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Forget the Words and Sing Along! | (Commissions)


Writing is hard, or at least, that's what most writers say. Can their words be trusted? And just what are words? Do they dictate our worth, the quality of our lives? Spike is very sleepy, but he's equipped with a quill in his claw.

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... I'm sorry.

These words in this story, be they true or fake, aremywords, and mine alone.

Words to live by. Every stroke is another painting, and so on.

B_25 #4 · Jun 20th, 2018 · · 1 ·

strokes make me scared cuz people die from them : (

Damn. This hit me hard. This hit me because Spike was speaking EVERYTHING I'm feeling about myself currently.

But, I feel like now, I can write the story that I didn't want to write too. So, thank you for writing this piece.

This story truly resonated with me. I'm more of a reader of words than a writer of them. I'm use to being the judge, not being judged. Just recently, I submitted a chapter of a two-shot I'm writing, my second ever fic. for this site, and I agonized over it for awhile, despite it being mostly done mainly because I was worried it wasn't good enough. Doesn't exactly help that I'm a bit of a perfectionist.

"You are your own worst critic." I firmly believe that. This story really helped me get a bit more confidence in myself in the writing department. Thank you so much.

This was pretty beautiful and inspiring. I’m really glad I read it.
There are a lot of words and pieces of advice you hear in your life, but it’s funny how much more it resonates with you when it’s put so fluently and dynamic

This was an engaging read. Thank you for sharing.

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