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Miles morales:Enter the pony verse - zaccc

join miles as he ventures in an alternate world that's full of magic

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chapter 2

Chapter 2: New World/New Problems

*Canterlot city in the EQG world (just letting you know that Canterlot city is New York City in this universe*

It was a peaceful night in Canterlot, everyone was enjoying their time with their friends and families. But there was one group who would always hang out with each other daily.

(Seven in total because this is two weeks after the friendship games, sorry for not mentioning this earlier).

just to help you guys out here I will name them all out for you and what they bring to the group.

1: Fluttershy
Fluttershy is well...shy. She is really protective of nature and she loves being around animals and look after them, one day she hopes that she can open up her own vet store and look after all kinds of animals. She also represents the element of Kindness due to her kind nature not just to nature but to others around her. She is patient with others and is always open to ideas.

2: Rainbow Dash
Her name says it all. she is the fastest one out of the due to her physique she gained by playing different sports. She is always competitive with others and has an ego that could rival the sun. Even though she can be a bit reckless, she will never abandon her friends even if it means that she will have t sacrifice her life to save them which is why she represents the element of Loyalty.

3: Applejack
She is a hard worker this one and she always puts her family first. she works on an Apple farm along with her family which has been going on for generations. She represents the Element of Honesty due to her Honest nature towards others and that she can spot a lie from a mile away.

4: Pinkie Pie
This hyper-active pink furball that we all know and love is the jokester in the group. She is known as the party planner to others when they want to organize something. She represents the element of laughter due to her always spreading happiness to others which always brings a smile to her face.

5: Rarity
This fashionista knows her stuff well when it comes to dealing with clients/customers. She has a massive passion for clothing and wishes that she could spread her talent across the globe for everyone to see. She represents the element of generosity since she puts others first before herself and that she is always giving away she values to others that need it the most.

6: Twilight Sparkle
She is joining CHS after the friendship game event when the magic she accidentally took from the others consumed her and turned her into NIGHTMARE SPARKLE. Luckily Sunset and the others convinced her that there was another way which was through friendship. She represents the element of magic since she is connected with it and now knows that through the magic of friendship, they can accomplish anything.

7: Sunset Shimmer
Formally was known as Canterlot High's biggest bully. She terrorized the school with two of her goons Snips and Snails. She stole the Crown that belonged to Twilight Sparkle in the other world to try and use its power to conquer both worlds. Luckily, Twilight followed her and put a stop to it by reuniting her friends and using the power of friendship. Due to this Sunset realized her mistake which made her go on a different and better path. She represents the element of Forgiveness because she has a tendency to forgive others after the wrongs that they have done but more importantly learned how to forgive herself.

The group just exited the cinema as they finished watching a new Daring Do movie which was a massive hit. The group started to make their way back towards Twilight's house for their weekend sleepover.

"Man that was totally awesome, the way Daring Do dodged those traps and the way she got away from the bandits. I wish that could be me." Rainbow Dash said as she started to throw some punches and kicks that she learned from her martial Arts class that she has been taking recently not before slipping on a random banana peel that was on the floor which causes her to lose balance and made a fool out herself. The group saw this while some of the laughed while some just shook their heads in amusement.

"You do know that it's all made upright?" Asked Applejack as she held back a laugh as she saw the stunt that Rainbow did not before helping her up and making sure that she is ok.

"Oof ow thanks Aj. Well yeah, I know that she doesn't exist. I just think that she is Awesome that's all." Rainbow said as she started daydream about herself being in the same situations like Daring Do.

"We know darling, you are too addicted to her if I do say so myself. Even though she does have exquisite taste in clothing it's just that it gets overexaggerating from time to time." Rarity stated not being a big fan of the films but sometimes enjoyed it from time to time.

"W-Well i-i thought t-that it was f-fun to w-watch, except where part w-were she had to dodge all the b-booby traps. That part was scary." Fluttershy said as she played with her hair while trying to ignore all of the eyes that were ll on her which made her hide behind her hair

"WELL, I THOUGHT IT WAS SUPER DUPER COOL. THE WAY SHE FOUGHT THOSE BANDITS LIKE "BANG" "POW" "BOOM AND HOW SHE GOT THE MACHINE GUN LIKE "BRRRRTATATATATAT" OH OH AND HOW SHE..." Pinkie yelled not before sunset interrupted her by covering her mouth with her hand as pinkie continued to ramble on.

"Ok pinkie, we get it you liked the movie. I kinda agree with Rainbow on this one. I thought it was really good." sunset said as she gestured to a poster showing the Daring Do film that they recently just watched.

"Well even though I'm a big fan of the Daring book series, I agree with Rarity. they go over way too much over the action scenes when they don't show enough of the philosophical side of the film." Twilight said as she adjusted her glasses. She always likes to offer her opinion on things that could help improve it or just to simply point it out.

Well, Rainbow wasn't having any of it, and as she was about to say something until she noticed something in the corner of her eye. As she turned her head towards the thing that caught her attention her eyes widened as she saw something falling from the sky

"Ugh guys, do you see what I'm seeing?" Rainbow asked as she pointed towards the sky to the object.

The rest followed her actions and were also taken by surprise. The object was falling very fast and looked like it wasn't stopping anytime soon. They all stared at it in shock and awe as they watched it fall towards the earth nit before seeing it impact the ground causing to release an electrical shockwave that caused everything to short circuit and cause a massive blackout throughout the whole city.

"Uhh what the hell was that?" Rainbow asked as she frantically looked around to see everything cut off due to the explosion.

"Looked like a meteorite but, I don't know any Meteorites that leave an electrical explosion. That's physically impossible. Do you think it could be somehow related to where you come from Sunset?" Twilight worriedly asked as she started to remember the events that had happened at the friendship games. She still hasn't fully forgiven herself for being corrupted by the magic but, she tries not to think about it that much

"It looked like it landed in Canterlot park." Applejack said as she she pointed towards the trail of smoke that was from the meteorite when it fell from the sky.

"You might be Right Aj and I don't know Twi but, we got to find out. cmon girls." Sunset exclaimed as she gestured her friends to follow her to where the the meteorite fell.

"Umm I don't know, I think I'm just gonna stay right where I am where it is safe," Fluttershy said as she slowly started to back up and hide behind her hair.

"FLUTTERSHY." they all screamed as they getured her to follow them.

"oh ok." Flutterushy said with a sigh as she watched up with her friends.

Soon they all took off towards the where the Meteorites impact zone. As they started to make their way there, they noticed that the explosion caused lots of damage in the process. Cars and trucks crashed together while the EMT's did their best to get the civilians out to be treated in case of any severe injuries. The building lights were all out due to the shockwave that shook the whole city. While police officers tried to maintain order, the group quickly made there way towards the park while thinking od the same thing what "what could have caused this to happen."

*15 minutes later in the Canterlot Park which is Central Park in New York.*

As the group reached the entrance of the park, all they could see was a massive dust cloud that covered the middle of the crater for they could see the outer rim of it and boy was it big. They could see small sparks of electricity shooting out not to the point that it could cause severe damage to someone but only give them a small static shock. Just before the group could even walk in, they heard something that was crawling its way out of the crater towards them.

As time passed by all they girls could was wait and see what was coming towards them. Everyone held in their breathe out of fear, even Rainbow and Applejack were afraid to make a noise or even move but, they tried to hide it. The noise of someone clawing their way towards them started to make everyone nervous as they started to back away from the noise in case it was dangerous. Suddenly the noise stopped and everyone stopped breathing at this point, they waited for a few minutes for any movement or sound that might appear but, none came.

After a few more seconds, the group let out a sigh of relief and chuckled a bit to lighten up the mood.


All of a sudden they all turned their heads to where the screaming came from only to find fluttershy stuttering and hyperventing while slowly pointing towards the crater. When they turned around all of them screamed at the same time while holding on to each other. What came crawling out of the crater was a young teenager with a dark skin colour, his chest and face was exposed which made some of the girls blush due to his body being well toned and perfectly fit. There were cuts and bruises all over his body and the lower part of his body was the only thing that was covered. What he was wearing looked like some black spandex with what looked like a red spider symbol that went along his chest but, they couldn't see it properly due to the damage of his suit. All of them just stood there in silence waiting for anything to happen until the heated the stranger say one word...


After that he collapsed on the floor, unconscious. The girls saw this, they rushed to his aid to make sure that he is alright.

“We got to get him to a hospital quickly.” Said Twilight as she pulled out her and called the ambulance.

As she did that the rest of the girls were looking at the boy in awe and caution. They didn’t know where he came from or even if he lived in the city.

“Ok girls let’s move him somewhere more comfortable for the time being until the ambulance gets here.” Sunset said as she and the rest of the girls came to help her.

But what happens next was strange. As they all touched him they all started to see his memories. His first encounter with this strange man in a rhino suit that looked like he could crush him. His first time swinging and the first time fighting crime. As they were about to see more they all got shocked by an electrical current which made them back away in pain as they held their hands trying to numb the pain.

They all looked at the boy and as they were about to say something, the EMT’S showed up on time. They saw the boy and they carefully laid his body on a stretcher and started to put him in the back of the vehicle. As they were about to leave. Sunset approached them.

“Excuse me sirs is it ok if we come with you guys? We just want to make sure that he is ok.” Sunset asked as she gestured towards her friends.

“Sure hop in but, try not to touch anything that could cause any trouble for the kid.” The EMT guy said as one by one the girls started to hop in.

As they drove away from the park and started making their way towards the hospital the group looked at the boy as he slept and they were thinking about the same thing.

who are you...

To be continued.

Author's Note:

Hey guys sorry for the long wait. Just had writers block and work has been a pain in the ass. This might not be my best work due to that I rushed it as well but I’ll fix it later on in he future to make it better for you guys to enjoy. Also merry Christmas and a happy new year for everyone out there and stay safe out there during this time. And as always


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Still enjoying the story so far. It looks like you missed a couple of words here or there, like Twilight pulling out her phone to call for an ambulance. A bit of grammar here and there as well. All and all everyone does these kinds of things while typing. I've done it plenty of times myself.

Yay new chapter. It was worth the wait

Great chapter

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