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Delays · 4:45am Nov 12th, 2014

Oh so many delays for that one-shot I've been working on. Terribly sorry for the long wait since my last post. I've barley had time for even reading :fluttershysad: But eventually i will get that one-shot done and even do some edits on my current work since I've learned more about flow and timing since my last posting. As for the delays not sure if I've mentioned it but i am still in high school, my senior year to be exact. Scholarships, collage applications, work, and family are my top

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1532757 Go ahead and have fun!

1531961 no problem, really liking it so far, on chap 6 right now but ill have it done over thanksgiving break :D. now if you dont mind i shall continue to snuggle my fluttershy plushie and start chap 6 :derpytongue2:

Thanks for the fave on Viva Las Pegasus!

1278753 *Brings back to life with (shudders) healthy stuff* Thanks! That would be cool!

*looks at profile pic*
*dies of dibeatus*

(No problem. I may read some of your others too :) )

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