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What does it mean to be perfect? · 3:30am Nov 2nd, 2019

Sorry to get a bit serious on everyone with this one. I was just wondering how everyone deals with failing in their own way? I always try to do my best in my writing and I'm trying to open myself up more to friends but I don't remember how hard it is to try. I asked myself what did being perfect mean to me and I decided that I didn't know. I'm not there yet and may never get there but we can't stop trying can we? All we can do is our best for ourselves and for everyone around us.

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I finally got some art! · 8:36pm Jul 23rd, 2019

Hiya everyone! I paid the amazing Alexis Crenshaw (LolaDotz) for the cover art for the Alchemist Dream. The art is mostly for the first season but I am having one done for the current second season. I am planning to get some done for all the story eventually but the Chains of War would be next! She did some amazing work with loads of awesome details.

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A bit confused... · 12:07am Jul 16th, 2019

Hiya people! So I been working on the next chapter of the Chains of Work and have been looking for artists to commission for my stories but that isn't what I'm confused about, I was wondering a bit of how so many people found my story recently. I'm not complaining or anything but I was curious since so many seem to have found my work today and yesterday

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