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Anon challenges the mane 6 to a simple game of soccer.
Twilight The Mare. The Myth. The Legend! gets hit in the face with balls as per the title... not much else here aside from some light RGRE and crude humor in the form of a shitpost-like story.

Warnings are mostly for references except for violence... because Twilight is getting hit in the face with balls as the title implies... if you really don't get that bit by now I don't know what to tell you.

Cover is edit I made from this which was made by some cool artist bros. (ericneomatrix and seniorpony

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 14 )

So the entire story's a Scott Sterling reference? Cause if so, then that's awesome.

I don't think there's a single person here who hasn't heard of the absolute genius of Scott Sterling, and the comedy gold of getting smacked in the face over and over and over again. Awesome story, man.

Okay wow this was a treat. Very funny, I'm glad I took the shot at reading it

Wish there was more this was great

Well my hunch is correct. Scott Sterling all the way.

What does RGRE mean?

Reverse Gender Roles Equestria
Generally self explanatory there, though this story only has very light elements of it compared to others.

Thanks, I keep meaning to ask what it means on other stories, but kept getting distracted and never got around to it.

Does this also cover the Scott Sterling sequel where he plays volleyball?

I was thinking about it, we'll see though.

Yes! this exactly! I knew this was familiar.

Poor Twilight deserves some tlc.

She's an alicorn, she'll be fine.

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