prac-tice [prak-tis] noun
1. Habitual or customary performance; operation: office practice.
2. Habit; custom: It is not the practice here for men to wear long hair.
3. Repeated performance or systematic exercise for the purpose of acquiring skill or proficiency: Practice makes perfect.
4. Condition arrived at by experience or exercise: She refused to play the piano, because she was out of practice.
5. The action or process of performing or doing something: to put a scheme into practice; the shameful practices of a blackmailer.

With practice, you can expect to improve at whatever skill you're working towards developing. Even if you feel you're ill-equipped or lacking in talent, the repetition of exercise will undoubtedly result in progress, whether remarkable or incremental. It is important to remain steadfast and focused throughout any creative exertion, as therein remains the truest growth.

If you'd like to participate in fun writing exercises, you've come to the right place! We're all fledglings in the literary field, and even as fanfiction goes, there's always room to improve when attempting to convey a meaningful written message - we're all hopeful to produce the next great pony work, and there's hundreds of reknown pieces we've read and adored.

Imagine if you were the author of one of those notable pieces. You really should - you're already there! All you need to do is hone the necessary skills: learn, listen, and repeat over and over again. To truly recognise your personal voice, you have to converse with yourself ad infinitum. It's tough, it is embarrassing, and it will pull you in all sorts of emotional directions.

This is where you can do that. This is where we want to learn along with you, celebrate the effort, and cheer you on. You will find a spark of brilliance, and eventually create a wonderful story that, upon publishing, shall forever be archived in our "Winning" folder, for the rest of us to quietly hate you for succeeding appreciate and enjoy!

Come and join us, won't you?

"I've been working on a million works of art - had my mind made up, had a change of heart."

- Twifight Sparkill, Idiot Matriarch.

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Anyone can post prompts, requests for assistance, etc so go crazy :pinkiesmile:

Assuming I understood correctly and this is a place for prompts, this is gonna be fun. Hopefully I'll get to know you guys/be much more active.

I think group is like a place for prompts and such, right?

If true, then, BRING IT! :rainbowdetermined2:

Otherwise, I... eh... :moustache: It was my twin who misunderstood, yeah... :scootangel:

Let's devour the world together.

I get Australia. It tastes like shrimp.

We have fun here.


:pinkiehappy: - HELLO HAT!

:twilightoops: - ... good gravy, must you be so loud!?

:pinkiesmile: - I think the answer is pretty obvious, really.


Hello :yay:


Thank you, Phazon. At least I can rest well knowing the idea of the group is sound. Now I have to go to bed.

Thanks for joining. Write something! I'd love to read your ten minute test!

Yeah, it looks fine. It conveys the aim of this group well enough, from what I can tell.


I just redid the group credo, sort of, at the top of this page. I've read it five times - is it okay? Does it make sense?

I can't go further into any other details, as I'm completely ruined right now, but let me know if this makes a lick of sense.

I want to contribute somehow during my... lacking, as it were. This is a flailing attempt at helping myself and anyone else. Is it even fathomable? I hope so.

Prolific? You call me that at a time when the writing for my stories has (once again) ground to a frustrating halt. By now, you've probably had plenty of time to read through that crossover story of mine you favorited, (even though you haven't left comments) and I still haven't released a new chapter for it. Frankly, if there's any author on this site who I'd describe as prolific, it'd be Regidar. Seriously, that guy writes a fuckton, including a recent April Fools' trollfic sequel to one of my favorite stories here.

As for what to do with this group, I'm not sure how much I can help. Really, I'm only a co-admin for one Fimfic group, and even then, that group has very little activity (Member status can be changed by group admins by clicking on the Members button at the top, btw. You can change members to admins, contributors, or ban them). It all depends on what you wanted to do with this group/what you wanted it to be when you started it in the first place.


No, heck no. However, you MAY enjoy yourself here, and be a member of yet ANOTHER achingly dull club if you so choose.

New clubs are always dull.

I am hoping that there'll be something worthwhile here in the way of an idea factory, hm? Let's see what happens, at the very least. As a prolific writer and artisan yourself, mayhaps you could ... help me? As in I have almost no idea what to do in a group? With contributing suggestions? I could empower you, apparently... there's a way to set group mods, right?



Do I have to?

Welcome, one and all. Die with me, as with each passing moment we grow closer to the beginning of our mortal ebb.

Delight in the inevitable death we all share - it'll be fun. I'll serve peach margaritas and spinach salads.

C'mon. Do it.

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