise for her and she don't know that you planned to do it.

Check the mysterious blue box of Mr. Time Turner (That pony with a hourglass as a cutie mark) and see if there is anything inside

Take a 'walk' around Ponyville, wearing the bunny pajama of Zap Apple Season and jumping instead of walking

Check if the toast always fall butter side down

Ask Miss Twilight for the cloud walking spell and test a cloud bed

Try Bungee Jumping

Drink Tea with Miss Fluttershy

Visit the spa

Recreate the 'Iron Pony competition' only instead of Applejack against Rainbow Dash, you against Scootaloo with Sweetie Belle as the judge

Check if Sweetie Belle had been replaced with Sweetie Bot... A strange robot that look like Sweetie Belle and acts like Sweetie Belle

Sell Lemonade

Oh sweet I got noticed *squee*. Next time maybe you girls should sell fashion. Or maybe try throwing a party... ps. To the author: I though you'll go for clop or something.

"So this'll be of us trying to get our cutie marks! And also doin stuff y'all put in the comments. Reactions and what not. It may be mah vlog, but y'all can also refer to mah friends for challenges or question or... stuff."

Ok so this is during the time before season 5 episode Crusaders of the Lost Mark came around ok cool

OK well so they're doing a vlog like YouTube cool So the 1st time try to use this is making coffee Interesting way to start off their video but their kids they go to try something different lol This is pretty interesting

So my thought for you Apple Bloom you should try lets play video games or music videos Just please do not do stunts it will not end well

"Plus, we're all girls! Girls only kiss boys." Sweetie Belle said.

Ummm Yeah about that lyra and bon bon are going out together so.... yeah But don't get me wrong love is love right

Ok wow so Basically they did A dare which I don't know why and want at the arcade to play a game is hard as heck not bat on your video lol

"Howdy y'all! It's me Apple Bloom. A warning to our viewers. The last bit of this video contains context that's... kinda bloody. It also in no way reflects Pinkie's attitude. If you wish to avoid seeing the -Hurk- bloody video part, then skip starting from this moment, until you reach here. You have been warned. Also I say a single swear by accident, but I censored it."

Oh god no not that video That messed me up so badly my cousin trick me watching it 😠

"The ending is reeeeaaaaly confusing. And who would ever actually do that? Thankfully Cozy Glow is just their oc." Sweetie Belle answered.

Yeah about that sweetie Belle she will in your world but beware That kid is nothing but trouble I came for the future do not be fooled by her Innocent attitude

"Yeesh. Why would anypony make a story like this?" Scootaloo questioned. The three took a moment to stare at their blank flanks, wondering what the removed cutie marks looked like.

Because there's a couple of people in the fan fiction can be sick and is just like darker version of mlp thats why I never read rated m storys its just yuck

oh god smile hd It was the mistake I ever made of watching it not only that it Destroy the innocent mine good Lord I don't know why they made this

well then that was something lol A lot of random things just happen and I can't believe you build of robot doctor whooves I can't believe you got the changelings in this crazy dare

Anyway if you wanna do something a very interesting you should do a reaction videos and or do a lets play game or music video But make sure it's very clean because do not do anything disgusting please don't ok kids And then probably you should hang out with the young six they are cool kids or make a muffin with derpy Now I don't know anything else but hopefully this would help

I have an excellent idea.... I think you three should create your OCs!

Hey girls You should do a reaction video on the show called pony life and meet a pony name Potion Nova lol

ohh i got one try pranking twilight sparkle by gluing her books shut

Learn Martial Arts --- With luck all the meditation and exercise could make the crusaders less destructive

Another suggestion is ask Discord if you and the other crusaders could be his apprentice --- If the Princesses can retire and leave Twilight in the throne, why can't all of you learn Chaos from a expert?

Comment posted by _OtakuTsundere_ deleted April 18th

Jump in time and meet filly Applejack, Filly Rainbow Dash, Filly Rarity, Filly Twilight... And remember to let Discord or The Doctor to erase their memories

Do all the homework of this year and the next (Like that you can have more free time)

Transform into Nightmare Bloom (Maybe the crusaders could join you)

Comment posted by _OtakuTsundere_ deleted April 18th

Since I'm new to this dare series I might as well give it a go.

Okay I got one, lets have the crusaders compete in a baking competition with each other to see who can create the best dessert.

Also if you want, have them dress up Spike as a maid. I just thought it would be funny.

Try the most dangerous game known by ponykind... "The Limbo!"

Try a wooden mask from Discord trunk of toys (The Green Mask)

Build a trebuchet or a catapult

Nothing strange, continue walking

How about Apple Bloom try Yoga? It’s a good way to relax.

Good episode

Hey Apple Bloom, perhaps y'all can do a reaction to Kitboga on YouTube! He's real funny when it comes to wasting scammers time. Gather some Changelings with you so that way they can learn how to deal with these scumbags and be heroes to society in their own right! Watch "The Angriest Scammer I've Ever Called" in particular, and yes, it has some cursing.

Another one y'all can do is watch Let's Game It Out (a guy that basically breaks video game limits in some of the weirdest and most hilarious ways possible), and don't forget to bring Discord with you! He'll love this guy for sure! I recommend watching "I Built An Unethical Zoo Where Nobody Is Safe." Now that I think about it, bring Button Mash in for this one too! If this doesn't make anyone laugh, then I don't know what will!

The last suggestion for this list will be a rap battle of kindness, where you only complementing your opponent. Whoever wins gets a cake! For the opposition to lose, they must hug you. In case you don't know what rap is, you basically rhyme one word with the last word whilst singing, (example: My day has been pretty crappy, but thanks to you Crusaders I now feel happy. I hope y'all do well, and I hope y'all stay good. Because if your awesomeness don't make people smile, then I don't know what would.) Perhaps one of you can challenge Fluttershy?..

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