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Author of the Tarnished Silver series. I write clopfics with too many emotions in them. My work is very niche, but my readers are a wonderfully enthusiastic bunch, so I must be doing something right.

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Been looking forward to this for the better part of two weeks.


Oh hell yes this story is up!
Now to buy a shit ton of brain bleach by the time this story is over
And tissues!:fluttershysad:

I want to give this a try, but then I look at the tags and the fact that this is the final story in a series.

Sell your fish to me, writer, and I'll read through your first fanfic, and all the preceding ones, up to this.

I had a feeling Fancypants would go after Silver.

1488364 It was only a matter of time

What will Fancy do? So many possibilities and will he be even more upset that Rarity did this to stop his revenge on the trollop that kicked him? I have a feeling his victory needs to be whole and complete.

I think Fancy will be glad he could get Silver as one of his personal foals for free, rather than paying Rarity for her.

Just as I'd like it to be. :heart:

*Applauds* Oh man what a story. What a wonderful story. Thanks and I can't wait for more. Monday's will be 20% cooler now that this story is up.

I'm surprised that it took several months for Fancy to find Spoon, considering that she didn't move far away from where she was dropped and that his minions knew that place(and I'm pretty sure that they were his minions and not usual cabbie, as latter would hesitate to leave filly in such dangerous place)

Also, that tags!
> [Romance]
Oh boy. This gonna be good.

during the way it was almost permanently covered in shadow.

I think you meant during the day. :raritywink:

Well, I'm glad to see this is back underway.


Yay finaly the story of debaucery and the dark underbelly of Equestria is here. :raritystarry:
And far better then my never released mature fic:
"Rape Stove: The Stove´╗┐ that Rapes Ponies" :rainbowlaugh:

To bad Pip isn't in this any more. Oh well maybe Fond Wish will be the one to give the male perspective.

But what does Fancy want her for now? to take her in as his surrogate foal, or to punish her for humiliating him at the gathering?

Plenty of set up for later plot points, a heart felt seperation, clop that lands on the border between the erotic and the obscene?
All signs point to HamGravy being back on the case.

i hate to jump to conclusions and such, but with this author i just can't help myself. couldn't help but notice fluttershy's odd behavior in how she seems to only keep her animals in mind. could there be a future project on this? sure another sad story would break my heart but damn it this is just too entertaining to pass up!


Holy...crap. So I log into FimFiction to find I've gotten nearly a hundred notifications in the two days since this was published! Normally in that timeframe I'd get like fifteen or so. I am blown away by your enthusiasm, everyone. :pinkiesmile: I hope I can live up to it.


I think you meant during the day. :raritywink:

You're right. I fixed the typo, thanks for catching it!


Sell your fish to me, writer, and I'll read through your first fanfic,

I prefer poultry to fish, personally. But Scootaloo isn't in this story.

I'm not very good at promoting myself, (it's embarrassing! :fluttershysad: ) so all I will say is, if this is your cup of tea, I invite you to give Rarity's Garden a try. It's not very long, and should give you a feel for what you are in for. It's basically a prelude to the main series. The story reading order for the series is on my user page.


I'm surprised that it took several months for Fancy to find Spoon, considering that she didn't move far away from where she was dropped and that his minions knew that place

Part of the "agreement" Rarity mentions having with the drivers in Twisted Chapter 14 is that she bought their silence, ensuring that Fancy wouldn't hear anything about her activities. Less out of concern for Silver and more because Rarity doesn't want to give Fancy the satisfaction. In retrospect, I should have made this more clear; I left far too much to be inferred. Thanks for pointing it out.

You never know! After this series I think I am done with long-form MLP stories for a while (I want to devote time to writing original fiction) but I will probably revisit this universe every now and then. So it's entirely possible that I might pay Fluttershy a visit.

That's all in the future, though! This story's just getting started!

1502469 Not a problem. Always willing to lend a helping hoof, just as any aspiring author would. :twilightblush:

1502469 I took the time. I read them all. And I have to say: I am very, very impressed.

Very impressed.

I myself cared little for the clop and the gore and the etcs. But what you were able to demonstrate was emotion. Raw emotion through text. Something I have seldom seen...

Sorry if this next question sounds offensive, but I have to ask it:
Did this series start with a trollfic and, like, evolved into something bigger?
If not, would you care to tell me how this came to be? I really am amazed.

Well, thank you! Glad to see I won you over. :yay: It's good to see that these stories can appeal to people who aren't interested in the clop aspect, especially now that the sex has become secondary to the plot and character development.

Did this series start with a trollfic and, like, evolved into something bigger?

Essentially, yes! I wrote a whole explanation for you, but it ended up being long as hell, so I turned it into a blog post instead. Go here to read it.

Wow... though a certain detail of the plot confuses me ill look pass it. Other wise this came out well done.

I am so excited! I can't wait to see where this is going. I wonder what sort of secret code our clever Sweetie came up with. Keep it coming!

Rarity clearly has the superior position in this matter. Twilight is going to have to get more than a little creative on this one. Outright accusation isn't going to work when the highest ruler of the land herself is telling you to leave it be.

What is Sweetie up to now? she clearly has a plan, but at this point, there is not enough information to work it out.

One or two little errors
but whatever the reason, it doesn't change the face that I know what you've done! (Fact)
a few spacing errors between full stops and quote marks.

I love how Rarity miscalculated her own position. It was... Well, cathartic.

Awesome development. Also Twilight is clearly not an evil mastermind: I suppose she has enough of magic power to destroy each Rarity's leg without killing her(or at least enough to hold her in place and swing giant sledgehammer 4 times). No one said that Elements can't be wielded by crippled pony after all. And cripples physically can't molest anypony.

And it's really nice to see that Rarity's manipulation is not omnipotent.

:duck: NEED MORE POST NEXT WEEKS NOW! :fluttercry:

My phone duplicated the story twice so I waslike wtf but good story

Why is the story duplicated?..

The content of this chapter has indeed been imported twice into the file. Might wanna fix that. :raritywink:

Dude. Fix the damn double-up.

Yeah, I don't know what the hell happened with the text doubling. I'm pretty sure it wasn't like that when I posted it, or there would have been comments about it sooner. Since it's Halloween, I chalk this anomaly up to GHOSTS.

Anyway, fixed it now. :pinkiesmile:


Wow... though a certain detail of the plot confuses me ill look pass it. Other wise this came out well done.

Thanks! What did you find confusing?

1541890 A few things but ill just reread it.

Question: Will Diamond Tiara return?

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten Diamond. She's got a part to play, and it's an important one.

1554031 :heart: My hearts is at ease.

Holy fucking god that was intense!

Well, looks like Fancy Pants is happy, for now...

In one word: amazing.

Overanalyze, wild guessing mode:
Unfortunately we don't know size of sticky note to play Monte Cristo. But it's probably mentions all names of other ponies, which means that more than half of message is burned. I suspect that its content is like this:

Sweetie knows that and that if it was not Fancypants, then SS could be
found just wandering around dark corners of Canterlot.
The only filly that is known to SB and Twi and can tell details
(if he'll overcome Rarity spell) is Pipsqueak.
It also might be like "Guards will not hELP YOU", but SB knows that
Twi asked guards and even Princess and it was unhelpful(Rarity mentions
all of these in 2nd chapter, when both SB and Twi are present in the same room),
so it's unlikely. Or maybe it's opposite: "Pipsqueak won't help you" as a warning,
that if Twi will make Pipsqueak to talk, then Rarity will know it.
Twist is deep underground guarded along with other fillies. It's not likely that Twi
can do much about this.

Not going to worry about the letter. Enjoying the awesome story.

A Thought just hit me. :applejackconfused:

Is Peregrine the Pegasus the dauther from the incestual Dream family talked about. :derpyderp2:

I can't wait for the next chapter. Enjoying this as always.

1566517 Most likely yes. She described him as 'the blue pegasus colt from the gallery' note, 'the' that implies that there is only one blue pegasus colt, and she would know.

Yesssssss...It's all gettin :rainbowkiss:

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