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Miles morales:Enter the pony verse - zaccc

join miles as he ventures in an alternate world that's full of magic

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chapter 1

chapter 1:WHAT THE F***

4 month after the battle at Roxxon

Miles pov


The only thing that can I say is this. BEST.FEELING.EVER. especially when it's night time.

Doing death-defying stunts, feeling the air rush by your face, feeling the adrenaline pumping through your veins and flow into your heart as I get closer and closer to the ground. It's one of the reasons why I love being spiderman. Just before I'm about to hit the ground, I shoot a strand of webbing towards one of the buildings as I start to ascend towards the sky while continuing the process as I go on my nightly patrol.

My name is Miles Morales and at this moment I'm New Yorks only spider-man. Peter is taking a break from being Spider-man for a bit so I'm taking over for him. This all happened about a year ago during the Martin Li event and Devils Breath. I was working at F.E.A.S.T. at that time when i got bitten by the spider that gave me these abilities. At first i didn't know what to do so i kept secret from others. One day i decided to tell Pete about what happened...well mostly showed him my powers by sticking my self to the ceiling of his apartment and what blew my mind was that peter was Spider-man like how cool is that being friends with SPIDER-MAN. After that i begged him to train me, to be like him a hero. It did take sometime to convince him, but eventually he agreed. At first he gave me a bunch of assignments for me to complete which got me confused about this whole Spider-man training thing but when he told me why it was important that was when i studied harder. You see you think that swinging throught the city is easy trust me it's not, you have to always think five steps ahead and calculate on where you are swinging to and when to let go and continue this momentum.

The only other person i told about my identity was my best friend Ganke. When i showed him he flipped out and passed out. It was when the third time he woke up he started asking some weird questions about my powers like "can i summon an army of spider" or "do you produce your own webs" which was really gross to think about. One day he asked if he can be my tech guy like a guy in a chair to guide me towards crime and help me hack into evil companies and make gadgets for me. At first i was reluctant because i didn't want to get him hurt or worse but eventually let him. Later on he made this app for me that would alert me when someone reports a crime in progess or when they need help with something which ended up being really helpful in the end, he even helped me make this new awesome suit when my other one got destroyed. Without him i guess i wouldn't know what to do.

As I survey the city I get a notification from the spider app that Ganke made for me to keep track of all criminal activity around the city along with a request from the people along with it as well (which is totally cool in every way) saying that the underground is causing a bit of a ruckus down in midtown. "Huh, so the underground still active? well not for long." I said as I made my way towards Midtown. As I grew closer to my destination I call Ganke to let him know of my situation.

"Hey, Ganke just letting you know that the underground is messing around down at Midtown. just tell my mom that I won't be home for a bit." i said as i spoke over the comms in my mask

"Sheesh, I thought these guys would break apart by now."

"Just what I was thinking, These guys just don't know when to quit do they?"

Guess not, don't worry man you got this."

"Thanks, man talk to you later."

As I hang up, I start to think about how this all started. How Roxxon was meant to be "Here for us" and how it made Phin the way she was. I couldn't blame her for what happened to Rick, he meant everything to her. Maybe just maybe, if I told her who I really was before then none of this would have happened. I still blame myself for not being able to save her, for not being strong enough. From that point on I vowed that I'll never let something like this happen to anyone else.

"Phin, I promise that your death won't be in vain. I'll make sure Roxxon won't hurt anyone else." I said aloud.

As I made my way through midtown my spider-senses kicked in just in time for me to dodge an incoming missile. I noticed that it was about to hit one of the buildings and that could cause a lot of property damage and hurt civilians in the process or even worse so out of instinct I shot out strands of webbing making sure that's it's wrapped up in a web blanket and threw it back towards the person who shot it at me. Landing on one of the buildings, I noticed that there were quite a lot of members of the underground surrounding me. some were aiming guns at me from different sides, big brutes that carried shields and large sledgehammers, they were even some that had swords and others that had their arms covered in large gauntlets that looked pretty cool but also painful as well.

"Hey, guys are we having a social gathering here? Well if we are let me introduce myself my name is spide..." I said before I was rudely interrupted by getting shot at by one of the members.

I dodged it in time while also shooting some webs to blind him. While he was stunned, I went for a web strike by shooting a strand of webs at him pulling myself towards and kicking him in the face which ended up with him being knocked out.

"You guy's do know how a social gathering is supposed to work right? Can't we talk about our problems like civilized people?" I asked as I got into a battle stance. The rest of the underground went into a battle stance as well as they were getting ready to pummel me to the ground.

"Nah, smashing you sound much better." one of them yelled as they all charged at me.

"well, so much for being friendly, guess I got to do it the fun way," I said as a small grin slowly crept on my face.

I crouched down and pulled back my right fist charging it up with venom shock waiting for the right moment. The members of the underground grow closer and closer and when they were close enough, I launched myself forward punching one of them which shocked him while also stunning others around him as well.

seeing this I used this to my advantage. As I saw an opportunity to strike a started to punch one of the guys or is it a girl? well anyway, I started my assault on them taking them out like flies while also using some quips that pete taught me to use in a fight while also using some of my own gadgets. i jumped on one of the gunman back and i used my venom shock to knock him out taking him out of the fight.

Just before they could attack me, I used my camouflage ability to evade them as i snuck up behind them while lightly tapping them on their shoulders or backs. They all looked confused as they felt something pass by them as they searched for me.

I sat on top of one of the attenas as i watched them search for me which was hilarious, but i had to wrap this up fast before anyone got hurt. I revealed myself to them and as they were a bout to begin their assault on me again i clicked my finger and they all got electrocuted while passing out one by one. I saw one of the members running away from the scene, but i needed answers so i webbed him him up and pulled him towards me

just before that I was going to question him I got punched incredibly hard in the back. I also think i cracked some parts in my back as well.

The force of the punch sent me flying across the street until my body hit a junction box which was incredibly painful in every way. i struggle to get back up as i try to get my bearings back together, but i noticed that the ground was shaking and people running from the disturbance as cars and trucks were being thrown in the air. Two care were headed towards my direction so using my speed, agility and spider sense i jumped through the passenger side of the car and exited throught the driver side and jumped on top of the other car and jumping off of it while doing a sommersault in mid air and landing gracefully on the ground. With this much destruction there is only one person that i know that can cause this much of a ruckus.


















ugh it had to be him out of all the villains in the world. I thought

"Ugh hey Rhino, can you just give me a minute? I just got think for a couple of seconds on how to beat you so i can wrap this up." I groaned as i started to think of ways to end this fight without having that much property damage and without hurting people in the process.

Just to give you a bit of info on who Rhino is his real name is Aleksei Sytsevich. A former mob enforcer, he became known as the Rhino after having an experimental combat suit grafted to his skin. After i defeated him...well more like embarrassing him by knocking him out in 10 seconds flat with my venon power a couple of times he has been obsessed with smashing me to bits which is getting kind of annoying because of all the property damage that he makes. Oh here is a photo of him if some don't know what he looks like.

He's a big fella i can tell you that, but as the saying goes. "The bigger they are, the harder they fall."

"HOW DISSAPOINTING, I THOUGHT YOU WOULD PUT UP MORE OF A FIGHT." Said rhino as he was getting ready to charge at me.

"Heh you know, that's what you said last time before i sent you off to Rykers. So how about it Aleksei? ready for another round of wild GOOSE?"








bad idea...me and my stupid mouth. I thought to myself

Rhino then charged at me at full speed which he fully intended to try and run me over, but i wouldn't let it happen. as he got closer i timed it perfectly and flipped over him and webbed myself on to him as i went on a little ride on the Rhino Express.

"HANG ON TIGHT TINY SPIDER." Rhino said as i was trying to steer him away from the civilians so he wouldn't hurt them. I Hanged on tightly as possible as Rhino continued his rampage throughout the city, the NYPD finally showed up and were right behind us. All i can say is that Jameson is gonna have a field day with this one.

"GET OUT OF HERE SPIDER MAN, YOUR GOING TO MKAE THINGS WORST." one of the officers called out on a megaphone.

"Man, I'm trying to help you guys stop him." i replied as i tried to figure out on how to stop Rhino.

We made our way to Brooklyn bridge and Rhino was running on the pathway where the civilians were walking. I saw that a baby carrige was rolling in the way and i had to act fast. Taking aim i shot two web-lines and pulled myself towards the carrige scooping it up carefully and moving out of the way right on time as Rhino came charging through.

"Thank you." The mother of the child said as she checked on her baby to see if it was alright.

"Your welcome." I said before shooting a web-line towards Rhinos face pulling myself in the process and punching him right in the jaw making him lose balance and fall on his back. I jumped into the air and charged up my venom power just enough to knock him out but he recovered fast and grabbed me in mid-air.

He slammed me on the ground a couple of times and then through me off the side of the bridge. I shot a web-line to save myself from plundering into the water and swung underneath the bridge. Using this to my advantage i surprised Rhino from behind as i swung around and kicked him in the back which sent him tumbling down towards the the road were the cars were driving. We both fell on to the road causing all the vehicles to suddenly stop and crash into each other. Luckily all the people got out of their vehicles just in time before Rhino picked one up and tried to smash it on me. I dodged it just on time by jumping out of the way, but Rhino caught me once again and threw me on the ground making my body bounce off the ground making him able to kick my body making go flying towards a truck. Thinking that it was over, Rhino came charging towards sending my body through the truck and destroying it in the process. My body hit the ground hard, grunting in pain as i rolled over trying to get back up. All i can say is that i am exhausted at this point clutching my sides as i could feel a couple of my ribs broken along with bits and pieces of my suit ripped off showing off a little bit of my skin, kind of ironic that im fighting Rhino on the same bridge that Pete fought him as well, but he one that battle and i don't think i can make it out of this one.

At this point the NYPD caught up to us while bringing in air support. All lights were shining down on me and Rhino as he gave out a victorious roar while banging his chest with his fists.

*News Reporter pov from the one of the choopers in the air*

"Betty Brant from the Daily Bugle reporting to you live at the scene, as we can see it looks like Rhino has defeated the new Spider-man that saved Harlem from the Underground 4 months ago. It doesn't look very good to be honest, there hasn't been any recent sightings of the original Spider-man anywhere. For all we know this could be the end for the famed hero of Harlem..."

*Miles pov

"HOW THE MIGHTY SPIDER-MAN HAS FALLEN. YOU HAVE FAILED TO SAVE THIS CITY FROM ME. JUST LIKE YOU FAILED TO SAVE YOUR PATHETIC FRIEND." Rhino taunted as he let loose a small chuckle which then led to a full blown laughter.

As he said that, i felt the rage boiling up inside of me, i could feel the venom powers course throughout my whole body as i got angrier and angrier.


i slowly got up as i could still feel the pain course through me. The burning feeling in my chest as i continued to charge up not caring about what would happen to me.

"Shut...The hell."

As soon as those word left my mouth, i launched myself at him making sure i landed right on his face. I pulled back both of my hands and let him have everything i had left in me.


I shocked him with all the venom energy i had which resulted in a massive concussive blast that lit up the whole bridge in an orange electrical light show. i could feel the force of the explosion go along my whole body as i yelled and pushed my self to end this. Rhino was screaming in pain as his suit started to short circuit and that a million vaults of electricity was coursing through him as well. With one final push, we were both consumed by a white light making me close my eyes and lose conscious.

*Officers pov*

When the explosion died down, we slowly peeked over our cars with guns on the ready, but what we saw made our heart drop. We saw Rhino knocked out on the ground but with him holding the mask of the new spider-man in one of his hands.

We all had no words to what we saw and there was only one thing that i could say at this moment...

"what the fu**....."

Author's Note:

hey, their true believers thank you for reading this story. as you can see I am a big fan of miles morales and when the game came out I just had to write a story about him.

if you see any mistakes then please let me know so that I can improve and make this better for everyone here

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