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This story is a sequel to Starting Over

I'm Rebecca, Rebecca Riddle, though some people teasingly call me the Marshmallow-- because I'm kind of pleasantly plump. If you met me on the street, you wouldn't think too much about it. I'm just your ordinary college freshman human-turned-pegasus, in a world of both humans and ponies. I dance to music, love to draw, write stories, and play my kazoo, nothing out of the ordinary at all.

But I lead a double life that only a few know about. It is hard trying to keep the two parts of my life separated. By day I'm Rebecca Riddle, but when I sleep at night, I'm something much more, something beyond comprehension; but awake or asleep, I always try to keep smiling-- even when it is tough to smile.

Short universe background information is provided in the author's notes of the first chapter.

A solo title in Pandemic Series. Note, this AU existed before the actual real-life pandemic happened.

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This could be interesting. Let’s see how life is going to go for her.

Having read the story where the Cataclysm of Riverview happened, not sure how I feel about Rebecca being so enthralled by the 'monument' made out the remains of the trees from that. I am kind of happy that they didn't cut down every tree that had grown. If the wood has magic in it, I wonder what they did with all that extra wood, and if the wood retained magic after it was cut down?

Also, like how Rebecca seems to not even realize she is after food when she is only when stressed but can keep to her diet perfect when she is happy. That also is a little worrying, since she is overweight.

If this isn't an Alice in Wonderland crossover, then why does the cover art have a picture of the Cheshire Cat in it?

We'll get to that, it comes later in the story. Not an Alice in Wonderland crossover, but there is influence from the book (the book exists in universe).

I was a clutz, and I'd rather own being a clutz than be embarrassed. People need to be willing to laugh at themselves to be happy.

That's usually spelled with a k.

Fixed, plus another error I spotted caught. The people that would normally edit are caught up in their own projects.

Julie blinked. "Your weight actually causes you to have that much trouble flying steady? I don't understand. You're not the only heavy-set pegasus I've ever seen, and those other ones didn't have that much trouble."

Take Bulk Biceps, for example.

Just caught up, can't believe I didn't click the tracking icon originally. I get the feeling that her secret is about to become public knowledge very shortly.

This is a strange story to try to comment on, because there is so much lore for the overall universe caught up in the flashbacks, and it is hard to comment on them without spoiling other stories in the universe. They are definitely interesting insights into things we didn't see happening in other stories. Like with Josie in this one. This chapter really changes how I see what seemed a minor character from the original pandemic story.

I find the image of a winged marshmallow looking Pegasus really amusing.

One thing I am bad at is containing my curiosity. I just can't help myself. There's so many interesting things to see. This time my curiosity had nothing to do with my normal reasons. I wanted to know more about our neighbors.

I generally make do with a midnight snack. Not quite like this, but close enough. I don't play with my food this much, but it's amusing watching it going on. Especially with music like this.

Locutus of Bear is cute..

"Oh, because those would be really tiny clouds if you did."


My mom turned me on my back and bent her head down, pushing her face against my exposed tummy and made 'maw-maw-maw' sounds, before blowing hard on my fur. I squirmed and laughed as she did it, not really putting up any real struggle.

#kowai-kawaii :twilightsmile:

Well, less kowai and more Kawaii.

Yay, the marshmallow nickname has appeared! I can't wait to see what kind of pony her step dad becomes.

While I've frequently given praises for the story on the Discord, thought I'd so here as well. Really good story thus far, excited to see where it goes.

"Love you, too. Just stay out of trouble, and get here soon. You're mom is on her way."

Small typo that I noticed, however. Should be your.

I could barely contain myself as I looked at the stallion. "Can I call you Cyber Pooky?"

You missed the opportunity to use "Cybear"

My mom's face twisted up into a stern look. "Rebecca Penelope Riddle! That last part falls under T-M-I, too much information!"

Oh! The full name! She's serious! :raritydespair:

Melissa altered her whistle to join in with my beat on the table. Locutus of Bear started doing some 'bum-bum' sounds, and we had a little band going in the living room.

I'm really liking this story a lot so far, looking forward to what comes next!

Miss Seapony gestured at them. "Meet Mister Potty-Mouth, better known as Ghadab, and the Angel Lady, better known as Arbiter."

Arbiter gave a little bow. "Pleased to finally meet you face to face."

Ghadab just stared for a moment before finally giving his greeting. "You're fat."

The tall lady reached a hand out and swatted Ghadab on the head. "Can't you make it thirty seconds into a conversation before insulting someone?"

"But she is fat," Ghadab grumbled.

"I prefer, pleasantly plump," I said with a grin.

Ghadab pointed at me while looking up at Arbiter. "See! She is not insulted! That is good. Ones such as us shouldn't have thin hides."

I stood up, and wiggled my belly under me. "Mine's definitely not thin."

That caused Ghadab to laugh. "I like this one! You should take lessons from her and the whore, you insufferable retainer! You attempted murderer! You tone deaf songstress!"

okay. I'm amused.:ajsmug:

Great update. Rebecca is awesome.

However, when I was whipping my head and rump back and forth I caught a whiff of something musky. I paused my dance and then sniffed under my tail-- mare stench, that time of month had come again. Oh well, maybe that would make things easier for the birth control doctor. At least it had been years since I'd had my surgery for my growth-thingies, and this time of month didn't hurt anymore. Life was good, and I was ready to meet the new day with enthusiasm. I wondered if my stepdad had made any breakfast.

She's preggers, ain't she? :ajbemused:

Immaculate conception if she is.

I wonder what is wrong with Jessica? I hope she can one day have kids but I feel that could be doubtful due to her partial nature.

"Don't stress yourself too much. Just let your instincts flow," David called out from the back porch. Our lessons always happened at the house.

And lift with your kneeeeees

I shrugged again. "Nah, I can take it."

Famous last words.

"No! Stop it! You'll get it stuck in my head for the rest of the day."

"It's too late for that, and you know it."

Yes. Yes. It was too late.

Well now before I go to bed I will have that song stuck in my head. There are worse songs that as an be stuck there.

(Reads chapter title)

"Oh, it's just a bird. A large bird, i grant you. A large ANGRY BIRD!
Phantomon, Digimon Digital Monsters.

Josie shook her head in exasperation. "However you want to frame it. Anyway, I wanted to tell you that if you ever make a big mistake, something so big that it has long lasting consequences, don't let that define who you are. Acknowledging what happened and trying to do better does not mean you need to make that the core of your life. I made a horrible mistake. I can blame Sunset Shimmer for influencing me, and I wouldn't be wrong, but it's ultimately on me. I've let that mistake define me for a long time, and it has only made me miserable. The past is the past, we can only go forward. Let your mistakes be reasons to be better, not balls and chains you drag around."

Wise words. I've been down that road too. We all have different yet similar reasons to go that way. It only gets darker as you walk that way. I had friends who helped me to get off of it. Some aren't so fortunate.

She rolled her eyes. "Hardly a Jedi. Do you have any idea how enraged the Dreamwardens would get about the Jedi mind trick? Obi-Wan Kenobi would never have made it to episode four."

He turned back around to face me. "Well, hobbies make the best jobs. Do what you love, and you never feel as if you're working."

As the old saying goes, "Find something you like doing, then get someone to pay you for doing it."

I started to dance in place. "Life is like a hurricane. Here in Duckburg. Racecars, lasers aeroplanes; it's a duck-blur. Might solve a mystery-"

It will never leave, it will never leave!

"Are we there yet?" Yeah, it was cliche for me to be asking that, but I had been sitting for hours at that point. Well, not really hours. I had gotten to walk about when David and I got off the plane, and I'd also gotten up to use the potty when we were on the plane (I wished I hadn't, airplane restrooms were disgusting), but those had both been brief. When we had gotten off the plane I had gotten to finally see my mom, and give her a big hug, but it had only been about ten minutes of freedom before she had us in the car. Ponies weren't meant to be caged in metal boxes… or plastic ones… or whatever cars and planes were made out of. This little filly needed liberation!

My mother has a solution to that ckiche. Give them $20 in toonies. When they get to town, they can soend it however they like; Here's the kicker: Each time they say that, they lose $2. 10 strikes, they get zilch.

Sure you can't do it EVERY time, but you would be AMAZED at how quiet they get.

She nodded. "It is. I would rather there didn't need to be a monument. My fellow Dreamwardens and I played a part in what happened here, although very few know it, and none will speak of it. It was we who instructed our little sister how to destroy the Bastion. We had no choice. The price of not doing so would have meant thousands, if not millions of deaths. It doesn't make me any happier about what happened."

Fair enough. It would be hard to effectively sign away any number of lives, short term or long. But you gotta do what you gotta do.

And that was the day I decided to be an architect. I plan on building my own wonders for people to marvel at, be amazed by, and just as inspired to make something else as amazing as I was on that day. The world needs amazing places, so we can be inspired to do great things, just like Wild Growth once did.

"I thought you wanted to be a Dreamwalker?":rainbowhuh:

"Oh, hush.":twilightangry2:

I like the different noises Rebecca makes when she crashes. It's so entertaining, I would love to hear those sounds out loud.

Not sure why this story isn't extremely popular right now. This is good stuff right here, with content and quality and intrigue. Keep it up!

There was also the act of writing. I'm not terrible with my penmanship, in fact, I think I'm pretty good, but I'm not as dexterous or as fast as a human.

Personality, my fine motor skills are gross.

I was assigned Guam and Hawaii, and noticed that the girl was assigned Puerto Rico and Florida. Those seemed like they could be good complimentary states for a presentation.

Don't you mean complementary? :unsuresweetie:

She picked at her own food. "Yet the first person you choose to try to make an extra effort to be friends with is a human. That's kind of weird that you were so eager to have more pony classmates and then you go right to the one human. I guess you aren't used to this many ponies either."

Fair enough.

Great update. I really love this story. I can relate to Rebecca in being fluffy and clumsy. :twilightsmile:

So we have an exchange student from the other side of the portal. I wonder how long they have been on Earth because they sound like they have been there for a while.

"Here here! Wise words, Miss Seapony," Mister Storm Cloud said with a pump of his puff. He then started leaking rain, and reached down to cover himself. "Oh my, how embarrassing."

That would be 'Hear, Heat!'

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