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New Life · 11:43pm Apr 21st, 2015

I haven't really bothered with blog entries, but I recently decided that I want to start recording events in my life and such, and doing it on FimFiction saves me registering on any other sites, plus I can include pony stuff here, so Win Win situation really. Also, I'm aware of how majorly interested in my life you all must be, and feel it is my duty to feed that interest.... haha, just kidding. If for some strange reason you are interested, I'd be happy to receive your comments, however mainly

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More like . . .Spookydragon.

I'm surprised you're not in the Silver Spoon group already. :)

Thank you for the watch!

1550603 It's been transferred :) Thanks! The cover art is done and I think you'll like it. I will post the first chapter tomorrow night if all goes as planned :)

Thanks for the favorite on Masks and the watch. I'll do my best not to disappoint.

Looked through your TV shows, I highly recommend Burn Notice.

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