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This group is formally dedicated to all things beard. From the shortest goatee to the mightiest facerug, all are welcome. Even those with peachfuzz may join, so that they may be guided onto the true path of hairdom.

Praise based Obs, our glorious prophet. May his facial hair guide us all into the welcome folicles of Beard Heaven.

I regret nothing

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All shall tremble at the mention of my three toned beard! Which is also natural!

Comment posted by Thesaucyone deleted Jul 4th, 2014

I have chin hair. It's all very fine and pale, so you can't really see it. Sometime, over the past ten years, I acquired this single dark hair that stands out, and I normally pluck it, when I notice its return. Recently, I seem to have gained a second one.

I'll stop plucking them, maybe.

Even if not, I'm with all of you in spirit, and I offer myself as the other kind of beard too. Viva la beardiness! :ajsmug:

Also, my avatar helps me blend in around here. Discord has best canon beard! I will fight everyone to the death who says otherwise. :trollestia:

...ah fuck it, why not? :moustache:

may all your beards be glorious, mighty, hairy and uhm uh I don't know beardy


my beard, though short is close to twenty years old years – I am more than twice that age.

I seek the canon of the Beardligion: where is the philosophical hair of the dogma that defines our group consciousness? I wish to split hairs with those hairy, whether they be potters, krishnas or Belafontes.

So bring on the hair-brained rhetoric, let your hair down, take it on the hairy chin, and come poke the beard!

Is there a recommended length that is considered optimal for showing respect to the almighty beard?

Praise be to beard!

Obs you cant judge me I'm sixteen and haven't shaved yet,I'm trying to use wizard powers, duh

I shall grow beard.

I finally feel at home.
Two questions:
1)Do neckbeards count?
2)Do we have to prove our Beard faith with pictures?

Now I need to get dogtags stamped "ATHEIST/FSM/BRD.

I see the fine print on the group description. Good for you.

Bless you, my sons.

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