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This story is very simple and tart
Zecora tries to win Anon's tender heart
In a world where mares take charge,
and stallions are meek by and large.
Please don't point out the meter, don't be so morose,
it is by accident that I unlearned how to write prose.
Wrong drug and wrong dosage to boot,
Suddenly yielded this weirdly-rhymed fruit.
And if your interest still isn't yet gone,
Then, well, why don't you read on?..

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Yeah, just take my like, my favorite, my comment, and my follow. What an awesome fic written entirely through poetry. If this isn't in the sinbox, I will be pissed.

Practice makes perfect. Do more!

But as a fellow poetry and/or lyrics enjoyer/occasional writer, I must confess, it was a pain to go through. Luckily I have no standards and no expectations.

Lovely take on things, and my deepest respect for going the poet's way in doing Zecora right. :moustache:

"I put the new forgis on the jeep~"

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