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If you asked about Jaune Arc, you'd hear things like how he cheated into Beacon Academy, how no one cared for him from there on before vanishing then presumed dead by everyone.

If you asked about Discord, however, you'd hear tales about how with his power he threw Equestria into chaos, was turned into stone by the princess, returned only to be re-sealed and befriended the Element of Kindness.

But what would happened if Jaune Arc and Discord turned out to be the same person, and if unwanted guests happened to show up? Bad memories from a time forgotten will come back and teams RWBY and NPR will soon know not to anger a God of Chaos.

All rights reserved, I do not own RWBY or My little Pony, they belong to Rooster Teeth and Hasbro respectively (Also the pic ain't mine either, so credit to the artist.)

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Well this should be interesting to see

Ok am I the only one who thinks discord looks like count olaf

Soon I will update my lads, have no fear!!!

Yes finally do you have any idea how hard it is to find a Juane Arc fic on this site

The Brother Gods and Summer Rose no doubt.

Good guess there mate, but you got two for three correct sadly.

why do i feel the gods were right, and the third is Lauren fuasticorn (or Lauren herself, some version of her)

9683234 Velvet then? I would imagine she'd be getting payback on Jaune's behalf and make it badass enough to warrant goddesshood.

You guessed right dear Solaris, it is indeed good ol Fausticorn. I intend to do a sort of 'reveal' later on down the line. Congrats on getting it right tho :D

Looks like Qrow and Ozcar are going to "Train" them to an inch of their lives until the message sinks in.

...they realise that their chance to reconcile with Jaune may very well be dead.


Oh what gave you that idea? The fact he admits to hating you to a point that if he could get away with it he'd kill you? Their really lucky he doesn't just rip them apart on a subatomic level.

Really surprised Discord going along with this. A hissy fit was all he threw at this.. He could easily taken the two Alicorns stuffed them in a bottle and tossed it tot he moon to deal with those traitors!

Hope Discord points out to Blake what she did was even worst then any Faunas racism ever faced! She choose to do nothing!
Weiss should be told the way she acted make her father dam proud of her. Sure being compared to that ass hole would shatter her.

Mate, you have given me ideas. Thank you for that :)

Ooh umm glad was able to help heh.

thou do wonder who those two blobs were, wonder who killed Jaune?

There weren't two, it was just the one blob with white and wine-red mixing together.

No, for Jaune was deemed missing then deceased, thus the team was renamed to PRN (Prune). Considering his hate for them, Discord/Jaune sees JNPR as a dead team, wanting no part of it.

So do any of them know that Jaune is basically now an immortal reality warper who is probably in all honestly stronger than anything or anyone on Remnant including the God of Light and Dark. Also, that he is over 1k years old and has almost destroyed the world and has been imprisoned for a thousand years and is probably near insane.

At best, all they know is that he can make reality his bitch

9697993 And put Salem into something worse than what the Brother Gods did to her in the first place. I mean they gave her immortality, he could easily make it worse.

I already have ideas for Salem, just not along the lines worsening her curse.

Hint: for me, she's a sympathetic villain.

Just Yes. Take all of my Yes and put in the Yes truck and drive to Yes Town.

Hey, you know what they say "In order to make an omelet you need to crack an egg." In Juanecord's case it's literal.

Thought I'd try and write in some of his mischievousness into it.

9720048 I'm surprised you didn't add any egg-based puns. So I'm guessing that Jaunecord will find out what happened to cause him to be sent to Equestria?

Yep, along with a certain rabbit~

9720338 So thoughts on the RWBY panel at RTX this year?

haven't seen it yet I'm afraid. have to watch it still

Ok, can i offer some constructive criticism? you obvously play favorites for Jaun, other RWBY characters are waaaaay OOC, its ok to do it for parody but more serious stories will get you criticized, you need to do some proof reading here and there, really minor stuff and finaly pacing is too fast, you should`ve made the girls meet first them have Jaucord show up, that way there is a build up to the revelation. hoping this help further in the future.

9720449 Sadly they didn't stream it this year due to issues.

The male voices are the Brothers of Light and Darkness, and the female voice is... :pinkiegasp: Lauran Fausticorn?

I got an idea that can stir up some drama. PM me if you're interested.

Considering how condescending and dismissive the God of Light was in canon, seeing him losing it was cathartic.

So far I like what I read.

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