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I write a variety of stories in different styles. Some are basic slice of life stuff, some are dark. I occasionally take some risks in terms of telling stories by doing some unorthodox things.


Part of The Pandemic Universe

Over six years have passed since Sunset Shimmer unleashed the ETS pandemic, transforming a quarter of the United States population into ponies as well as transforming millions of others around the globe. A new normality has started to settle over the world since that time.

The rapidly growing city of Riverview, South Carolina is considered the center of pony business enterprise in the world, and is a city like no other. But below it sits a secret lab where powerful magic and advanced technology are crafted, powerful magic and technology that its crafters don't fully understand.

This is the interconnected story of Jessie Middleton-- a six-year old earth pony filly prodigy, Wild Growth-- an earth pony mare with powers larger than life, and Tonya Blessing-- a pegaus mare seeking a simple family life while married to a Machiavellian mayor. Powerful magic, social upheaval, and demented foes are about to bring the city of Riverview to its knees, and these three will need to defend their friends and families.

Trigger warning notes: some mild body horror, severe mental illness, life threatening situations, mild profanity

Cover art by Cosmic Eclipse

Editing done by: Lawra, Cosmic Eclipse, and the Alias_The_J

Chapters (27)

Part of The Pandemic Universe

In the aftermath of the ETS epidemic lives have been uprooted and changed forever. For the new citizens of Riverview, they are most often not even as the same species they were only a month before. Thousands of freshly transformed ponies and their human relatives must now start from scratch here and try to build new lives.

Every pony and human living in Riverview has their own personal struggles; from the human mother dealing with children who are now pony foals, a young earth pony thrust into a position where many humans and ponies depend on her, a scarred pony trying to make right on past mistakes, and many others. They must all now pick up the pieces of their lives and try to put them together

Story notes:

Chapters marked with ** are key Dreamwarden chapters for Pandemic readers trying to get information on Dreamwardens but don't want to read full story.

Art by Mr. Tech

Thanks to Pre-Readers past and present:

Shadows of Deity
AATC Fanboy

Pandemic: What You are Meant to Be is a prequel that shares most of the same characters. It follows a character who only has two chapters from their perspective in this story though and is not required reading. For additional background on some characters you can read it, but most things from it you can pick up through context clues in this one.

The original story Pandemic by ASGeek2012 is highly recommended reading before reading this, but this can be understood without reading it.

Trigger warnings: a rape is mentioned but never shown, there is a few scenes near the end that can get violent, profanity is used at times, some LGBT characters, mind altering, PTSD, sex is sometimes heavily alluded to but never shown, non-sexual torture happens in some scenes. I try not too go into too many details with most of these things. There is a lot of arcs that tie to other stories that aren't resolved here as well, be aware that they exist in a larger framework of stories.

Special thanks to ASGeek2012 creating this subuniverse and for looking over selective sections for approval that have impact on the Pandemic universe and for exchanging some notes as we both work on our respective stories.

Chapters (81)

During of the ETS pandemic Charlotte Gilmore has a strange existential crisis about what she is becoming, and what she's becoming doesn't think much of her either.

A strange, but important, entry into the Pandemic Universe.

Thanks to Alias_the_J, Cosmic Eclipse, and Lawra for edits.

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When the ETS pandemic started spreading throughout the world the south in the United States was hit particularly hard. The south had a culture all its own with a stronger focus on conservative political beliefs, religion, and a strong belief in maintaining tradition and culture.

Having the ETS pandemic come strongest here was one of the greatest ironies ever. Now all of what the south was is about to be upended. For Mathew, a teen from a town in South Carolina it means far more than that. It meanst re-examining who he is and who he is meant to be.


Shares same universe with: Pandemic by ASGeek2012 it is not required you read this story, but it will help understand some things going on in the background.

This story is considered an origin story for many of the characters in Pandemic: Picking Up the Pieces. This story is not required reading for that, but if you want to learn more about some of the characters this is where you'll find it.

Story is now complete and editing is underway. Many chapters are still pretty rough. I grew a lot as a writer as this story went on, and there is an increase in quality between the first half of this story the second half, and then the sequel.

Rating and Trigger Warning Notes: There are mentions of extreme violence at some points, general bigotry, LGBT characters (Lesbian and Transgender), there is no sex shown in this story but it's alluded to at some points

Chapters (69)

Mayor Mare has had a long and successful career as Mayor of Ponyville. Under her administration it has grown from a small farming village of Earth Ponies to what will soon be one of the most important and diverse cities in all Equestria. She has a lot to be proud of about her years as mayor.

But time does not stand still. She is getting much older, and she doesn't have the energy to accomplish what she once could. The growth of Ponyville increases her duties and responsibilities, and those are outgrowing what she can keep up with in her old age.

Faced with a new, younger challenger for her position she knows her days as mayor are numbered. As the votes are counted she has one primary thought going through her head----who is she if she isn't Mayor Mare anymore?

Thanks to Cosmic Eclipse and Alias_the_J for edits.

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Silverware is typically only used by unicorns. By the time any other pony managed to manipulate it properly with their hooves they likely would have made a mess of their food, and if they used it with their mouths they couldn't very well eat the food on the utensil.

So when the Cutie Mark Crusaders start discussing amongst themselves the meanings of their classmates cutie marks they come to a puzzle in Silver Spoon.

What is an earth pony doing with a cutie mark of something she can't effectively use?

Edit: Featured on January 4th 2018! I shouted with joy.

Thanks for Alias_the_J and Cosmic Eclipse for edits.

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Thousands of years in the future, Pinkie Pie goes to seal the reflection pool after a young pony once again has used it. While doing so she takes time to reflect about her role and the burdens she carries.

Thanks to Alias_the_J and Cosmic Eclipse for edits.

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