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For more details how you can help with 'FimficCollabs' send a private message to Flutterpriest


Welcome Back · 5:52pm August 3rd

While Jinglemas may still be quite far off, I hope you are all doing well! We've got a new story written by some folks in Fimfiction's "Writing-help" discord channel as well as Barcast's "collab-posting" channel. There's lots of places where you can start and join collabs on fimfiction. All you have to do is keep your eyes open. :twilightsmile:

Keep your calendars open in Late October when we will be sharing details of this year's Jinglemas collab!



What is FimficCollabs?

FimficCollabs is a "Master Alt" on Fimfiction that is used to help organize mass site wide collaborations that follow the rules of Fimfiction.net. It is in no way affiliated with Fimfiction Staff, but rather is a community outreach to foster our small community.

For more information on what collabs we are currently sponsoring or helping to run, be sure to check our blog!

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