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Cosmic Eclipse

Tiki Enthusiast, Theme park fanatic, struggling writer looking for feedback. Special thanks to Anticular for the stellar avatar!

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November Update · 6:58am Sunday

So I don't really have much to share this month. I've been updating "Do Ponies on Earth Have Magic Dreams" pretty regularly and trying to get more feedback on that, I've been trying to go back to school so I can get a teaching credential, and all in all, I've been trying to just get through every week without feeling like I'm being crushed by stress and anxiety, which is actually why I've been looking at a career shift.

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Thanks again, it really means the world to me!

I'll keep looking in your stories and find out which one I'll go to next!

I love hearing I was able to do something good to you :twilightsmile:

That genuinely means a lot to me! Thank you so much! Currently my main ongoing story is "Do Ponies on Earth Have Magic Dreams?", and that's definitely the one I'm trying to get the most commentary and feedback on currently. Hope you enjoy whatever you read next, and thanks again! :twilightsmile:

Hello Cosmic Eclipse, so when I was dabbling around in the forum of the "Struggling Authors" group, I took notice to your "Advice on getting your stories out there?" thread, and after reading what you had to say in there, that enticed me to come here and check out your stories. So far, I've only read Apples and Blood Oranges, but if you couldn't tell from the bookshelf-addition notifications, I really liked that one.

So, you talking about being a struggling writer summoned a reader. How about that?

I just wanted to post this and try to get you motivated. Your writing is worthwhile! :twilightsmile:

To the author - hi!👋 i've noticed your work contains a lot of bat ponies. also your avatar picture is interesting & stands out to me.

there's a story i had written that features a bat pony (but appears in the latter half & connected to prince blueblood) although remains unpublished for many reasons i'm not willing to divulge!
it's apart of tetralogy (means five in Greek) series for my own universe i'd called unlikely lovers. if you're interested to know more about it PM me a message (only if you're comfortable with that. i'm not forcing you or anything!) then follow me:pinkiesmile:

  • Viewing 28 - 32 of 32
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