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Why did you add 'Taken for Granite' to the Good HiE List group? There are no humans in it. That's like adding 'War and Peace' to a CMC Adventures group.

Just remember, you're awesome :raritywink:


iv been a pretty avid reader for a couple of decades now and i have to say Dear Idiot is the first thing i have ever read that made me laugh out loud. until i read this i avoided comedy writing, now i actively search for them.


I thought it was a pretty unique take on the Twipie ship, specifically twilight's general insanity when it comes to things she cant control (pinkie being king of that particular hill) twilight has always struck me as slightly unhinged and i enjoy it when writers portray that aspect without going overly dark. add to that the happy but not overly sugary ending and odds are Her Void Pink will join several other stories that i end up reading once a month just because i like them. thanks for writing it btw, as you can probably tell i really enjoyed it lol.

Thank you for the favorite on Her Void Pink. What made you like it?

  • Viewing 7 - 11 of 11
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