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Show and tell, over the years Cheerilee had learned to be prepared for anything that could happen during this weekly event in her classroom. However, when one of Applebloom's potion experiments goes horribly wrong, she wakes up to find herself in an unfamiliar version of her classroom, in the body of a foal she has never met.

Quickly she discovers she isn't just in the wrong body, but in the wrong time.

Cover art by Cosmic Eclipse.
Thanks to Lawra, Alias_the_J, and Cosmic Eclipse for prereading and editing.

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Theorizing that one could time travel within her own lifetime, Cheerilee stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator and vanished... She woke to find herself trapped in the future, facing mirror images that were not her own and driven by an unknown force to change the future for the better. Her only guide on this journey is Discord, an observer from her own time, who appears in the form of a hologram that only Cheerilee can see and hear. And so Cheerilee finds herself leaping from life to life, striving to put right what once went wrong and hoping each time that his next leap will be the leap home.

This part is all of us, but it is Sweetie Belle writing, because I have nicer writing.

My writing ain't that bad.

Yes, it is!

Are you writing that down? Why are you writing that down?

It's called a dictation spell! It writes everything we say down.

Should we stop and start over?

No, it's fine. Let's just get this done.

I think the CMC need some work on writing professional letters.

Interesting. Gonna watch this one. Off to a good start.

Gonna be hard since it looks like the author is banned. Look at their name. It has a line through it meaning they’re banned

I know what happened to them. Kind of my fault. They are only temp banned. Should be back in a week or so.

Created a few extra accounts and upvoted her with them (extra votes have since been removed, she didn't know I had been doing it till after ban came down) because I knew she was worrying about reception, thought I was being nice, but in retrospect that was pretty stupid. It got her in trouble and not me. Been yelled at about it a lot today by Halira. She is only temp banned though, and appealing it. Doubt the appeal will work, but no matter what she should be back in a week.

I'm curious on where you'll go with it as I'm rather in the dark at the moment. Seems like it'll be more of a shorter story as the premise doesn't appear to lend itself to a longer one without becoming stretched too thin.

Gotta wonder at the relationship between the School of Friendship and the Ponyville School- wondered about that in canon. This whole concept is pretty unique, too- ponies transformed into other ponies is rather less common than human-pony ones. Ponies transported to their own future are pretty rare, too- I can't think of one, at least.

Nothing wrong with a short story, though.

It's usually best to know how rules, laws, etc. are enforced before you break them, and to make sure that other routes to the same goal (such as adding the story to other groups, making a TV Tropes page, etc.) are not available.

Also, most authors would not prefer promotional lies unless they are either very self-centered or have financial incentives based on popularity. Halira doesn't seem to be either, and she's probably worried that some of the likes for her other stories- the ones which probably had her nervous about this one to begin with- were duplicitous duplicates as well.

You may want to reassure her that they aren't, if you haven't already.

I'm aware of what the strike-through means...it just didn't show on the phone. It does on the laptop, though...couldn't have seen that while stuck at the in-laws for Thanksgiving.

Really? Cause I use my tablet for the majority and I can see the line when using it. So I figured it would be visible on all forms of mobile

In the immortal words of Dr.Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula)....."Ohhhh Boy."

dear Halira, when you get back. Don't cancel or anything just cause of some idiot. Please continue.

I don't think you'll have to worry about that at all, she's still been working away on it during the ban and it doesn't seem like there's any end in sight. :twilightsmile:

What if she really was king Sombra and a changeling before becoming Cheerilee?

Here's another possibility: Candy isn't getting replaced by other ponies, such as Sombra and Cheerilee. But she isn't exactly lying. Candy's done her homework well enough to act like Cheerilee. And she believes she is Cheerilee!

That’s computers for you (and a mobile computer is still a computer).

To Vanhoover? Or bring up the fire extinguisher added as an alchemic reagent? Either way, Candy Apple’s bottom may be bruised in a moment.

If they still don't believe her, she could just began to throw them proof, let's see how many is studied... Like for example what disasters they did as fillies, how DT and Silver liked to bully and they passed notes when she was explaining about Cutie Marks, or Apple Bloom problem with the Cutie Pox, the day Princess Twilight Sparkle appeared, maybe when AJ did not want to sleep, or the disaster with the tickets for the gala or when Discord got free or Twilight used the 'Want-It need-it'...

And ask how exactly could she know that if she is just faking as that type of information is not shared, she could even make a Pinkie Promise and see if they believe that.

Sore wa chigau yo! Its already been established Candy is always well researched when he gets onto his 'acts' . The ponies will just chalked her knowledge as Candy's very detailed research into Cheerilee's past/life.

True, except there should be things it's impossible to know even if she researched, and even then there is still the Pinkie Promise

I wonder if the book contain things that are not about the crusaders or in the book like for example what Discord did to her when he first got out or things she should not know, if she was for example a friend of someone when they were foals she could comment a tale from then or a secret, maybe even talks with parents, things that the crusaders or anyone else could know

Just wondering, why she doesn't try to talk about stuff that a filly wouldn't know? Like, sex? Or why doesn't she try to find one of her friend and convince the friend with information that wouldn't be in the book? It would work better than with ponies that are already against you.

Nice story, totally hooked. Too bad what happened to you, a few months back I had to sacrifice my car as well, the repair was to expensive for the type of car, so I sold it as spare parts and mixed the money with my leftovers from last year taxes to by a new one.

Everything important in her life just written down where anyone could find it? That certainly makes things more difficult.

Sorry to hear that the car broke down on you completely. My new one just died, too; I'm hoping that it's just corroded cables that I can quickly fix, but I don't know, and I still just bought it, so I can't really help you with yours. Hopefully getting to and from work hasn't been an issue.

Wonder if Cheerilee will have any subtle aggression towards Sugar Belle when they’re alone. Could be a tipoff.
I also have to wonder if, on the day of Big Mac’s wedding, Cheerilee and Marble Pie drowned their sorrows (possibly together) at a bar they didn’t show on-air.

I wonder if the 'book of the crusaders' have something about Silver Spoon, if she could say something that 'Candy Apple' could not know not even by study or investigating, maybe it could help to convince her.

Too bad she can't just ask for some unicorn to check her memories.

Here’s my take on things so far.

The potions are the link between what happened if for no other reason that they occurred in the same place. Applebloom’s potion can be argued as being the anchor and whatever Candy was doing was the catalyst for the swap.

As for proof, this would be extremely awkward for Cherilee and Big Mac. As they both dated for a short time there must have been something that happened between the two of them that really stood out. I’m guessing something that Big Mac said to Cherilee as a speech from him would be something that likely would have been kept between the two of them.

I bet there's something hidden like a diary of something explaining to the new host of the body what's going on and the moldy muffins are a clue to find it, or just my overthinking mind hahaha good story man, love it.

I dated Big Mac a few times, and I can tell all about those dares!


Just so you know, Cheerilee has a twin sister (in the comics) called Cherry Blossom who is a pro wrestler.

Thanks for the info. I only recently started reading the comics. I am aware of some of the bigger storylines in the comics, but not smaller things like that.

It was obvious that Applebloom was very heavy with foal, one due any day now. Just great, more things she really rather not know about.... It just kept piling on.

Just consider yourself lucky you weren't transported into that foal's body! :twilightoops:

This story is great, so far. :twilightsmile:

Judgin' by the ingredients I spotted, she was tryin' to make a disenchantment potion.

Oh. Oh no.

"There's got to be something I can do to prove who I am," she sulkenly muttered.

Why are you still trying to prove you're Cheerilee, Cheerilee? Can't you see Candy is in desperate peril? She's not acting! She was never acting! She was trying to make a disenchantment potion to stop the... the... :fluttercry: She wasn't playing with potions. She was trying to save herself, because she had nopony else to turn to, because nopony would take her seriously! It doesn't matter if you're Cheerilee or not. You need to convince them that something is seriously wrong with Candy, and she needs help, before she has to be somepony evil again!

Or, I'm just jumping at shadows, and none of that is true. :twilightblush:

The channeling made a soothing gesture with its forelegs.

Thanks, just happened to be on writing the next chapter and saw your comment. Have now corrected all of those. Autocorrect doesn't like certain words.

She might be trying to get out of Candy's body, but Candy was clearly a foal in need, and Cherilee, teacher of Ponyville Elementary, did not ignore a foal in need!

Oh thank goodness. :ajsleepy: I was afraid Cheerilee would never get over herself for a minute there. Hopefully she can help Candy somehow...

No problem. This is a freaking amazing story by the way! Such immersive and vivid characters; I really feel like they're genuine. And the plot is just preciously unexpected, and so wonderfully hinted at. "Stay away from my crayons!" and all.

There's something Cherilee could probably count on little Candy not knowing, which could help dramatically with demonstrating she really is Cheerilee: advanced mathematics, like statistics, calculus, and so on. Certainly she should have had a little during her studies? Explaining and demonstrating the chain rule as it applies to derivatives, vs. the same for integrals (hated doing those, oh-so-much)...or setting up and performing ANOVA tests (wasn't a big fan of these, either)...those oughta be beyond nearly every eight-year old's comprehension.

That assumes that Cheerilee's both has been educated in those (and that tests like ANOVA actually exist- they only became prevalent relatively recently), and that she can actually remember how to do that.

Ponyville's growing fast. It's definitely no longer a small town, if the business is any indication.

Hm. Okay, liking the idea of Marble growing into being a psychologist. In a weird way, it actually fits.

Stumbled onto this Story randomly, & I must say it's the most compelling & interesting ones i've read of late, on this site or any other. The Premise is intriguing, & seeing how the mystery of the Switch, Candy's life & how Cheerilee is dealing with both unfolds is keeping me hooked.

As for Cheerilee proving who she is, I think the only way is time. They said that Candy is only other ponies (or is... possessed, by other ponies?) for a time, so as long as Cheerilee stays in the "Drivers Seat" so to speak, her consistent non-Candy behaviour should start to raise doubts in even the most sceptical.

of course only Pinkie would notice.. but won't tell anyone.

"Oh, I believe that too..."
I think I'd have shit myself. Props to Cheerilee.

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