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Author of the Tarnished Silver series. I write clopfics with too many emotions in them. My work is very niche, but my readers are a wonderfully enthusiastic bunch, so I must be doing something right.


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Well il coment first i guess. Although i am still a little standoffish when it comes to Foalfooler fics this story is a pretty good read.

I... uh... I dunno what I just read, but it was vaguely entertaining... so I guess I'll keep reading :derpyderp1:

O_O Rarity?????:rainbowderp: MUST FIND OUT MORE!!!:eeyup: {Keeps reading}

Well, my thoughts...

Silver Spoon has taken masochist to a whole new level. Or rather, sadism. It kinda makes sense, too... thinking about it. Bad things happen to them because of Diamond Tiara, and Diamond isn't above insulting or putting down Silver Spoon either. So... Silver Spoon stays goes along... because she LIKES the abuse! :pinkiegasp:

Oh, and the others... well, I had thought Diamond was cruel... :applejackconfused: What the TARTARUS did Rarity do?!

Must continue reading now.

So we find out Silver is a masochist with a bad self-image and low self-esteem. Who discovers a sadist (Rarity) who is so much worse (better?) than Diamond. You know she is going to seek her out. Good start and very believable reaction from Diamond after her encounter. The one thing that is slightly confusing is that Silver gets off on watching Diamond hurt others but not as much as when she is hurt herself. She is not a sadist because she 'silently pitied them' and she is not the main one causing their pain. Just a little idiosyncrasy that I am having trouble with

>Silver Spoon remembered the miserable look
>room for her hoof. Silver Spoon shuddered
>YES I AM! She said so
>Her mind reached back to
Double spaces :moustache:

Awesome a prequel too, looks great so far.

It's to bad you didn't put what happened to her. Would have been awesome reading it.

You know, when I read something good enough, and nothing provides an alternative that I prefer, I seem to take these stories and add them to the version of Equestria in my head, the one where things not on the show are filled in by fanfics. And this series has a spot. Unless I can find a more desirable alternative, this will be part of MY canon.

1922309 I may be missing something; but at one point was this a series of chapters, say 4 or 5 of them? I honestly can't remember.

It was indeed. But the chapters were all super tiny, and together are smaller than some of the single chapters of one of my later, longer stories. Since the story is so short, I combined everything into a single chapter. All the text is still there, it's just all on one page now.

I have only one question for you HamGravy. How does all this track with Rarity being the Element of Generosity? I presume it's explained in future installments of the series, so I'll just go read those. If not... :trixieshiftright:

Without giving too much away, a chapter later in the series touches upon the Elements and the full extent of their influence (both good and bad) on their bearers. If you're reading in order it'll be a while before you get there, though. :unsuresweetie:

I've been meaning to read these for a while, but also kind of skittish because Silver Spoon is just so unappealing. She looks like a tiny grandma!

Anyway, this was fun. Kind of silly (lines like “I just know that...that you're wonderful, and all I've ever been good for is to be the shadow of a pony who's better than me, and the only time I've ever really felt noticed or alive is when they hurt me! I'm sorry I couldn't take it, but I can do better! I need you, please, I need you to hurt me!”) and all the screaming and general misery was very amusing. It almost makes me like Silver, but she still looks like a tiny grandma.

Yeah, this story is kind of silly. It's the first one I wrote, and also much more cloppy than the ones that follow it, and I think it shows a lot of rough edges. Really Ham a custom Big Macintosh dildo is that honestly the best you could do? Jesus. But it's the start of something much better, so I still have a begrudging fondness for the thing.

Silver always struck me less as a tiny grandma and more as a little hipster nerd chick. It goes well with her feigned superiority, I'd say.

I just gotta say how incredible this is. I know you already know how good it is, but I just have to tell you again. I'm kinda sad that it's ending, but it's the ride that matters, and it's definitely been worth waiting every week for each new chapter to come out. Tarnished Silver will always be one of my favorites.

I can't believe it took me this long to finally read this. I'm a big Rarity and SS/DT fan, and surprisingly, I actually enjoyed reading your portrayal of Rarity as a sexual sadist, as well as seeing DT getting her comeuppance. You portrayed Silver just as I see her—a follower to Diamond's hurtful and painful insults and abuse.

At first I thought I was going to be disgusted with reading this, but now I'm going to read the rest of the series, because I thoroughly enjoyed it. And this is the first Dark tagged story I've ever read, and I usually avoid them. Kudos for converting me.

holy fuck
that was intense


This was beautifully monstrous.

I found merriment in the skillful form this story was written with as much as I took pleasure in its content. Well done, Sire.

I wonder if Silver manage to reach marehood will rarity keep playing with her???
Great work for making us all go one hell circle lower.:moustache:

This is fucked.

Every single step of the story, from Silver Spoon's shadow of tiara, to her addiction to suffering, to the confrontation to Rarity and then the act itself (which was full of Narm, by the way, but it was Narm Charm so you're in the clear,) was completely and fully fucked.

I loved it.

I loved it so very much. The words on here prove something I could never write to, nothing I could ever hope to twist on paper at the same level as you have. As it is, I hear this story is just "A Silver Sky" lite, so I will look forward to diving down that rabbit hole.

I would make a comment about you seeing just how deep the rabbit hole goes, but considering Rarity's history with both rabbits and holes I should probably just keep my mouth shut. :unsuresweetie:

Man, this first story is SO narny, you are quite right. I like to think the series got a little less ridiculous later on, as I got more of a grasp of dialog and character.

I love your avatar, by the way. It makes everything you've said seem one increment more reputable. I imagine you sound like the recap narrator from Legend of Korra.

3203941 I shall enjoy delving down this rabbit hole.

As for my avatar, it is one of the few known pictures of Daniel Handler, better known under his pseudonym of Lemony Snicket; I've always admired his ability to write in such an enticing, hilarious, and uniquely depressing way.

Delightfully awful. Such a sick and twisted individual, but I can't help but stare.

Bravo. Simply... Bravo. Not only did I get the gratuitous clop I came for, but I was treated with a character study of broken mares.

Just... Bravo.

If anyone's interested, I decided to riff this story. You can find the riff here.

And to the author...oh boy. This is not gonna be fun to get through.

This is quite the amusing riff! Thanks for sharing it with us. :twilightsmile:

I get the sense you're rather repulsed by this story. Honestly? I'm almost glad someone is. Most of the comments I get are really positive, and while I'm very pleased and grateful to get them, I imagine my audience must be pretty self-selecting, so your reaction is probably more indicative of how a more typical reader would approach this material. It's know it's content that would repulse most people, and I am fine with that. I never entertained visions of getting Past Sins-level pageviews or anything.

Understand: I didn't write this for shock value, or to intentionally offend people or anything. I just wrote because some anonymous person requested a story with the basic idea, and wrote more because I wanted to see where the characters would take me. But I like seeing diverse viewpoints, so your thoughts are welcome.

I feel kind of bad for your version of Rarity, having to sit through all the awful things I made her counterpart do. If she were real I imagine I'd be sued for libel.

But fifty points for the butter churn joke. Are you going to do the rest of the series?

3362901 I am going to do the rest of the series, with your blessing of course. I'm very glad you enjoyed the riff.

By all means, go for it. I'm looking forward to future savagings.

3364652 Thank you. And if it's not too much to ask, would you mind telling your followers about it? I'm always open to other peoples input on my riffs.

Oh mate, why did you make this about Rarity, couldn't it have been Pinkie? Or Lyra?
What about Carrot Top? No-one likes her.
But no, it had to be about Rarity, I've still not gotten over Secret Life Mr. Gravy, what are you trying to do to me?!
I give you my crying Rarity stamp, because you made me sad.
For shame Ham, for shame :raritycry:


What about Carrot Top? No-one likes her.

But...I like Carrot Top. :fluttercry:

As for why Rarity? Mostly it was chance. I really do like her, though. She makes a great antagonist, with her clever conniving tendencies and her well-spoken manner. Also, she's just fun to write! Actually, I'm really fond of all the ponies in this story, so it's not that I put them in here out of spite or anything.

I know mate, I was only fucking with you :raritywink:
In all seriousness this story doesn't bother me. Rarity is my absolute favourite character but this story doesn't upset me at all really. The last scene is sad, for sure, and the whole thing is very well written but thankfully it doesn't make me feel bad. I can't say foal-rape is my favourite subject but I don't tend to be squeamish with these sorts of things. Plus it helps to not take anything seriously.

The only stories on this site that actually upset me (with the exception of 'A Shadow Hangs Overhead') are the killer Rarity stories.
I don't like them because I still sympathise with her; so the end, considering I still want a happy end for Rarity, is very disturbing to say the least.
However I don't sympathise with her in this story so it's not like I'm arsed if she gets killed with a flamethrower or something (Shocking trufax - I haven't read the longer stories in this verse, only Silver Spoon's Mark, Rarity's Garden and this).
In Secret Life, it's different. Rarity might kill ponies but she just seems a lot less cruel than she does in this. That might just be to me though.

I'll be honest with you mate, I probably won't be reading the longer two installments. I don't know what happens but I know for a fact from reading a couple of random chapters (The Chapter when Applejack visits Rarity being the most relevant to my point) that Rarity starts to feel remorse, even if it's in some small form.
I still get fucking chills when thinking of Secret Life so I don't really want to read another story where I start to sympathise with Rarity while everyone hates her and she ends up with some awful punishment because that would get under my skin just like Secret Life did.
I may have to leave it here for the tarnished silver series mate.
However if I decide to stop being such a bitch I'll be sure to let you know by relentlessly spamming your story/user page/e-mail/front garden with snippets of my pathetic crybaby reactions.



I was wondering. Why isn't this the first story? Clearly this is the start of Silver Spoon's involvement and the events in "Rarity's Garden" is a flash back to Rarity's foalhood.

Which ends with Rarity recalling the events while Silver Spoon eats her out.

Tarnished was the first story written, but I think Rarity's Garden is an overall better story and works better as a prologue. It eases you into the setting better.

3468720 I guess it works both ways.

For me though Tarnished Silver is better beginning. Rarity's Garden would work better for chronological order if it was Sweetie servicing her, indicating Silver Spoon was not yet in the picture.

But it is still a GREAT STORY:pinkiehappy:

One I am intensely passionate about. borderline obsessed with even.:raritywink:

Maybe even Obsessive Compulsive even:twilightangry2::twilightblush::twilightoops::twilightsheepish::twilightsmile::facehoof:

This was more disturbing than the first story. I even feel tired just by reading it. The human mind is something I'll probably never understand.

There is a dark place in you, to write something like this.

That was a struggle to get through, I'll admit. The reviewer/editor in me points out that sometimes the dialogue is a bit helter-skelter, some expressions and exclamations seem to go against the grain, but the sensible part of me points out that this is well over a year old and you'd know all this.
The abuse goes to hellish extremes of detail, practically absurdly so, same with the dialogue, but the strongest part of the writing is the characters. You can practically see the evil spreading, from one to the next, onwards and onwards, infectiously.

The ending notes with Sweetie Belle hit hardest.


There is a dark place in you, to write something like this.

Ahahaha!....aaaa....I can't really dispute that, I suppose. :facehoof:

I think I am just inclined toward emotional extremes in my writing. That said, I have been in some bad places in my life. Everything is much better now, but there's always going to be a little place inside me where those things live, you know?

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And today in things I was not expecting... :pinkiegasp:

Finally I got to read this story... I'm a bit creeped out by the fact that I love it...

Btw, when I got to the part where Silver asks Rarity to hurt her, the song "She's Got Issues" by Offspring started to play in my headphones... That's what I call "perfect timing"...

This is some seriously fucked up shit, man. It's...bizarrely artistic, though. I should be disgusted, and to a certain extent, I am. I should hate this for the subject matter, and I would be lying if I said that there weren't a small part of me that does. I should hate myself for loving this, and part of me does. Damn, though, if this isn't the most succinct depiction of human (or equine) depravity, and I think it's how well you captured that that makes it such an artistically written story. Against my better judgment, I can't wait to jump into the rest of the series. Thumbs up, man.

:duck:I can clop to this.
Fillyphile Rarity is best Rarity:raritywink:

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