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So I've been knitting... · 2:56am Dec 15th, 2020

I've started this blog post too many times. I'm really bad at self promotion and such but basically here's a link. If folks want to say nice things, I appreciate it.

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Doing this meme going around · 3:56pm Oct 17th, 2020

Stolen shamelessly from TNAB and Jake. And I always got a kick out of doing these and learning more abut friends. Very nostalgic feeling to do one again.

1. What's the story behind your name?

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I'm not dead · 11:34pm Jun 4th, 2020

I'm very sick. I'm working on it with my doc and my healthcare team.

Black lives matter so goddamn much.

I'm up in Canada and I still know this.

Yes, I'm probably preaching to the choir, but right now I do not have the time or the energy to explain why you're wrong. Find someone else.

Sign the petitions if nothing else. Make the phone calls or donations if you can. Find more all over the net but feel free to start here

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Anyone need an EFNW Room? · 3:24pm Dec 13th, 2019

All is well. Hail the great and powerful FoME. but seriously gang, be warned. If you book through the consite, you don't get refunds.

Because I was planning on going but life happened.

And uh, I can't get a refund.

Since I booked through the con they took my money and now it's theirs, in their hoard and I'm fucked.

They have kindly offered to let me transfer the room to someone else and have them repay me.

But otherwise I'm out over a thou, and that kinda stings.

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Let's show Dancer some love. · 7:30pm Jul 6th, 2019

Hey gang,
i'm sure you all know the lovely and talented Midnight Dancer, if you don't, now the time to fix that! She makes deliciously scented soaps, writes cool stories and is the parent to best child.

She's also marrying an amazing individual who makes her happy beyond her wildest dreams.

As we know, weddings, even when you keep them small, are a bit pricey and starting a new home can cost too.

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Plum info he isn't to read · 9:21pm Feb 28th, 2019

This is your final warning, Plem, go 'way

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Ponyboots are historical fact. · 1:24am Aug 27th, 2018

Thank you Vinland and archeologists. Field schools are so cool.

Also Aquaman is doing cool shit. People less ill than me have been linking all over. Why aren't you following them?


Fanfiction Studies! · 9:24pm Jun 12th, 2018

Hey gang, I've found yet another cool individual who'd like to do a study on how people consume and write fanfiction. They're studying at UCLA for the MFA (So many letters!) and could use some insight.

Check it out here and try and signal boost a bit too. Cuz c'mon, we deserve to be known for the awesome talented people we are!

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A British Gentleman Contests again! · 12:02am May 20th, 2018

As the title states, the always exceptional A British Gentleman is running another Rare Prompt contest. The prompt: "A Stallion on Earth"

Get on it folks!


Contests · 2:20pm Apr 12th, 2018

While I am fighting off my continued illness, I am sustained by exellent stories. A British Gentleman (a soul of much repute) has proposed a contest to increase the number of rare stories on the site.

Link is here and he could use both entrants and judges.

The prize will be a story review and as you know, he des very very good reviews.