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So, this is a thing now.


Anyway, this place? It's the ironically-named "Hub" of the Muffinverse, which are usually being written by this dude. What makes a Muffinverse story, you may ask? Well, for a start, they gotta be Free-Written. Y'know, that shtick where you write stuff constantly without taking a break? Yeah, that one. Also, they have to be at least kinda funny. And random. And junk.

Good ol' Derpy Hooves (but we like to call her "The Derps") might be the star of the original, but oh, there are LOTS of ponies in this 'Verse that want a shot at stardom. So expect the unexpected, gentlepeoples. We got ponies, you got time. Why not take a load off, and celebrate with a muffin or twelve? (Might I suggest the bubblegum flavor?)

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