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wish i was dead


—A Ponies After People Story—

I’ve got a problem, namely, a massive hangover. Well, that and I’ve discovered that my clothes don’t fit anymore. Mostly because I’ve shrunk a few inches overnight. And grown wings. And a tail. And scales.

Okay, so maybe a hangover isn’t the biggest of my problems.

If only I could find someone to help me sort out how I got myself into this mess, I might have an idea of what horrible things I must have done while I was smashed. Except that there’s no one around, and my whole neighbourhood looks abandoned.

However, my ute still runs, I’ve still got some spare tins of food, and there’s loads of extra booze to help me pass the time. Now if only I could figure out why my voice sounds so high….


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If it's used without permission, and you acknowledge it, then why are you still using it?

Its a good Idea for a story but for the character you pretty much just recolored Ember. I still like the story so I will continue reading, Its been along time since anyone made PAP fic

If I’m asked to take it down I will. I just have this as a placeholder I guess, until I can get a decent cover.


Have to admit I'm actually liking the character's design, despite myself... Really seem to fit the stories flavor off: 'What sort of stupid lizard thing did I just wake up as?'

But yeah, given how diverse body-shapes are for dragons, it does seem like something of a missed opportunity not to go the whole mile on.

Still, it's hardly a deal breaker, at least for me. I'm rather enjoying just how many 'not a role model' buttons the girl's pushing. You seldom see characters this deeply but mundanely flawed.

Not a bad start, but I hope that you put out another chapter sooner than another six months!

It's a good start, it reads fast, not alot of description though. Just waiting to see where this leads. Btw, where is this placed?

set in Queensland, Australia.

thats because I published the story later. I had chapter 1 done and it wouldn't let me upload it because there was no ponies in it so I was stuck coming up with something for chapter 2. But glad to say that Chapter 3 is already halfway.

A new post human horse I mean dragon story!

Hmmm, a little bit fast paced for my tastes but you get a thumbs up at least:twilightsmile:

Oh, hey, I didn't see that this had been published. Good to see!

I'm liking this, I hope more comes soon :twilightsmile:

It was at this moment Triple knew: She fucked up!

Ooohh Triple....
You know that's a dragon you just angered, right?
P.S. Y'know what's flammable?

And you have a refinery potentially filled with it.

Our intrepid hero, destroy alcohol? HERESY!!!:pinkiecrazy:

I get that a working vehicle is rarer then freaking hen's teeth one year post the world ended...

But man, what type of utter, utter idiot steals from a dragon that just more or less declared you their BFF as long as you keep doing the one thing you consider your purpose in life?!

A dragon with enough mechanical expertise and knack for looting to get the congealed and rusted heap of scrap running in the first place, nonetheless!

It's like finding the Hope Diamond just laying in the street, and using it to vandalize the local police station! What type of utter moron don't see how badly that's going to end for them?1 :facehoof:

I felt bad to ransacking everyone’s houses

I think you're missing a be there, or have too many words. Try: I felt bad ransacking everyone's houses

Well, I guess we know what this one will be hoarding. :pinkiecrazy:

I want her to somehow become the Queen of Vodka Hoarding one day!

If Triple Distilled we're to play her cards right, she could get a pretty sweet deal out of it, especially if they find a distillery.

I still feel bad for a pony who named himself crack pipe. If my special talent was really... smoking dope? If that was my talent, I think I'd just use a human name. Better Bob or George than "Strung Out" or "No Teeth".

Can I use this is find out where I am?

Can I use this to find out where I am?

A greed, female, drunk dragon, what could go wrong?

This is very interesting. Is there any overarching plan for where the story is going to go?

I have a general plan laid out and an ending, I always struggle with middle parts in stories though. Glad you like it so far. Finally working on Ch10 now.

Excellent, I’ll be watching. :)

And that right here is why i don't remove stories from tracked bookshelf :twilightsmile: you never know when they may arise from the graveyard of abandoned and dead-for-more-than-a-year

Nice, consistency beats quality nine times out of ten. It’s interesting that Greenhorne’s been proofreading this, I’ve found Trust Once Lost a pretty cool story. Are cross promotions still a thing? Might be an option if you’d like more eyeballs.

Greenhorne's only helped out on this one chapter. No cross-promotion or anything, he did it because we're friends and I asked :)

I picked this up yesterday and just caught up, I'm really enjoying it. Keep it up!

As an Australian I’ve gotta love the representation of our myriad cultural rituals. There is of course an expectation of there being a spare beer fridge in the shed.

Yes! The beer fridge, everyone has one! Although after a year in the story, its probably gone bad too lol.

Damn, though it looks like it can easily function as a projectile

Really enjoying this so far, please come back

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