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I write a variety of stories in different styles. Some are basic slice of life stuff, some are dark. I occasionally take some risks in terms of telling stories by doing some unorthodox things.


Part of The Pandemic Universe

Over six years have passed since Sunset Shimmer unleashed the ETS pandemic, transforming a quarter of the United States population into ponies as well as transforming millions of others around the globe. A new normality has started to settle over the world since that time.

The rapidly growing city of Riverview, South Carolina is considered the center of pony business enterprise in the world, and is a city like no other. But below it sits a secret lab where powerful magic and advanced technology are crafted, powerful magic and technology that its crafters don't fully understand.

This is the interconnected story of Jessie Middleton-- a six-year old earth pony filly prodigy, Wild Growth-- an earth pony mare with powers larger than life, and Tonya Blessing-- a pegaus mare seeking a simple family life while married to a Machiavellian mayor. Powerful magic, social upheaval, and demented foes are about to bring the city of Riverview to its knees, and these three will need to defend their friends and families.

Trigger warning notes: some mild body horror, severe mental illness, life threatening situations, mild profanity

Cover art by Cosmic Eclipse

Editing done by: Lawra, Cosmic Eclipse, and the Alias_The_J

Chapters (27)
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Comments ( 261 )

I know this is six years later and things change, but so many questions.

so much to think about, so many ways this story can go. so many questions.
yep this is going to be a awesome ride.

Wild about agreed before her sister came back. "Sorry, sorry. The foals were trying to make off with Phobia's contribution to dinner tonight. Actually, they did make off with part of it, but Phobia anticipated it and made extra. You better eat your share; tarantulas aren't cheap!"

I'm sorry. Telling me that they're expensive isn't going to any more interested in eating them.

Does Jessie and Robby's insult match count as throwing racial slurs at one another?

It wouldn't be all bad though. Wild Growth was going to be there! Her mom sometimes worried about how much she liked to talk about Wild Growth, but that's only because her mom focused too much on Wild Growth's partying. Her mom almost completely ignored all the great things Wild Growth did all the time. Wild Growth had the right to have fun because she was the greatest earth pony there ever was.

Seems like even if she's fangirling over Wild Growth, that there are still too many repeats of the name without some variation. Could use this paragraph to give the reader some more actual things Wild Growth has done setting up her arrival and why she's such a huge deal that people are trying to kill her.

"Daydreamer, in Latin," she replied with a grin and flick of her tail. Her Latin wasn't great, she'd only read the first year textbook, but she had learned that one just to get one over on her brother. He was the one that started it anyway, using Spanish on her last time when he knew she didn't know Spanish.

It's curious that she's dedicating time to learning latin with the setting and her limited time, having already expressed displeasure at how long it took to process things through reading. Wouldn't Spanish be more useful so her brother didn't have that over her and that she seems to have a circle of family who use it?

"I'm assuming since we're calling in the delegates that it's gone well," Wild replied. She was actually eager to hear about this, but didn't want to rush to the subject. "Is it a hundred percent ready?"

This section feels like it might have a little more emotional hook if Wild is worried more about her mother's condition before she gets into whether or not the magic test worked, or how she's a wild party mare.

The Latin part comes down to science and math nerd. She is focused on what she feels is useful to her goals and has to have a language class. Being able to communicate with others she sees as less useful than understanding Latin terms in science.

Well I wonder how many foals Wild Growth has if she has had at least one unplanned pregnancy? I get the feeling that this is going to be getting dark if they are trying to force changes in which tribe you are or are forcing the change.

Aaaaand we're off! This is going to be a very interesting turn of events and I can’t wait to see where things go!

You said it. I gotta read this when I have time.

This is an excellent start to the story. While I have a bunch of questions, I'm sure that they'll be answered later.

It's a good first chapter, but I'm not sure whether Megan's dreamwalk happened while she was a pony, or after she was turned back into a human. Maybe you could be a little more explicit on this point?

I'll make an edit to clarify, but it happened while a pony. She was a pony when they knocked her out and she went into a dreamwalk while in that form. She appeared in the dream realm as a human though.

Edit: small paragraph added after Megan asks about the Dreamwardens.

From the talk Number gave her, this is the first time.

I'm more curious about what the tatooing and Yinyu's Blessing mean, and what caused the peer pressure. Because on the surface that sounds like racism is alive and well even among the ponies Sunset created to be in sync with one another. Which in turn makes me wonder how the Shimmerists are responding to all of this.

That wing markings thing is an interesting way to deal with the problem but I think it will be bad in the long run. Now I wonder how this will spiral out of control on Sunset?

wild better be careful VD is real .

I have a feeling that if Sunset Shimmer had lived the night ponies would have tracked her down and murdered her. She really did a number on their tribe. I'm guessing she had her own racist views of night ponies mixed in with how she programmed their instincts and the way she messed up with the gender imbalance mixed with the overly aggressive nature has made them into a society that has women fighting violently for men. That doesn't even get into the stuff Phobia mentioned about them thinking the Dreamwardens' treatment of them was proper. I lean heavily towards racist view because Phobia mentioned there were far more non-night pony mind magic users than there should have been, and that makes me think she didn't even trust the night ponies as controllers of the population (if she intended on there being controllers) and felt the need to distribute their mind magic ability around to other tribes. If I was a night pony in this situation I would want to beat the crap out of Sunset Shimmer.

On a completely unrelated note Jordan is so cute I want to eat her up!

wow so much to just think about so much going on inside this family.
a grate chapter totally amassing.

The friend making and learning how to be social will help her a lot and not turn her into someone like Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory.

"Wellest Thanksgiving ever!"

Haha! I love that line.

Can't wait for more! The foal race gave me almost fatal sugar rush! :rainbowkiss:

Question: it seems that I have stumbled into a story that has backstory to it, namely the other Pandemic stories by the same author. I feel like there is enough explained in this story to go forward, but do I necessarily need to read the others to understand what is going on?

Question 2: (pardon my ignorance) what does SoL mean?

SoL= slice of life.

You should be able to infer enough reading the story to not have much problem understanding what is going on. This story is several stories into the series with most of the characters having extensive backstories at this point. Understanding those backstories is helpful, but I think there is enough context clues to understand what's going on without that. If you aren't confused about the concept of what's going on at this point you'll probably be fine.

To give some quick notes to help understand a few things without having to read through a million words of content or spoiling too much if you choose to read those stories.

This is an alternate universe story that had a very different Sunset Shimmer who was responsible for the transformation of of large numbers of humans to ponies six years before in an failed attempt to convert the entire planet to ponies. That's probably the main background you need to know coming in. A lot of the other things like the Dreamwardens you can probably pick up enough clues to understand in this story. They are a a lot different in this story than previous ones which happened years before and they were much more threatening in. This means you'll be getting a more favorable view of them than many readers who read previous stories and understand them by their past appearances, and may not understand the full anger that is directed at them by characters in story and other readers. Past readers and yourself will both be learning the current status quo with them in this story so this is new to them as well. The term night pony is just another term for bat pony that the original author preferred and has been carried over to following stories.

Edit: Pandemic: Aftermath is another major main story in the universe that is currently in progress. It is set six years before and six months after the original pandemic outbreak. A few characters from this story are referenced in it, but it takes place mainly in Colorado with a different cast.

Okay, so unicorns know how to teleport on Earth now,, but you have to have a license to do it. It is also tied to emergency workers as well? I guess that is why she couldn't pass her test, if you can't teleport far enough you are useless as an emergency worker.

Phobia still can't help but be scary to others. Did you really need to fake her out like that Phobia?

Kind of sad seeing Devon go the Shimmerist route, but it makes sense from a character point of view. She always had a feeling like she should have transformed too and she is in the city that is awash with Shimmerist propaganda.

I still want to just eat Jordan up, she's so cute and sweet!

Gotcha. For the time being, I can fill in the blanks, but when I get the time, I'll pop my head in to take a look at the original. I think it gives a me little advantage too, since the main character is Jessie (she is thrown into this world that has its complexities already). She probably knows more than me about this universe, but still has a lot to learn. (I guess what I'm saying is that I'll learn alongside the protagonist). I'm rooting for her to become a brilliant scientist! :pinkiesmile:

Again, love the story! We'll see where it take us!

Are there any images of the characters as they look now?

I'll look into getting some. Been unemployed a few months now and paying to have an artist come up with that many pictures can get costly, even with very simple pictures.

Edit: Tonya, Amanda, Tom, Sunset Blessing, and Number Crunch the old pics should work out for since they've changed little in appearance. I'll see what I can do for the rest. Looking into Jessie, Wild, Phobia, Rosetta, Jackie, Jordan, Robby, Charlotte, Alfie, Tabby, Tattered Wing, Jean, and Poly Glot (who will be introduced soon. All these have significant changes or in the case of some no previous pics.

wow i am hopping Velvet will be ok.

Problem with anti-depression medicine (I take Welbatron) is that sometimes out of the blue they make your condition worse, I choosed wellbatron cause it has the least side effects.

And this people is why you tell the truth about your medications and the people, or in this case the ponies, check themselves if any medication is being used. A simple check would have caught this and now questions are going to be asked that are not going to be comfortable.

This was such a suspenseful chapter, really kept me on the edge of my seat towards the end!

The government seems to have gone full in on support of Sunset Blessing. That's a lot of stuff she has going on down there. It's like asking which doomsday scenario is going to happen because there are so many options.

stared upwards at the paper mache planets - papier-mâché

Rainbow Bright - Rainbow Brite

Is the PREQUES scale linear or logarithmic?

It follows the similar type of scale as earthquakes. So it is logarithmic, with each point being about ten to fifteen times stronger than the last. There is a huge difference between a pony at a 4 and a pony at an 8. A 5 is roughly ten times stronger than a 4, a 6 would be one hundred times as strong as a 4, a 7 would be a thousand times stronger than a four, and an 8 would be ten-thousand times stronger than a 4. The government typically assigns Celestia a 10, Luna a 9.5, and Twilight a 9, and the Elements of Harmony (the actual items) an 8.5---these are all based on speculation by the government though. Crystal ponies trying to get a read on Twilight and Luna might describe their magic as an endless sea that they can't possibly gauge. They have similar reactions to Wild Growth with only a vague idea that it isn't nearly as big as Twilight or Luna's. This is how Wild got her 8 designation. The measuring of magic by the PREQUES scale is highly unreliable once you get beyond the 4 or 5 range just because of the scale of power. It doesn't mean the person actually uses this much power or knows how to make use of their full power, it is more an estimation of their maximum output.

When he was first found it was after a string of missing foal reports in Houston. They found him dissecting them...some of them were still alive."

Jesus Christ Sunset what the hell.

This was one of the most genuinely unsettling moments in the story so far for me. Possibly in any story so far for that matter.

Parasprites, a Psychopath, the black sphere, the live sample of ETS...

I have a feeling that something in Sunset's lab will go extremely wrong and will release this things to the world and this is going to end in a new ETS outbreak and chaos.

Btw, I'm pretty curios about that black sphere. Could it be that this is a devourer, just in a inactive or early state?

I guess we can only hope that Sunset's security measures keep all the bad stuff in and away from everyone else.

:heart: grate chapter with so much info.
the story is really coming together.

She'd 9nly learned of that today and the thought of it made her shiver


Sunset Blessing is going full Sunset Shimmer. So who else will she drag down with her and how will she harm the government with her plans?

night pony foals are expected to be wide open and show respect and clean up when done .....sigh if only human parents could learn this lesson

tempest is now within her element although she would never admit it

I do have the feeling that maybe the whole Earth needs to be evacuate to Equestria, if one of Sunset's plans goes wrong.

I also still think that the black sphere from the last chapter is a young Devourer.

I have the feeling that Jessie, Jacky, Jordan and the demons are going to be the Earth equivalent of the Mane 6.

Jessie is pretty much like Twilight before she got sent to Ponyville. She is only focused on her studies and doesn't cares much about friends. But now she realizes that friends are good aswell.

Jordan (correct if I'm wrong) is shy like Fluttershy and she feels weak sometimes just like Fluttershy. I couldn't see more similarities.

Jackie could be the Earth equivalent of Rainbow Dash, because she seems pretty fast for her young age. I mean she also was a missile when she was still a baby.

The demons all act more like Pinkie Pie with their hyperactive way of life. But I do think that they do bear some similarities with AJ and Rarity that we just didn't noticed yet. Or they have the same personalities like them, which would also allow them to bear the Elements of Harmony.

I'm pretty curios about the role of those 6 in this Fanfiction.

this is a grate story take all the time you need friend.

what she was supposed to he doing


Someplace they can wander around with specially stores.


I'm really interested in seeing how Tom and Amanda's transformations go, hopefully not too bad now that they're limiting the time spent transformed. Jessie and Wild's sections were fun to read, and it's nice to see some more slice of life after all the suspense we've gotten. Good luck with the new job!

dang this chapter rocks, so much going on so much to think about.

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