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yamgoth highjacks Foamy's blogpost and then interspecies shipping. · 12:19am Feb 22nd, 2015

Greetings, fellow sufferers!

Here, have a shipping pic.


pterrorgrine made a rather interesting comment on one of FOME's blogs.

The sexuality one could be interesting, but I kind of don't want you to post it because I'd comment on it in excessive detail and then feel embarrassed about it.

My comment was meant to ease him out of his perceived shyness and to make legendary, long winded, and embarrassing hilarious comments. I mean, I do that now and again.

Dude, I say stupid, embarrassing shit all the time, and I don't worry too much about it. Someone out there prolly gets a laugh of whatever I say. Then again, being comedic is usually the secondary or even primary goal when I post. So perhaps what I say is not calming you at all... hmm...

Than I was going to poke fun at him because lol. However, the first thing to come to mind wasn't really making fun of him at all. Perhaps a bit embarrassing, but prolly far from it.

Terror Falcon, I now ship you with >> Themaskedferret :3 It totally works. You can fly her places and she can take pictures of places you can't get into because you're too big. Especially tunnels, for long ferret bodies are made for tunnels.

It happened because awkward shipping is funny, it was getting close to Valentine's Day (boo! Valentine's Day r teh suxorz!) and maskedferret just happened to comment earlier, and she's usually cool with these kind of things.

I then managed to commission Magello while he was drunk or something and chatting inebriatedly on the Seattle's Angel's Skype group. It took a bit of prodding over the course of a week to get him to actually do it, though. Apparently, birds are really hard to draw.

I guess this proves that you should ship, however you might be feeling at the moment because random. Feeling melancholic? Ship some users. Feeling disgruntled? Ship some users. Tired and forlorn? Ship some damn users. Confused? Ship some users. Scared Slenderman is about to rip out your appendix, place it carefully in a sammich bag, and then nonchalantly shove it back into your abdomen, bag and all? Well, ship some users. It won't be as painful (maybe).

So yeah, Terror Falcon x Themaskedferret is a thing. A forced thing, but a thing. Y'know they'll get along, one being a weasel and the other being a raptor bird that eats small, soft, warm things.

You be on top. I'm lazy; there's no way I'm going to the effort of grasping something I'm not planning to eat.
-pterrorgrine, being a gentlefalcon.

Stop being adorably antagonistic, you two. You're starting to make me ship it.
-Foamy, pretty much approving this ship.

Y'know, one time I proposed Foamy x Themaskedferret ship. I think all this would make for an interesting love triangle meta fic *hint hint nudge*

So, my fellow sufferers, what other users would you ship because they seem too friendly with each other, are frenemies, or it'd be as randomly chuckle worthy as shipping Winona and Tiberius, Luna's pet opossum?


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Comments ( 4 )

Well, now I'm pretty much going to have to follow you, if only so I can know when you're bragging about your various exploits. :raritywink:

That pic is adorable.

Is that Potential Albatross alongside them?

There will be more, if I get things to work out.

And I have done quite a few long, inappropriate, hilarious comments that may or may not be social commentary that are bragabble nonsense. Like this.

This Albatross? Wow, my actions are unexpectedly causing more users to be plugged than I intended. I think I plug like five people in this.

Nature's copying us:
Except apparently that mustelid is trying to eat that avian, hence the latter's... less than romantic expression. (Apparently it got away.) Here's the Reddit thread where I saw this and here's an article linked to therein explaining where the picture came from.

Thanks again for commissioning this. I've had a portrait drawn before, but never fanart.

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