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Silver Spoon has always been a loyal friend to Diamond Tiara. In the years since the Cutie Mark Crusaders earned their cutie marks, however, she has tried and failed to get Diamond to leave them alone. Secretly, she never bore the Crusaders ill will but she always feared incurring Diamond's wrath. When a secret Silver was keeping comes out and destroys her friendship with Diamond, Silver takes it as an opportunity to mend some fences and re-discover just what kind of pony she is.

This story follows the timeline of Raiders of the Cutie Mark from the second ending where the CMC earn their cutie marks.

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Brace yourself, for I, The Doctor, Have taken interest in your stories.

Ooooh! Poor Silvy!! *hugs her* I look forward to seeing where this goes, and hopefully see things turn around for the poor girl.

As for the twins and Diamond Tiara...Make. Them. PAY!!!

Poor Silver.Diamond's not worth having as a friend.

Wow, DT and those two bitch sisters need to have their asses kicked, than banished to a dark grimy dungeon on the moon.

Poor Silver Spoon:raritydespair:

I knew diamond was a jerk, but I never knew this level of (CURSE ALERT) bitchyness was possible. Bravo. :twilightsmile:

Quite enjoyed this fic, nice to see Silver finally get a personality :twilightsmile:

Very promising start.

I look forward to seeing more of this.

Poor, poor Silver Spoon:fluttercry:

This looks like it will be a good one :rainbowdetermined2: can't wait for more

I've got to say- I love your idea as to what Silver Spoon's talent is!!
(I would also love to see some real high society ponies... Like Aunt and Uncle Orange... or maybe even the princesses.... show them >=P

I SEE THE POTENTIAL TO BE EPIC HERE! :rainbowdetermined2:

I am interested. I shall watch this in anticipation.
Potential for an amazing fanfic..:twilightsmile:

Yayz an update!!:rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy:

Sweetie Belle is officially best pony here, I hope things continue to get better for Silver Spoon. After the way the sour brat trio treated her she truly needs a break and some real friends.

I hope Scoots doesn't give her too much grief.

no one could mess up just some toast

I'm really looking forward to seeing where you take this story - Silver deserves herself a little happiness.

The only thing I don't like about this story is the relationship Rarity's in. I dunno it just doesn't feel right to me.

I shall read this for the sole reason of dat picture! That is weapons grade cuteness right there, Resistance is Futile!!! :heart:

Chapter looks good to me! I'm actually astonished this was updated, i had thought you had given up on it.


I almost had given up on it what with how non-canon parts of the story are now. But I hate leaving things unfinished, and I think the story will stand on its own regardless of it being rooted in canon or not.

Given some very stupid decisions recently in regards to the show (Discord, alicorn Twilight) I dont think canon really matters anymore. As long as its a good story I'm going to enjoy it.

>tarnished feelings
>fic about silver spoon
oh god you could have picked a better name

“You’ve never seen my toast. Just trust me; we’re better off going out to eat.”

yeah I remember the episode where Sweetie's cooking was displayed:pinkiesick::pinkiesick::pinkiesick::pinkiesick::pinkiesick::pinkiesick::pinkiesick::pinkiesick::pinkiesick:

2083815 HEAR HEAR!:pinkiehappy: so true which bring us to this point, whens the next update:fluttercry:
poor Twist, I doubt in ANY story or episode that she'll EVER get over the lisp:pinkiesad2::fluttercry:

A very promising story, I shall be tracking this :eeyup:

All of my d'aww

This is honestly the first Silver Spoon story I have read so far. . . Wait, MAYBE second, but still. . . It's refreshing. I can see this sort of thing happening in real life, and the way you have executed it style wise is good as well. No typos or majorly awkward grammar, at least none that I saw. But my being engrossed in the story might have helped that. :pinkiehappy:

TL;DR, I really like this so far, and look forward to the next installment. :raritywink:

EDIT: Congrats on feature, as well. :twilightsmile:

I'd almost forgotten about this. Glad to see it's still alive, and it's doing very well.

diamond tiara is such a bitch

i can't wait to see the others reactions to the new silver spoon

Another Silver Spoon story you might try is “Scales and Silver” on fanfiction,net

Oh, and I’m afraid we’re all out of hay bacon right now. Ms. Pinkie used up what we had left last night.

Go on, tell rarity she's a little bitch.
And next time, WE EAT SKRILLEX:pinkiecrazy:


This strikes my interest.

Oh this is so cute. I'm glad to see this story. I'm doing one featuring Silver Spoon too. Her and Vinyl Scratch are my favorite ponies

This updated? Fantastic! Good to see good fics get continued.

Yay!:yay: I'm so glad that this updated, as its the story which got me interested i SS story.

LOL, fimfiction doesn't know how to count anymore (3 648 + 2 200 + 2 264 + 3 345 = 11 457 words, not 8 112)

you need to work on your dialogue a little. Just rule of thumb, take out all the words that you wouldn't use in casual conversation. THen go back and take out all the words and phrases someone the age of your character wouldn't use in casual conversation.


I try to keep dialogue fairly tight, though my inherently verbose nature does creep into things from time to time, heh. Can you point out any specific areas you spotted these things happening in this chapter? I thought I'd gotten the dialogue down pretty well here actually, but I wouldn't mind some extra perspective. Just because I think something works doesn't mean others see it the same way after all, and there's always room for improvement.

Applebloom is still one word...

Woohoo! 2nd update this month, and I'm looooooving it! :pinkiehappy: Now I'm just hoping Applebloom dosn't knock her block off, Go SS, super friendship time awaits! :pinkiehappy:

Is there any way Babs Seed could fit into this story the way it is? it would be interesting to get her side of the whole shebang, as she actually spent time with both sides of the group.

Apple loom now has to like slap SS across the face its the only way it can happen. I don't want it to happen but what can you do?


Hang 'em by the eyeballs! :pinkiecrazy:

kinda figured Rarity/Art thing but already at the engagement part was a little out of the blue but anyway nice way to REALLY throw a monkey wrench in Silver's life. I've always felt that there was more to Silver than what was shown and far less to Diamond than was shown on the cartoon

nice update by the way:pinkiehappy: looking forward to more

Looks like a good idea to me. Rarity gets her stallion and Silver Spoon gets a step mother that can really show her how to be a class act.

“We’re engaged to be married!”

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