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4 months after Miles saved Harlem from the Tinkerer, the underground are still active as they start to commit crimes in Harlem. in one fatal accident, Miles was caught in an explosion that caused him to be sent to another world where he would discover new things, friendship, maybe even love.

join in to read the story of Miles morales true believers
for it is his TIME!!!

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Ok. A lot of details, but I will sit and wait to see where this goes.

I'm interested, I'd like to see where this goes.

yeah sorry for adding too much detail into it. I'll try to shorten it down a bit so it won't bore you guys that much.

like I said please tell me if there is anything you need me to fix up so I can improve and that I can make it better for you guys

Bore? Dude, this is the type of detail stories thrive on!

thank you very much ill try to keep you guys interested
letting you know that the next chapter will be coming out tomorrow or the day afterward so hang in there.

thank you and as always

Oh yes, I will definitely look forward to this, I hope you continue it Bro !!!:twilightsmile:

Still enjoying the story so far. It looks like you missed a couple of words here or there, like Twilight pulling out her phone to call for an ambulance. A bit of grammar here and there as well. All and all everyone does these kinds of things while typing. I've done it plenty of times myself.

Yay new chapter. It was worth the wait

Great chapter

When is the next chapter?

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