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Forget the Words and Sing Along! | (Commissions)

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Couldn't sleep so I wrote this.

Oh, look! The sun's up. Time for bed!

I have nothing witty to say.

That in of itself is witty.

You win!

I don't know if to be impressed by how the story is written and the portrayal of the dissatisfaction of reality some individuals within any fandom. Or to be disturbed in the fact that this is also incredibly likely to happen to someone too far gone to think or care about reality.

Either way I overall enjoyed the story and it certainly was an interesting way to start off a day.

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This is... Okay then. I don't know what to say.

Ah, the dissatisfaction and disappointment of reality many people have.

This is brilliant work and I'm glad to have read it.


Cheers for saves, lad.

I can't help but think this was inspired by the conversation we had in the group last night, especially with this person needing validation, and to be loved for anything in his life. His need to have value in his existence reminds me of someone. Hmm?

 “I love ya man. You aren’t nothing. And I’ll even validate you personally if you just climb back.”

If this in any way, shape, or form representing you, you better believe I'll validate you till the cows come home.

I'd also like to add that out of all the things I've read by you thus far, this was easily the best.

Whoah... Extremely poetic work. The words flow in a way that paints the picture of, what I perceive, is someone who has felt so far disconnected from the world that all they have left is Pony. Of course Pony is not the only sort of alternate reality people can find more alluring than reality.

The way it goes makes me see someone who has hit rock bottom and is in one last attempt to find happiness. To find themselves something happy to take away the pain they feel emotionally and, most likely, physically as a result of such depression. Unfortunately it does not seem to be enough to keep the individual to reconsider their decision. The knowledge that the alternate reality could never be possible in any way in the real world has come to be recognized. So, most unfortunately, our character has decided to end their existence.

Very powerful work. It's also a great way of reminding everyone that they should not spend too much time away from reality. You can "Escape" but it is only that. You'll eventually find reality again and it will hurt. So matters of depression should be taken very seriously by friends, family, and the one going through it to ensure the end that befell our character here does not happen to someone real.

You’re going to get her to say something that is untrue because you’ve used pity to lure her. Enjoy her words—that you made something innocent partake in your delusion.

I don't think that needs to be a concern. When you pour water into a vessel, the water fills the shape provided by the vessel. There is not only one possible shape for a vessel to take. Neither is there only one Celestia. The particular Celestia that is manifested by need is presumably the one that corresponds to the need, just like the particular shape taken by water is the shape that corresponds to the vessel it fills.

Of course, "using pity to lure the innocent" is a possible shape/expression just as any other. So if that's the form that expression takes, then presumably that was the expression that was needed, yes?

So why worry about it?

Had you gotten ridden of me, you would’ve lived a far better life—maybe even done something good with it. Guess what though? I’m falling with you now.

So then the idea here that one feels one's particular need is somehow unworthy of expression? This shape of water in a glass is good, but that shape of water in a glass is bad, is that it?

If it's any consolation, by experiencing such needs that might be felt of as unworthy, one tends to...not "overcome" them. But accept/outgrow them? Once lower expressions are known, one tends to move on to higher forms of expression.

It's unproductive to feel bad about being a first grader and as a result, trying to skip ahead to second grade. Knowing the material of first grade enables one to advance to second grade.

These expressions that are perceived of as unworthy are useful/necessary.

Accept them, embrace them, and then move on when one is ready.

Ironically, of course, these lower expressions that one must work through might sometimes include the expression of feeling guilt/unworthiness over a particular expression of need. :trollestia:

This is a beautiful comment. Thank you.

That doesn't feel like it's still her talking by the end... :rainbowderp:

This was an interesting piece to say the least. You do very well with assembling words into original forms of description. I like how it slowly progressed from unfocused darkness to a world filled with bright colours and definite shapes, only to suddenly fall apart in a jarring blur. However, the atmosphere was kind of broken by occasional typo or another writing issue. I didn’t make a list of them, but if you wish so, I can try and comb for them through the text.

If you've got nothing better to do, I could send the link to the g-doc.

Well, editing-wise, I’m free right now, so feel free to send it.

Okay, I went through it.

Thank you, sir.

I liked how you managed to settle all those feelings in the end. The way people react when reality crushes their dream; in these kind of moments is where we find ourselves to be more desperate, urrational, reckless. We try to do anything so the things we cared about dont get lost at the hands of logic and destiny.

I felt really sorry for this human... but then again, he is just a fictional character,



Protip, don't give the world a link to freely edit your document. I suggest you replace that link with a 'comment only' version.

I love this stupid story ;P

But you want to know the truly ironic part. Had you gotten ridden of me, you would’ve lived a far better life—maybe even done something good with it. Guess what though? I’m falling with you now.

And that means I won.

I am confused a bit, I can see a few identities behind the "I", but I can't see any clues to really cinch who it is.
Their ID?
His innocence?


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