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The Portsmith family is a regular American family living in Denver in 1986. Life is hard, but it is about to get harder when they find themselves hunted by something that is not of this Earth.

Tag explanation: A few scenes of extreme violence. One of the characters is a smoker, so tagging narcotics—some occasional swearing, but nothing too heavy.

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I'm intrigued.

I'm interested.

Alright you have my attention, I'm game let's see where this one goes.

Well now. This certainly has my interest.

Comment posted by 57west deleted Oct 20th, 2021

Why isn't there a horror tag?

I've been on the fence about that tag. It might be added later, but for now, I don't see it falling in the genre. Right now, it is more an adventure with some dark elements and mystery early on.

If the ceiling didn't give out under her feet, there were still nests of black widows that inhabited the crawl space above the house and the seller below. He'd never even gone into the basement because they were so bad.


"Hey, Wendy. Mind sitting out in the living room?" he asked. "It isn't that I think our new neighbor is going to go voting through our bedrooms in my absence, but I'd still feel better if someone was out there."


This story continues to grow interesting with each chapter.

I have a question when it describes the layout of the house and the rooms inside do you have to pay attention to understand the story

Some things will be easier to understand and visualize if you understand the layouts, but you can gloss over those if you find it difficult to follow. I should see if I can just post up a map of the house.

This story is interesting please continue. If you are able to.

Well the map sure makes it easier to envision what we're seeing. I'm no good with text explanations of the layout of something, I have to actually see it to understand it.

The story is certainly getting interesting, and I'm looking forward to seeing how things develop. Especially if Twilight is somehow involved.

One question though. Something specific stuck out to me in the following paragraph:

She looked out the window, first towards the roof of their neighbor's house, where they had seen the monsters. The Myers' house was smaller and had a bigger backyard. The Myers' backyard was what each of their bedroom windows overlooked, but they could easily see the Myers' roof off to the side from their windows. She scrutinized the Myers' house and saw nothing. To be safe, she checked the neighbor's backyard too and looked past it to the Westoffs' yard—although that one was harder to see the details of in the dark.

Isn't that an excessive number of times to specify that she's looking at the Myer's property in a single paragraph, with it being specifically pointed out in every single sentence?

Here in my country, Philippines, people believe in supernatural creatures, and one of them is called tikbalang. It has a horse head and the rest of the body is a human.

Sorry for being rude but when will we see the monster and the family meet

We will get there, soon. Answering that question is inherently spoilers.

Honestly, the fact we haven't actually seen anything yet just serves to make it feel creepier in my opinion. We know something's up, but the family doesn't have the benefit of that knowledge. They're dealing with strange sightings and skittering they can't explain, mystery blood, a strange neighbor, and it's all mildly unsettling for them.

Things are, slowly but surely, becoming more and more heavy with each passing chapter.

We have no answers what are the creatures what is Miss Newman and what is the fire

I want to guess that Miss Newman is some sort of werepony. But we've seen her as a human at night so that theory doesn't work.

I know we have to be patient but I need answers I’m tired of being left in the dark

Finally some answers

Well now... that happened.

When is the next chapter

well i am liking this story.
in a way this is a prequel for the Pandemic story line.

You know, now that you mentioned that, it makes me want to see an inversion route taken where a virus in Equestria starts turning the ponies into humans who no longer have access to magic.

First we got Terminator vibes, and now we've got Back to the Future vibes. Dare I ask what others 80s icons you're going to be referencing into the story in the coming chapters? Something along the line of Ghostbusters? Robocop? Beetlejuice?

Charles this is not the time to drag your heels and play Karen that will just end up in your death.

My guess is Charles is trying to get more information in a desperate effort to figure out if there's anything he can do on his end, like any good father would do. Maybe try and figure out just what the "magic" entails and if his gun is of the right caliber for breaching it.

things are going to get exciting and stressed now.

well that is a interesting twist in the story.
i am really liking this story.

Well now. I certainly didn't see that sort of twist coming.

a grate chapter.
and the bad guys are still around.

"I'm going to see if I can ground their eyes in the sky."

with my horn laser i am going to fry brains. :pinkiehappy:

Oh shit the pony is really out of the bag now. :rainbowlaugh:
yep this is going to be a bit hard to explain.

well biscuits this looks like it is going to throw huge wrench in to Kristin life.

two really good chapters and this is looking like as the DR is fond of saying a real sticky wicker.

I have never seen two old ponies like her and her husband be so lovey-dovey with one another as they are. Married for forty-five years, and they still act like every day is their honeymoon. I swear rabbits screw less than those two."

Maybe it's the overall dark and disturbing tone the story is taking, that makes the above line hit so much harder and got me laughing.

we so need a huge spider something the size of a truck ,, something to really get Sunset Blessing worked up.
ok so a itsy bitsy spider will do.
this is a grate chapter and all of the movies are safe as the time line has changed.

This is just getting deeper and deeper in terms of interesting.

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?


Miss Newman voice:



For the three daughters, fit in whatever age-appropriate girls you prefer.

two amazing chapters. there is so much truth in there for real life.

Time travel basically works like avengers right

Yeah, if you watched the Loki series, it is a lot like that. Every instance of going back in the past doesn't change the present you came from; it only makes a new timeline, at least with the form of time travel that Miss Newman came up with.

Giving more detailed explanation:

Closed time loops where the future creates the past in a never-ending loop like Twilight's time-travel during Lesson Zero are theoretically possible. Still, this particular spell can't do that, and such forms of time travel that maintain a single timeline require astronomical amounts of power in order to override the paradoxes it could create and those amounts of required power only increase the further back you go. To go back years with such a spell would require an exceedingly powerful magic source like the Cutie Map (hello, Starlight), Elements of Harmony, Crystal Heart, or an alicorn. Creating a divergent timeline actually uses far less energy because that is what reality naturally wants to do in such instances. It requires a lot of power going towards overriding the continuity problems for it not to do that. Miss Newman, even with the aid of magical enhancers, is still a weakling, incapable of ever pulling such a thing off.

Butchered sweet tea is such a bitch.

they are above the mason Dixon line , sweet tea is hit or miss proposal.

"Everywhere has its good and its bad. My children and grandchildren would be miserable here, cut off from their technology and so many other things they are familiar with," Miss Newman answered. "Finish your food. We are still in the direction they are searching, and they can still chance upon us."

Sunset is just about the best spokeswoman for the future.

i love that rhyme is describes the wardens so good.
a grate chapter.

things are being shown the light of day,
but how much of it will come to fruition now that the time line has changed?

a grate chapter.

well it's getting harder to keep a lid on things. i have a feeling that before this is over Joan will be a believer or stick her head in the ground and deny it all.

She nodded, saying nothing. He had been working on those back rooms since they moved into this place. The project had actually been started by the house's former residents and was now Charles's pet project. Over half their house had been additions to the original structure carried out by successive residents who had rooms too small and plenty of yard to expand into. Their house was not unique around here for being like that; the whole neighborhood was like that. The entire community had been built as too small cinder block homes with big yards, and every one of them had a hodgepodge of additions to them. If there were ever a homeowners association here, they would have all died of shock long ago from the lack of uniformity.

Which neighborhood?

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