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The Dimension Traveler


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Oooh the dram! My Friend! You going down the Darkety Dark oh boy. :pinkiehappy: Good Work my good man. On to write my own tale!

It's a shame we can only have 3 blue tags. I demand more diversity for our blue tags! Also I am the Master of All Evil, of course I'd go down the Darkety Dark. :pinkiecrazy:

You do dark and emotion well, I have high hopes for this sequel. Though now I need a hug...

It's going to get worse before it gets better. I'll start up a stockpile of hugs for when the really heavy stuff hits.

Was not quite expecting this so soon, great start, cant wait to see where this goes from here. I have high hopes, especially from the previous story.
Why do I feel as though this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4Q468F2dac will be very relevant throughout a lot of this?

suggestion for the name they'll eventually adopt. Harmonia Symmetry Sparkle

So far so good keep it coming you got a very original idea here

I just wonder if Starlight will manage to Time Travel and if TomLight will use the time travel to try to undo the fusion

Calming Draught and Dreamless Sleep? Has Discord been raiding Madam Pomfrey's potions stock again?

Nice start but I wonder, what would their new name now if the fused soul changes wants to change it or keep it.

There may or may not be some of that, but the fusion ain't a Chosen One. That was Twilight's shtick.

No one is happy with the Tree at the moment. It was her machinations that ended with them in this situation. The last thing the fusion wants is to sound like they're the lovechild of Octavia and the Tree. The fusion will explain the reasoning for the name I've chosen next chapter.

It's been quite some time since I've heard this song, but I can't deny it's fairly appropriate.

No, Time Travel will not help the fusion. As will be brought up later, The Body and the Mind may be bound by the passage of time, but The Soul cares not for the silliness that is the spacetime continuum.

Yes, because not even Discord is brave enough to steal directly from Severus' personal stock. :moustache:

i agree that it would likly not help them but when they do need to seporate or want to would time travel be a good choice in looking for a way to distinguish the two? like im sure they will need some way to tell who is who and a scan of their soul's before hand would help wouldnt it?

it will be interesting to see how they react to everything and how the fusion will react to the tree now as it seems that both tom and twilight werent as amused at the tree as they could be and with how the fusion knows the tree could have helped all that time and just didnt untill it was too late... i think the tree needs to actuly talk to the ponys now more then ever espesily after it has probebly relised just how much it has messed up

It's kinda messy. If they tried to travel into the past to get a read on Tom and Twilight's individual Souls, the result would be something like a reverse bootstrap paradox. Again, Souls don't adhere to the linear passage of Time. I suppose it works something like Schrodinger's Cat in that as soon as a Soul is observed in one state it becomes nearly impossible to observe its other possible states. Discord has Observed the fusion's Soul and inadvertently sent ripples down the Timeline which would affect any time traveler's perception of Tom and Twilight's Souls. Any attempts to recreate Tom and Twilight's Souls using that data would NOT end well.

There are ways around this and the Doctor will explain more in detail later on, but for now, no one has access to the method of time travel needed to observe Tom and Twilight's Souls as individual Souls.

that is messy so in this situation from the present looking back any god or other observer would have seen toms soul as a part of a greater whole? is that right?

I'm trying to be exceedingly careful with the Tree. She is supposed to be Discord's opposite in all things. Where he is extremely active, she is supremely passive. You also have to consider that while Discord has come around to seeing things from a mortal perspective, thanks in no small part to Fluttershy, the Tree has had no such breakthrough. Discord will tell us something of the Tree's thought process soon. I am certain you aren't going to like it, but again, the Tree is a Greater Spirit, not a mortal, so won't consider things as you or I do. Point of fact, she's more likely to think along the lines of a Great Old One than any mortal.

She will almost certainly speak directly to them before the end of Shattered Souls. I'm not 100% certain what she'll say. Depends if Discord can convince her to pull her head out of her crystalline ass between now and then. It's not outside the realm of possibility that she takes up a more active avatar to interact directly with the bearers of the Elements she was given.

That's the gist of it. There are certain beings that would be helpful in the endeavor, but then it becomes a question of finding out which ones can help, tracking them down, and then convincing them to actually do something useful instead of just laughing in their faces. So this is an unlikely avenue for getting Tom and Twilight back.

Will give it a like and, add to read later list because why not.

i just had a thought the fusion is going to have to deal with both tom and twilights built up emotions on things they couldent express before due to them never being alone

We know that but... Do they know it?

They'll know it by the end of the Rainbow Rocks chapter. The Doctor will be making an appearance and he'll explain a thing or two. I might also suggest tissues for that scene. I've gotten teary eyed myself just thinking about how I'm going to write that scene. It'll take place just after Duskfall returns to Equestria after stopping the Sirens.

wow i really like how this is going it shows not everything goes as plan

Nice name but what would the Starlight Glimmer episode look like now. Would Dusk take the passive-aggressive approach, the passive approach, or the aggressive approach? Ahhhh; the chaos and yet it ain't Discord's.

The best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry.

You'll just have to wait for the chapter to come out to see. :raritywink:

from the way your describing this is seems that your saying that while the souls fused the mind fragmentid into the diffrent bits which made tom and twilight. if the tree is actualy thinking like a distent chessmaster then its likly that the tree will either try "salvage" magic or test her but im guessing dusk wont be too happy about that and if the tree was careless enough to have the fusion happen in the first place what other things it has planned could go badly off track especialy with rainbow rocks soon. on the bright side with both tom and twilights skills and knolage at her disposal she should be in a good spot to figure out how to save tom and twilight or at least bring the tree down to her so she can knock some sense into it. it wouldnt supprise me if she falt out rigged up something to the tree to drain it so she would have the power to fix the mess

Well, I honestly expected more explicatives... meh. I suppose that will be resolved later.

Filly, you've got a long, hard road ahead. My advice? When you've got more issues than a comic shop; get all the help you can handle, and hold on for the ride... it's gonna be bumpy.

While having Dusk drain the Tree for every drop of power sounds like a good idea, Dusk is going to be a bit gun shy with phenomenal cosmic power for some time to come. Otherwise her overwhelming desire to have Tom and Twilight back might push her to steal the other Alicorn's Magic, which would be...problematic.

You are correct. The Souls are fused, but Tom and Twilight's Minds were basically put in a blender and only pulsed a few times. There are still chunks of Tom and Twilight's cognitive functions floating around in Dusk's head. Not enough to do anything like reconstruct a personality, but enough that she's already having major issues separating what thoughts are hers, which ones are Tom or Twilight's, and which ones are birthed of all three.

it was that or one other... but i wasn't sure if 'angels among us' was good

I only added the profanity tag because Duskfall is gonna have a pretty filthy mouth and I don't know how much swearing is allowed before the profanity tag becomes necessary.

As for Dusk accepting help... she's gonna need a swift kick in the cootch before she even thinks about that. Right now her thought process is something along the lines of: "I shouldn't exist, therefore I shouldn't get help".

Fortunately the Elements, Discord, Luna, Chrysalis, and the rest of Ponyville aren't about to let Dusk fester in her own nihilistic brain juices. Celestia may or may not be there too, but it's probably going to be too painful for her to be near Duskfall for a while.

PS: Moon Dancer is honorary Element, forgot to include her in the list. Just roll with it. :pinkiecrazy:

I'm looking forward to where all of this goes.

Sooo. Human violent tendencies and Twiggles intelligence, probably with Tom's acting skill? If so This will be very interesting to see....

Expect this face to make an appearance more than once when Dusk thinks no one is looking. cdn-img.fimfiction.net/story/j88j-1594575490-472762-full

“Pinkie, I am not taking on the name of Twilight’s Fallen Persona. That’s almost as bad as taking Twilight’s name flat out,” The fusion denied.

Did I miss something, or did the Friendship Games already happen? Twilight went pony Midnight Sparkle? Or are you not paying attention to your own stories?

I still won't touch the first, because you fucked up beyond repair by having a random human dude, instead being original and have it be a girl, get stuck with Twilight.

I do like this story at least.

i agree with what you said about dusk that always felt to girly for a gender bent name for twilight i much prefer dawn.

ohh Duskfall is a better name choice than i had.... also "Twilight's Fallen Persona" So Twi did had a goth/emo phase before already? XD

Now with Tom's memories Duskfall will instantly call Starlight out in the cutie map episode "Are you a communist?!"

Pinkie has called each of the Alicorns by a fallen name: Nightmare Moon, Solar Flare, Midnight Sparkle, and Heart Breaker. Then Tom and Twilight kinda ran with it in an exploration of Carl Jung psychology. Like how Twilight is the Maiden, Celestia the Mother, and Luna the Crone kinda stuff. Silver Quill has a video on it, if you haven't seen it before. It was a fun way to spend an afternoon. That Sci Twi will later call her own Shadow Midnight Sparkle has no bearing on Pinkie calling Princess Twilight the same. It is simply a name in keeping in line with Equestrian naming conventions with a suitable ominous tinge for giving one's Shadow a name.

Pinkie might even be inclined to give all the Elements Fallen Names as well: Dark Glamour, Plague Seed, Sundown Slayer, Sky Fury, and Cupcakes (Just because Pinkie is a 4th wall breaking hacker)

However, she's only given such names to the Alicorns at the moment because they're far more likely to fall prey to their inner Darkness with the power to make it a physical manifestation on the world. With Great Power comes Great Responsibly, but absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Starlight isn't technically a communist, despite her little cult displaying some communistic iconography. "From each according to ability, to each according to need". By equalizing all ability, Starlight is actually spitting directly in the face of one of the facets of communism. Also, Starlight is the dictator of her cult. Technically communists believe in a stateless, classless existence where no one is above anyone else. The only one with power should be the government and everyone is part of the government. There are other nuances that put Starlight's ideology apart from communism, but I doubt you want to read a full dissertation.

As a student of History, Tom would be very much aware of these subtle differences, even if Dusk might kneejerk and call someone a dirty commie.

That makes more sense. Not the names of course (except Midnight Sparkle and Nightmare Moon of course), but the rest does.

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