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This story is a sequel to Quantum Leap Forward

Silver Spoon never expected her life to go this way as a filly, but she was happy with how it turned out. She had a good career, a loving wife, and good friends. Teaching at Ponyville Elementary was a job she loved, and like all good teachers, she cared deeply for the needs of all her students. But sometimes that attachment can grow to something more, and for one student, she is willing to do whatever it takes to see he has a loving home, even if that means bringing him into hers.

Cover art by Mix-up
Logo by Cosmic Eclipse

editors: Javarod, Lawra

Chapters (25)
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Cover is currently a placeholder until a new cover is available.

Why not get the the person who made your avatar to do it?

Person who did my avatar is not available. I do have someone who did the cover for Quantum Leap Forward doing a new cover but, but it isn't ready and no time table.

Intriguing, I will follow it.

P.s. Love for Teacher Silver.

Is this set at the same time that Cheerilee is Candy Apple?

Interesting chapter it makes me want to see how the boarding school idea is working as well. Though from seeing Ssisstet's 'parents' maybe that's why Candence went with a boarding school over smaller units the young Naga can have pony teachers support all the time rather than only while at school

Ahh the benefits and downsides to an absolute dictatorship. Everyone under the kingsnakes never had to bother thinking which is also a downside. This is a situation where taking out the leadership would absolutely win the war

Wanna hug the sneak :fluttercry:

Poor kid

Maybe I'm just having a brainfart, but who is Sweetie's husband again? :unsuresweetie:

Hasn't actually been shown or mentioned. So not having a brainfart. Will get to him later.

Wait, does Twist will have a lisp?

Her lisp as a filly had been caused by large braces. As an adult mare she no longer has those braces.

I'm sure Citrine Breeze will cause no trouble at all

Citrine Breeze is a little older than Sisstet, but she can be… opinionated and abrasive towards others.

In Fluttershy, that means she's exactly like a her douchebag dad. :flutterrage:

I have a feeling that Silver's untreated injury is going to end up being a big point later on instead of just being referenced at this rate. Silver, get that checked out you dummy!:flutterrage::twilightangry2::facehoof:

Sigh...Yeah I'm pretty sure it's going to be Silver Spoon who gets adopted.

Right after the squeezing stops.

I'm sure that right about now she's experiencing a "hrrrk, can't breath" moment. :ajbemused::twilightoops::pinkiegasp::pinkiesick:

Sisset will be the new Kingsnake. May he not dine on his parents bones

WHOOPS well this is another twist. Apparently Spoiled loves the appearance and perks of power without the responsibility

As soon as I read about the second color being asked I knew something was up.

Also, wasn't there something about kingsnake bites?

Hopefully Silver hasn't made a declaration that can't be kept.

If I was in that world I would take him in a heart beat

Does the treaty actually say Immediately or can this wait a bit until siset reaches puberty.

It isn't clearly worded on the timing, but the plain interpretation reads that way. Basically, Equestrians are not allowed to be raising kingsnakes, and that the kingsnakes need to be returned to the Clutch.

10366993 Plain interpretations mean nothing to a decent lawyer since, as far someone who was sitting in college courses concerning the subject as a sophmore in high school can tell, the spirit of the law don't mean shit if the word of the law wasn't violated.

Treaties are international contracts between two nations and this one doesn't have a due date on when Sisset need to be returned.

Crisis averted everyone.

Perhaps if they were on Earth and Earth's legal precidents and procedures reigned- maybe. Naga don't have laws and lawyers, they have an oligarchy with absolute unrestrained authoritarian power. While they will honor treaties, it is very important to note the kingsnakes legal system is basically how they feel about any given thing at any given moment, and how they phrase clauses in treaties will be much looser and less well defined as a result. They are also aren't accustomed to setting time periods on anything as it is typically a "we say something you do it now" society, and what few things that defined time frames in the treaty were hard enough for them to accept as necessary (those things will be mentioned at a later point in the story when the why's and how's of the treaty are actually gone over).

You forget Sisset himself is a kingsnake now seeing how there is more than one and the mutation is clearly random and not restricted to one family or bloodline, I'm guessing there are going to be rules involving how the kingsnakes interact with each other and now those rules come into play.

I'm willing to bet based on what you yourself said about the kingsnakes having leeway and the fact that Sisset is nowhere near ready to leave the nest so to speak that a deal can be worked out.

Of course that said this means putting Silver and at least one Kingsnake in the same room. LoL

He still wanted to be here, and he was going to hope Miss Silver Spoon stop them from sending him away.

Awww... I'll be sad if he gets sent away... : (

Aw... poor Sisstet. Twist, I know you're serious about the whole thing but she needs to calm down a littlebit.

I hope this is a one-time argument for them because I can see a scenario where they separate over this which would make me very sad

Interesting development for Luster Dawn. Did she swap with her pony counterpart?

I'm getting that sneaky feeling that this story is gonna go from "Silver Spoon and Twist Adopt a Naga" to just the title, "Silver Spoon Adopts a Naga"

Twist is trying and sliver spoon is likening it

Well, they are a couple, so that's technically true, but that would make for an even longer title. :twilightsmile:

Seems kind of fishy to me that Princess Twilight wouldn't at least offer them a royal stipend for Naga expenses.

I can't say I'm surprised that the Silvers saw $$$ when they heard Sistet was a Kingsnake. :applejackunsure:

her parents are helping cause he is a king snake

Sissett is Silver Scale now?

As far as Silver Spoon's parents are concerned. Don't count on Silver Spoon and Twist using that name. :twilightsmile:

My impression is that Luster Dawn always was from the EQG universe. Honestly it's an interesting take on the character, as the show of course didn't have time to tell us anything about here, and while the speculation has leaned towards her being the spawn of Starlight and Sunburst (where is he during all of this anyway?), this is a far more interesting idea, and also begs the question of who are her parents.

Could say that it is ... Chekhov's cannon.

I regret nothing.

Explains why he's so different.

But school had to be aware that snakes have limited color vision (I say limited, because there is literally no true color-blindness among predators, they have typical blue-green spectre).

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