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This story is a sequel to Just a Bat... a Bat on the Hunt for Headpats!

Weeks after moving to Ponyville, Moonlight is finally starting to fit in... in their own unique way...

Of course, having a best friend like Cumulus helped a lot, especially when it came to convincing the rest of Ponyville that you weren't just some maniacal mango munching menace. Sometimes all an anxious bat needs to feel at ease is a caring friend.

This was another one shot written for a contest in Nailah's discord server. Planned and written in an hour.

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D'aww... Moonlight is too cute for me to handle. :rainbowlaugh:

And then she gnawed on a mango

Release the remarkably fluffy dogs of war!

What a lovely pile of cute and EEEEEEEeee, socks, baps, ...h-headpats?! How lewd.

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