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The FimficCollabs User is Done · 10:31pm Jan 2nd, 2020

Or, rather, I should say is becoming inactive.

We've had an exciting 3 weeks on Fimfiction, and I have no doubt that everyone who has followed this alt has questions about where the future will go from here. Well, I'm here to provide some details.

1. The FimficCollabs user has no purpose according to the current rules of Fimfiction. But Jinglemas/JingleClop and other site events are NOT over.

2. The users that made this alt work were Petrichord and Flutterpriest. Shared accounts are against the rules of Fimfiction, so now the account is in the sole possession of Flutterpriest, and it's previous story has been transferred to Flutterpriest.

3. The home for Jinglemas and Jingleclop are going to be it's groups. Petrichord and Flutterpriest will continue to run the event under their Main accounts. If you'd like blog related updates, please follow those accounts or join the respective group.

4. This account is unable to host stories for people who would like to have a third-party host their collabs, in the event that no one user gets credit.

Based on the events of the past 3 weeks, as well as Flutterpriest's experience on fimfiction, feel free to check out his guide on his page here: How to Make An Effective Contest, Collab, or Site Event on FimFiction. He's open to feedback, and is simply interested in helping make these sort of events more prominent in the future, assure their success, and ensure the health of our community.

This will be the last blog by this user, as well as the last time it will likely be logged into. Flutterpriest and Petrichord are now admins of the groups that FimficCollabs started, and there's going to be more awesomeness to come. Be sure to keep your eyes open for site blog posts when an event that would normally be ran by this alt may occur, or Petrichord and Flutterpriest's blogs.

Thank you all for your patience and love through Jinglemas 2019, and get hype for the events we have planned in 2020!

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