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Author of the Tarnished Silver series. I write clopfics with too many emotions in them. My work is very niche, but my readers are a wonderfully enthusiastic bunch, so I must be doing something right.

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It would be weird for Luna not to miss her sister. After all, the main reason for Celestia's madness was Luna's slide into madness first. Which is why neither of them can truly be called fit to sit on the throne of Equestria...

This is great. I love what you did with it so far, and can't wait to see exactly where it goes. Keep it up!

Can we pretend that today is this Tuesday?:flutterrage:

Wow... It's back, and I can't wait for more. Seriously, I've been hoping the saga would have somewhere to go, and this is already shaping up to be exceptional.

And so a new chapter in the madness has come into a existence...I have only one thing to say...

I wonder if Silver ever told her rotating therapists about the time she did a flying drop kick on Fancy Pants.

You know, usually with great books like the Tarnished series, I can't help but see any continuation after the original work as subpar or mediocre compared to what a mix of nostalgia and hype have done to my memories of the original. This isn't the case now, though, and I'm loving it! It feels like I've never stopped reading.

Please tell me there is more to this! I love this series! I want to see more side stories and chapters of course to this one.
What's really scary is how much alike the Silver Spoon is that I RP as on tumblr,is to this Silver Spoon.
You rock Ham Gravy!

Oh hey, are you the Serving Spoon from the Tumblr of the same name? Because if so, I've been meaning to tell you that I love that thing! Extremely sexy, fun stuff. And I'm quite honored that you've incorporated the Tarnished Silver setting into one of your RP's. Makes for very fun reading! :twilightblush:

Anyway, there are indeed more chapters (the latest one took me two days longer than planned, but it's here now) to this particular story. More stories after this one are a good possibility. We'll see!

Don't take the easy way Ham. Silver deserves better.

Poor silly little Cadance. That's what you get for not deceiving fillies. Just a little lie and filly would not even notice how her feelings for Rarity are vanishing before it's too late. But no, Her Righteousness wants it the honest way. Placing honor before reason leads nowhere. Her contrast with Rarity, who was very effective at persuasion, is astonishing.

Is it strange of me not to feel pity for Luna at all?

I think I've run out of pity for almost all the characters involved. What Celestia did because her sister lost her mind was horrible, but Luna's punishment for those deeds was so horrible in return that I just can't find it in my heart to look at any of them without utter disgust.

Using mind alteration against the will of a foal? Treading dangerous waters, Cadenza.



Ironically stepping into the horseshoes of her aunts with it if she did. Funny how that works out. However, at this point, it's still only a recommendation I think.

You know, looking at the description of the story and chapter two, I wonder whether Cadance will try to get her husband to abuse her.

They mean I am a shameless goddamn tease. :trollestia:

I was originally going to go with the same teaser format as A Silver Sky, but since I'd already named the story after a musical term I figured I'd try out a sound theme instead, with little sounds from scenes that will occur in the next chapter. The result is, if anything, even more gratuitous and vague than before. Oh, boy! :unsuresweetie:


It's definitely a charming system. :twilightsmile:

Charming and even more incredibly frustrating than before. :twilightangry2:

Comment posted by ServingSpoon deleted Oct 26th, 2013

It might intrest you to know that two of my fav characters in the story are Dr. Triage and Gaze/2020

Dr. Triage had such an interesting back story and seemed less cruel then the other circle members. despite her carving an X in Silvers ass. I don't think she really deserved what 20/20 gave her but I understand. Too bad she had to die, I really liked her personality and design. For a foal molester anyway.

20/20 reminds me of my own Spy Drone 001 of Chrysalis's Army intelligence, AKA "Cypher" Silver and Diamond's body guard and personal pet changeling Spy.

it is freaky that two of my OCs remind me so much of yours.

I started Serving Silver Spoon almost a year ago but only read the TS series a few moths ago. I was shocked just how much Serving and Tarnished Silver are to each other. I even tweaked my Silver to make her slightly more masochistic at times.

Then There's Cypher. He came later in my blog but again I was knocked on my ass about how much alike he is to Gaze and 20/20 right down to the silent teleportation!

I am only sorry how poorly I had Cypher represent Gaze in my RPs. I forgot the glasses and got the cutiemark wrong. Oh well.

Rest In Peace noble Knight.. you were of great service to your country and your Princess. you will be missed.
RIP Twenty Twenty; The hero Equestria Needed but not the one they deserved.

Oh my GOD.. it's just like Rarity SAID.. "Nopony is innocent!"

either by choice or the circumstances presented them, every character in this story has been TARNISHED in one way or another!

I have to say it would be a terrible crime indeed what Cadance proposes. Rarity chose the two ponies in the world left that love her. To take that love away from Silver Spoon would be cruel to both parties.

what happens like 6 or 7 years from now when it's time for Silver Spoon to visit Rarity for the first time?

all those years Rarity would wait for two young mares who still love her and only get one, whether or not Silver decides to exercise her visitation rights after being stripped of all love for Rarity.

could it BE anymore awkward?

FIGHT SILVER SPOON. Your love is not a cancer to be removed. You just need to learn a little self control.
Once gain you blow me away, Ham.

YES YES the very same Servingspoon69! OMG I cant believe you are familiar with my work! I am SO squeeing right now and OMG another chapter to this side story I cant wait to read!

here I thought the story was over and you come out with this therapy angle. I laughed so hard when Cadance trotted in on Silver clopping LOL

let me know anytime you want to RP or chat on my tumblr.

you are my favorite MLP fan fic author. The second fav would be the author of "Past Sins".

Good job so far! It feels a little different to not have Sweetie, Twist, Diamond, or Pipsqueak in this story at all. But I am sure as this story goes on I will become more accustomed to fewer characters.

Keep up the good work. :raritystarry:

Am I the only one who really wants to see Silver get back with Diamond as a couple?

Diamond's line when she said "One day you will be mine again.. No.. I will be yours." well that just broke my heart!

Ooooh, Cadance has a secret :raritywink: and it sounds like one heck of a doozy :pinkiecrazy:

> The loud crack of a whip as it meets with flesh.

Wild prediction time: This with the secret could mean that Cadance is going to follow her cutie mark and find new SO for SS.

Three chapters in and I'm already on pins and needles. Giving me chills here, man. Keep it up.

Cadence has a fe~etish.

Ham... memecrunch.com/meme/PRZF/y-u-do-dis/image.png

My own prediction is that a new world was opened up to Cadance when she found out about the Circle, and now she's getting into it. Eventually, she'll be corrupted into either a new evil that counterbalances the good or a new Celestia.

That, or Cadance is going to learn to BE a new significant other for Silver. I think both options, though, are a bit unbelievable.

Is the 'event' in Ponyville going to be the day they tear down the carousel Boutique?

wait so Silver Spoon is wearing ornamental glasses again?

don't get me wrong, I love her glasses but I thought she was done with them.

and what of her parents? Did they learn not to take her for granted? do they care at all?

S-O for Silver Spoon?

what an SO be? LOL

Let me rephrase. What does SO stand for?

Thank you Ham, your prose is always so great to read, refined and to the point, and you are really an inspiration, akin to what Crookedtrees was to my drawings, while he was doing pony.
Ahem, but the real question is...
Now, where can I literally publicly fellate you?

We never did learn whether Celestia was wrong, did we? We assume that her "balance" construct was merely an attempt not to have to blame her baby sister for the atrocities Nightmare Moon committed--a delusion--because it's much more reassuring than the alternative.

If memory serves, Lauren Faust once said Celestia is actually clairvoyant; that she has uncontrollable flashes of insight. Much in the same way that Luna can prowl the dreams of her subjects and instinctively knows where to look.

We know that Silver Spoon is going to meet Rarity in the years to come... and yet, we wonder--what if Celestia wasn't wrong? Something will have to give at some point...

SO = Significant Other. We know from finale of Tarnished series, that Spoon got new one since Rarity is kinda busy being being locked away.

yeah I hardly think her new Mistress; the orange mare with a red mane, counts as a S-O or Special Somepony. Silver admits it is a relationship born of convenience. "she knows how to treat me, and I know how to serve her." but Silver admits they are not in love.

It's a stretch but my head canon is that the Orange mare is actually Scootaloo. we don't know anything of her cutiemark or her race. The red mane could be purple

but that's just me. ScootaSpoon isn't my OTP though. Only DiamondSpoon, has that honor. I want to see DT and SS get back together as a couple.

Silver is under the impression that both Diamond and Rarity have the ability to corrupt her. But from what I saw it was Silver who influenced both of them in a positive way.

she is stronger and more influential then she gives herself credit for.

Am I the only one that feels this way?

it's amazing how Cadence's relationship manages to be so riveting.

And how oddly distasteful you managed to make Shining



Anyways, this is truly, masterfully written. Exponentially better presented than earlier works, which is saying a lot.

I kept wondering all over the last chapter or two how you were going to explain Cadance's thing here, and sexually-boring Shining Armor is a route I never saw coming.

And the teasing at the end of each chapter is going to be the end of me.

Rampant speculation! The only explanation for a filly interacting with Rarity is that it happened previously, so listen for the sound of flashbacks.

Also, a typo, I believe:

"Can put what happened yesterday in the past? I know you just want to help me..."

Benny that pic sums up my current feelings perfectly. Gravy, I'm addicted to your stuff bro.

I feel so bad for, and yet disappointed in Cadence. The same goes for Shinning Armor. They really need more communication in their relationship.

BRAVO Ham! you have done it again! I love how Silver kina took charge of the session. I love how she plans to help Cadance understand her self at the same time Cadance is trying to understand and guide Silver Spoon.

an exciting new chapter in this saga has begun.

and I couldn't be more thrilled to read more!

I cant wait to here more of Silver and Ms Rarity

I love your Silver Spoon with all my heart.

I wonder if Diamond Tiara will take advantage of the services provided damaged foals? She to was broken at one point by Rarity and spent a week with her former attacker. that has to do something to a foal.


The only explanation for a filly interacting with Rarity is that it happened previously, so listen for the sound of flashbacks.

"Chapter 5: The sound of harp music and the screen getting blurry."

Also, I fixed the typo, thanks for catching it!


They really need more communication in their relationship.

It's true. Not that Cadance gets a pass, but Shining really should have said something like "By the way, I might be near-asexual," before they got married.

In my mind, Silver's future girlfriend is none other than Babs Seed. But I never actually established that in the story, so it can be Scoots if you want it to be!

Thanks for all the great comments, everyone. :twilightsmile:

Oh YEEEEAH Babsy does better fit the description! I could TOTTALLY see her as Silver Spoon's mistress. She practically OWNED both SS and DT for two days. She was the ring leader of her very own gang.

Unfortuantely I already established Scoots in my Tarnished Silver side blog

but yeah Babs makes more sense.

whoops ;^_^

Perhaps you could establish Babs Seed as the new mistress. maybe have her visit her old friend at the home for damaged foals and what not.

I wonder how Silver would receive her?

I am still getting used to the story with less characters and a plot at a smaller scale.

That's not to say that I am not enjoying this story. I think this is really well written! :scootangel:

It's just hard to follow-up A Silver Sky, because it was so EPIC! :rainbowdetermined2:

I can't believe I miss the multiple separate story arcs of A Silver Sky! :derpytongue2:
I miss Twist, and Peregrine, and Happy Tune, and Indigo Dream, even Rarity! :raritycry:
How did a group of molested foals and the ponies that molest them become so timeless in only one year? :applejackconfused:

HamGravy is back!
This story feels a lot different from your others... but it has still been amazing thus far.
Some epic lines in here too:
"And I try not to let him know how suffocating his kindness can feel"
How do you come up with these? Do you like rewrite the same sentence until you look at it and think 'woah that's cool' or do they just come to you?

I'm just really pumped that you're back! :pinkiehappy:

Sweetie sat up. “I can't believe she'd even suggest that. It seems so...I don't now...final.”

Should be "know".

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