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I became a Brony in the summer of 2017, and I'm also obsessed with dinosaurs, science and friendship.


After several sightings of mysterious animals, spreading all over Equestria from the Everfree Forest, the Mane Six and Spike find an old, mysterious book in the Castle of the Two Sisters, as they investigate where the animals come from. However, what they find later on is something that transports them all to a new world... a world populated by amazing creatures, that nopony has ever seen before. But this world was, after all, found in the Everfree Forest; thus, Twilight isn’t sure whether these so-called ‘dinosaurs’ truly are mere animals, or brutal monsters.

Editor and Proofreader: one_shot_wonder and AppleChocolate.

This story is a fixfic that took place after the events of season 1, and some of the characters in the future events of the show didn't exist, but it had new characters I made up.

Rated E, but it's Rated PG, which contains some creature action and mild violence

Also, if you hit 'DISLIKE' on the story, please PM me and tell me why. A downvote doesn't help me improve my writing!

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Comments ( 19 )

Okay, right off the bat this is much better than the last story. Your writing has improved dramatically, tyrannosaurian; well done! I'm actually kind of curious to see where this goes!

By the way, is that first dinosaur a Compsognathus? Or perhaps something more obscure, like Sinornithosaurus?

the participants accidentally knocked Fluttershy off the ground, leading to her fall towards the ground,

You may want to change that first ground to cloud or clouds.

Interesting start on this.

All dinosaurs are from the Late Cretaceous Maastrichtian Age. Second, it's actually a small alvarezsauroid, and you'll see what genus in the following chapters. The smaller ones in this story were portrayed as the 'Compies' from the Jurassic Park series, except they don't hunt in groups, they prey on insects and other tiny animals, they're scavengers, and lack of venom, since the fact no dinosaur (or bird) on Earth is either venomous.

Check out on google when you see alvarezsauroids from the Maastrichtian Age.

Thanks for the clarification. Really cool how you're using a lesser known genus.

Although, some people think that the aforementioned Sinornithosaurus might have been venomous.

shows promise, but if that creature is a dinosaur, please NO FEATHERS! Science or not, feathers ruin them!!!!

Why is it in the AS group ?

No they don't! :ajbemused:


She might have been asocial, thanks to her Asperger’s Syndrome, but she was among the most intelligent of ponies, and loved studying and reading books.

Don't worry. Not all theropod dinosaurs had feathers.

I cant imagine any of them had feathers. It just doesnt make sense. Forgive me, but almost every school child before this decade grew up with the description of reptilian skin dinos.

Okay, guys that's enough. I don't want any arguments in my story.

Here's the thing. No matter what movies, books and documentaries you've seen growing up, dinosaurs were real animals that actually lived on this planet long before any apes could form opinions on what they should look like. It isn't about what looked cool or how you or I want them to look like, it is about what the real animals actually looked like millions of years ago, and through meticulous research of countless paleaontologists for many years we now know that many (but not all) dinosaurs definitively had feathers.

Are you saying we should ignore all that effort and research just because you feel offended by the idea? Because if we do, we might as well ignore all the science that's been going on for the last hundred years and depict dinosaurs as big sluggish cold-blooded lizards that lived in swamps.

Sorry, but I just had to respond with something. I'll try not to drag out any arguments beyond this though.

I'm personally fine with feathers on dinosaurs. But I must confess, seeing them as having a "shaggy" look doesn't strike me as aesthetically pleasing. I know it's probably how they looked in real life, given recent evidence, but still.

I like to depict them in a sort of "hybrid" style, combining scaly and feathered looks; I only put feathers where they're most likely to have them (the arms, back of the neck, and the tail), but everything else is either light on or completely lacking in feathers. Female dinosaurs generally have shorter or fewer feathers, and they're more for display than anything else.

Sort of like this:
(link to art here)

Personally, I just want them to look as real as possible...because, well, they actually lived on our planet and were at the end of the day were just wild animals...not movie monsters. And as cool as that image is, I just have a hard time accepting something that I know is inaccurate. It's also, among many many reasons why I can't stand the movie 'Jaws' for instance, since it portrays a real life animal as some kind of grotesque murderous abomination.

While I do see your point, we now know that some dinosaurs, especially raptors (who were really closely related to birds) were just as feathered as their modern descendants.

For example, my spirit animal, the Velociraptor, would most likely look something like this.

However, when it comes to our dear friend the T-Rex, your suggestion is actually more supported. I mean, this is a fairly recent depiction of the big Rexymedia.pri.org/s3fs-public/styles/story_main/public/story/images/TRex_Cropped.jpg?itok=3D6jxqBv


It's also, among many many reasons why I can't stand the movie 'Jaws' for instance, since it portrays a real life animal as some kind of grotesque murderous abomination.

I understand that real sharks rarely attack humans and don't eat them, even though dozens of people die in shark attacks. But in my personal theory, Bruce, as what the Jaws fans call them, is attacking or killing humans because they're invading his territory since Great White Sharks are territorial. He's not evil, he just wanted to live in his natural habitat.

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