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For many long years, Twilight Sparkle worked to try to reform Cozy Glow. She'd be released from her stone prison periodically for a new reformation attempt, and she'd inevitably end up trying to conquer Equestria again. Being turned into a statue became a regular habit for her over the years. There were always more chances to conquer Equestria, always another attempt to reform her, and she wasn't aware of the passage of time each period she was committed to her prison.

Until one day, she was released again—only to find no one was there.

Cover Art by Shaslan

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Comments ( 46 )

A fitting end to this villain.:twilightsmile:

The pain of loneliness.

You have captured it well.

Well damn. That's dark.

What did happen to tirek and chrysalis anyways? And how did she get freed from stone? And what happened to Canterlot?

good read, reminds me of same story but with discord

Cozy says they've attempted to reform them several times. Obviously, Tirek, then later Chrysalis, took that opportunity at some point, leaving Cozy the only one irredeemable. Then, my guess is that pony civilization went extinct one way or the other, leaving other intelligent species (bugs and squirrels) to become dominant life forms, and Cozy eventually broke free, presumably once the magic sustaining her imprisonment wore off.

That makes sense. But I wonder how long it took them to be reformed.

and whoever knows how many eons it has been?

Reminds me of the song “Chara” by Mandopony on YouTube

In the large description

and she'd inevitably end up trying to trying to conquer Equestria again.

Remove (repetition)

Comment posted by 29000 Kevin deleted August 8th

Fixed. Thanks.

I hitting myself in the head after making a ridiculously long comment that missed one key piece of detail in the entire bloody story and cost me an entire Night.

Also the heck happened in Equestria, who the heck stoned everyone?

Cozy Glow needs to find the magic mirror or visit Tartarus her good old home

She visited their hasn't she...

Maybe Sea Equestria has some answers, maybe the Perl survived the apocalypse.

That was a lot darker than I expected

And then Cozy use the ritual she learned from Tirek to get magic and re-create Starlight spell going to the past

It's like the Twilight Zone! (Get it?)

I can't remember, what happened in september...

The ending everyone wanted but doesn’t want.

This is a very intriguing premise. Looking forward to more.

Poor Cozy. I mean, she did terrible things, but this is worse than being a statue for eternity.

I really do wonder what happened, though.

Unfortunately for your expectations, this is marked as complete.

she still trapped in stone and slowly losing her mind :trollestia:

Yo, can we get some more on the bugs Cozy smashed in the beginning? They really interest me for some reason.

"The ancient evil has departed once again. We must mount an expedition up the mountain to its lair in order to retrieve the sacred relic!"

"Chutci, it is folly! The ancient evil will return and kill you!"

"I am the greatest of our warriors. I shall fight the beast and pierce its heart with my spear."

"The beast is too powerful, Chutci! Its hide cannot be pierced with any spear. Its wings bring tornados. It can crush the strongest of warriors to nothing with but a single blow. Not even the squirrels, who are the largest and most mighty of the great races, could hope to stand against it. Don't be a fool and throw your life away!"

"I'm sorry, but it must be done. Our people deserve to bask in the presence of the sacred pink relic, so that we may have good harvests and prosperity. I will not let some ancient evil prevent us from having our divine right. Who is with me!"

This is amazing!

This reminds me of a similar Harry Potter fan fiction story. Voldemort woke up near the end of Earth. All the humans have left and even the moon is gone. He is all alone on the planet with his wand encased in a polymer.

That just hurt. Good story, though.

With a few strong beats of her wings she was in the air, soaring high above the remains of Canterlot- if it could be called that anymore. A bunch of rocks, buried under plants, with only some bricks in the ground to mark the outlines of buildings.

If she flies far enough, maybe she'll find the end of the Historical Preserve Area :trollestia:

"What's with all the intelligent species around here? They're willing to worship a cutie mark drawn on a piece of clay, but treat the actual pony with one on her flank as a monster? It's completely unfair!"

To be fair, you qualify :facehoof:

There was no answer and no reprieve. Just the sound of distant thunder and the fall of the rain against the mountain. Cozy Glow continued to stare off into the distance over her kingdom, as the most powerful pony in Equestria.

Ahh. No revelation. No relief. No sudden response to make it all right.

This is quite fitting.

It also means that the ponies really didn't exhaust their options in trying to reform her, because this is clearly working quite well :ajbemused:

Remarks and corrections:
> now laying on its side like some rotting log
"[lying] on its side", not "laying". "Laying" means putting something down.
> breathed deeply a moment later when she realized all was well
Missing period at the end of the sentence.
> you guys sent me to Tarturus.

August #29 · August 10th · · 1 ·

I know the story is marked as complete, but I'd love to see a follow-up anyways. Either with Cozy Glow finding some surviving ponies out there and building a positive relationship with them (maybe becoming the benevolent founding princess of a revitalized civilization), or figuring out a way to time travel back to when ponies were still around and finding atonement there.

No way. No other ponies. That would invalidate the whole thing.

I'd see her become Queen of the Squirrels, though :yay:

Makes me wonder what happened to Equestria.

This is amazingly dark. As with many in the comments, I would love to see a sequel of sorts, but not of Cozy finding more ponies, that would make the entire concept moot. Perhaps some world building? Idk, I just love this idea of yours and have a desire to see it expanded on.

The sad part is that she will grow up, then old and in time her sanity will fail and she will never learn of the fate of her race or hear there voices. Maybe if she is lucky she will find the magic mirror and leave Equestria.

Thank you very much you are very kind and quick :yay:

Well, actually, I would like to believe that it's an examination for cozy glow, such as this is nothing but a nightmare. Luna and twilight did this to reform cozy. Unexpected but reasonable for this story,isn't it?

All good things must come to an end.

This needs to be a fully fleshed out story.

I'm just curious what happened to Lord Tirek and Queen chrysalis?

Awesome. Makes me wish there was more. I can understand if you decide to simply leave it as is, some mysteries are better left unanswered but still I feel like there's plenty of room for expansion if you ever decided to do a sequel.





I have no plans for writing a sequel, as my list of current projects is enough as it is. However, if anyone wants to write a sequel of their own, I have no objections.

A pretty cool story you got there.

This is great, if only there was more.

Reminds me a little of "the last pony"

Reap what you sow. This is tragic for a child to experience, but Cozy made her own bed, so she has to sleep in it. Though I'm surprised she hasn't tried what she did in school raze and force all the magic in one spot and use that magic to go back in time. Since pegasi can't fly without magic, magic clearly still exists in Equestra, so she could still do that

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