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Trixie and Twilight are best ponies! (Diamond Tiara is best filly :D )


Diamond Tiara hates Nyx, this isn't exactly news. However, during a class fieldtrip Nyx finally asks why, and she may not like what she hears.

Written for Telaros because he wouldn't stop whinging for a DiNyx fic he's such a good friend and I'm such a kind, generous soul :3

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Eh? Is that a DiNyx story?

This really gives some closure to a much overlooked backstory in that verse. Great job. :heart:

EDIT: I see you still left in the non-ponified curses. Always one of those little nitpicks I have with MLP fics. Didn't stop me from enjoying it the first time or the second! xD

Because otherwise she WOULDN'T hate Nyx.

4922961 Even if that ended up true, doesn't mean they'll end up friends. Who knows, I see it as more of an awakening for the two, one who never put much thought into the reasons behind the hate, and the other who sees just how far hate can make ponies do things her filly mind wouldn't have thought possible.

It's good to explore characters. I always wanted to see Pen do a serious take on these two. Flesh the story out a bit. This is a pretty good substitute.

Did you enjoy any parts of the story?

-snrrk- xD

I haven't even read the fic yet and that just made me laugh. Well done.

(I thing you mean whining, not winging. In the description.)

4923006 Thou underestimates our wingspan.

*wings the backside of Yuki's head for being a tattle tale*

We do not 'whine'. We 'remindeth' the sla—friend and equal, of duties that were, shall we say, neglected upon.

(Cool new avatar you got there Trev.)

Wow, ALREADY in the featured box!

4922984 I meant that comment as a joke


British term, though you're right that there should be a h there. Whinging.

“She doesn’t hate me… She doesn’t me!”

You forgot another "hate" in there.

Okay, who are you and what have you done with Yukito? Unless... is this Pen Stroke's second fimfiction channel? :pinkiegasp:
Awesome! :pinkiehappy: Spike approves! :moustache:

Who is Dimaond Tiara?

Twilight Sparkle was stirred from her peaceful slumber by the sounds of clopping and thumping echoing throughout the library.


You need to work on the dialogue a bit. The fillies are talking and reasoning like twenty year olds.

"eep ponies form hurting me… or vice-versa,2 she "

Finally, her mane was dyed purple and tied into a ponytail.

Isn't Nyx's mane already purple?

Anyways, nice story and a pretty good follow up.

What's funny is that Spell Nexus is even less to blame for what happened than Nyx herself. She wasn't being 'controlled'. She was being manipulated, that much is true, and she was still very naive. Like a child, in fact, which is what she was/is, but Spell Nexus was being pushed into what he did by the fragment of Nightmare Moon's magic in his system.

Is it just me, or is there, like, always a narratively convenient group of rapist thugs right around the corner in these filly stories?

Welp, anyhow, this was a very enjoyable piece. Delving into the mind of one who hates you and has good reason to, even if you're a good person now, is something I like reading about.

Diamond Tiara is turned into much more of a birch than Canon in a lot of fanfics. Good to see that you ruined it down a bit.


Anypony who hates little Nyx has no soul.

Is this going to have a sequel?? Its brilliant

4923192 :trixieshiftright:

Actually, you mean spelling, not term. A British term would be if a word is spelled the same in two countries, but mean different things. Since whinging and whining mean the same thing, you mean spelling. :trixieshiftleft:


Nah, 'cause they're two different words that just mean the same thing. Like 'trousers' and 'pants'. Pants (American) and trousers have the same meaning but are still different terms, whilst pants (British) refers to something totally different from its American counterpart. Also like 'couch' and 'settee'. Two different terms that mean the same thing. You don't say that 'mass-murder' is just an alternate spelling of 'massacre', do you? :derpytongue2:


Aye. Meant to make it red ^_^;;


Is it just me, or is there, like, always a narratively convenient group of rapist thugs right around the corner in these filly stories?

Yes, always

4923829 Of course there is. They union'd up a few years ago. :| Standard procedure.

This was very good. It flowd well and literally felt like it could've been part of the past sins saga.

My only nitpicks are that I'm surprised diamond didn't react in some way to the stallion as he was over Nyx and, after Nyx told diamond about nexus using twilight against her and trying to execute her, diamond didn't push it further, to try and see if Nyx was lying, only to the learn it was the honest truth.

I also liked how twilight's love for books has rubbed off on Nyx :rainbowkiss:

Aside from those nitpicks, a very good story, well worth the like, favourite and follow:twilightsmile:

I've been putting off Past Sins because its been so hyped up that I feel like if I read it I'll be dissipointed...

But this was a fun read non the less.... :twilightsmile:


“Well, they’re both okay at least,” Cheerilee’s voice echoed through Nyx’s mind. “Honestly, just what is the Royal Guard paid for if they can’t even protect one filly?!”

Paid to be eye candy for Celestia. :trollestia:

Nice story. You deserve a like.:heart:

“Y’can’t fool me! I was there when Nightmare Moon took over Ponyville! I know that magic when I see it!”

I can't help but point out how incredibly unlikely it is that a random thug from Baltimare happened to be in Ponyville in time to see Nightmare Moon and then meet Nyx all this time later in a completely different city. It's possible, but my mind couldn't help but zero in on it and think, Really? What? Were you on thugging vacation to Ponyville; a small village with a totally-not-thriving crime underworld?

“It’s Twilight’s blood that’s inside me,

Hate to be that guy, but unless you're basing this off of RealityCheck's, non-cannon version of Nyx, then no, Twilight's blood is not flowing through Nyx's veins; Penstroke already confirmed this in his own canon through Spell Nexus' words.

Anyway, besides a few mistakes and missing words, pretty good. 1 up-vote.

4924754 Read it. Now. You will not be disappointed. I guarantee it.

I love that story so much I have a hardcover of it.
So, not disappointing at all.

Congratulations, Nyx. You graduated from being hated to just being.. hated.

Shoulda left DT to the stallions.


I always thought them more as very shiny lawn ornaments that can answer stupid questions from tourists.

So... did the class actually go to the museum after all that? It's kind of a sadistic fun thing to think that Dinky was barely able to go on the field trip at all because her mum is always paying for accidents and Nyx totally ruined it so now she has a different enemy.

yeah this was one helluva story drama and tragedy:heart::heart:

4926206 that would have made her exactly what diamond tiara calls her evil

nyx may be bound by her reputation and conscience not to do anythign about daimond tiara *gets club*

i'm not so witheld.


Yeah, I realised that after I had finished. For my own piece of mind I decided this happens before that story so Nyx still believes Twilight's blood is in her :pinkiesmile:

4926258 That would make a most sadistically HILARIOUS side story, indeed! :rainbowkiss:

“And I don’t know what ‘synchronise’ means,” Twist added.
“It’s an expression!” Scootaloo explained. “It means ‘let’s go!’”


Pretty good, Diamond Tiara doesn't hate her, although her and Silver Spoon are still mean jerks.:ajbemused:

Have I mentioned that this story is excellent?

sorry for caps lock my PC locked them up

“And I don’t know what ‘synchronise’ means,” Twist added.

“It’s an expression!” Scootaloo explained. “It means ‘let’s go!’”

Um, wrong expression, Scoots.

“I don’t want excuses, young man! The two of you were given a job to do and you both failed!

Ironic, since in fiction land, that's normally the lines that come out of an evil overlord's mouth.

Nice to see someone remembers that physical harm is outside of Diamond Tiara's sphere of bullying.

“Grounded? For two whole weeks?” Apple Bloom asked.
“That’s so not fair,” Scootaloo said. “It was Diamond Tiara who ran off on her own!”

She did technically save Diamond's life.

“Ah’d prefer a plate,” Apple Bloom laughed, though her friends didn’t join her. “Oh come on! That was funny!”

I don't get the joke.


“Yeah, but… she didn’t bring up Nightmare Moon, and she treated me like she treats you guys.”

0-0 That's right.

Diamond Tiara hates Nyx

Hey, me too! Coupled with my love for sparkly headgear, that's two things I have in common with Diamond Tiara!

Pretty sure the CMC would agree, but have you SEEN the amount of homework that mare gives? Pretty sure giving out that much homework during the SUMMER no less has to be classified as some form of 'evil overlord' or something! :unsuresweetie:


Is it just me, or is there, like, always a narratively convenient group of rapist thugs right around the corner in these filly stories?

It's a union thing. You'd be surprised the sort of unions you can form in Equestria, and those thugs even get 401k and FREE dental!

DENTAL! :flutterrage:

It's a DiNyx story written by Yukitostarring the two most ____ fillies in around!

4923683 *blows a kiss to the audience* Good night everyone! :pinkiehappy:

4923937 Pretty sure many sold that silly thing ages ago. The Souls to Heaven market crashed some twenty years ago I hear. You'd be lucky to trade it in for a donut out of these days. If you're lucky, maybe they'll get a pick of their choice of munchkin.

4923998 Tried pitching some concept involving Discord and the 6 fillies with certain background fillies. I have my doubts, but boy howdy it would of been glorious. :pinkiecrazy:

Yuki has much on his plate, I'm just glad he was able to get this one going. He's awesomesauce BBFF. <3 (Extra B for British! :trollestia:)


This was very good. It flowd well and literally felt like it could've been part of the past sins saga.

That's like the highest compliment. The whole point of trying to make a more serious take based on that universe that could feel more satisfactory to some of the events that take place. And he writes a pretty competent and loving Cheerilee. Badflank Cheerilee is best Cheerilee.

4926206 Big difference between hating and teasing. Diamond Tiara certainly never showed any actual hate for the CMC. Dislike and hate have a pretty massive gap between the two. I dislike most rap. I don't hate rap enough to want to beat someone up who raps in front of me.

You gotta start somewhere. And Nyx just accomplished a pretty big feat there. You may not see it, but that was "acceptance". In Diamond's own way.

Me three! Let's be besties!

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