• Published 5th Jun 2019
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Chaotic Arc - Redsummer09

A man who was a knight, now the God of Chaos. Things can only go so well before the bad strikes.

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Snooping helps

Out in a grass field outside of Ponyville, Discord could be seen messing with the Relic of Knowledge, which he "borrowed".

To most, it would just look like an ordinary but fancy lamp, but Discord knew better. Having lived for over a millennia with access to the Chaos of the universe gives him a variety of skills, and detecting magic was one of the first. He wasn't lying when this lamp could be compared to the Elements of Harmony, what with all the potent magic inside it. However, he could tell that the magic wasn't complete, almost like its missing something. Alongside that, it felt as if someone was inside it, but can't get out.

"If there is someone inside, how can they be let out?" he mused to himself, turning the lamp in all manner of directions. After thinking on all sorts of methods, he got an idea. Since he's the God of Chaos, he should just do what he does best:

"Crack it like an egg." he said as with a snap, a stove and frying pan appeared in front of him. Putting an apron and a chef's hat on, he turned on the stove at 180 degrees Celsius (356 Fahrenheit) and placed the pan on top. Picking up the relic, he banged it on the rim of the pan, right before splitting in half over the pan itself, setting in a blue coloured goop like a normal egg. Cooking it for 5 minutes (he had a clock), he turned off the stove and carefully scraped his cooking onto a plate, before snapping the stove and pan out of existence.

Waiting for something to occur with the blue coloured food, Discord was cut out of his musings by a nearby voice.

"Hey Discord."

Looking over, Discord saw the young Spike walking over to him, carrying a box of muffins with him. 'Must be from that one mare, Ditzy I believe.' Discord guessed. He liked the mare, so much so that he offered to help realign her eyes, but she declined every time. Seeing as he was being rude, Discord returned the greeting.

"Hello Spike, tell me, what brings you over here?" he asked with his talons supporting his chin.

"Oh well, I saw you over here alone and thought you might like the company." Spike said, rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment.

That through him for a loop. While the friendship did eventually grow between the two (even after the Tirek incident), Discord knew that the young drake didn't just come over to say hi. Something he voiced to him.

"We both know that's a lie, and I'm the Spirit of Disharmony." he said with a straight face.

Figuring out he'd been caught, Spike looked down with a downcast look. "Ever since you met the new guys a couple of days ago, I've noticed that all of them but Qrow and Oscar have depressed looks. I'm really worried." he said, looking up at DIscord with a heavily concerned look. Not surprising, as the drake was always worrying about his friends (what with them being national heroes and all).

Before Discord could respond, a flash of blue drew his attention. Looking over to his beloved cooking masterpiece (to him anyway), he could see it was attempting mold into something apparently. After a few seconds, it suddenly exploded into a blue mist. The mist began condensing on itself, forming a roughly human shape. When it was finished, the two boys were treated to any interesting sight.

Floating in midair is a blue skinned human, obviously female due to her exposed curves. On her wrists are two bracelets with a golden chains dangling from them, with another two bracelets on her ankles and one on her left bicep. Wrapped around her stomach are two sets of chains, with one section connecting two a sun-looking gear. On her neck is a golden necklace, similar to Celestia's, while on her ears are gigantic circular earrings. Completing the regalia is one final chain wrapping around her forehead. When she opened her eyes, the two could see they were a deep sapphire blue, with her hair being a shade of midnight blue. Overall, she was very pretty, accented by how Spike had hearts around his head.

Stretching, the woman moaned out her appreciation (to their embarrassment). "Mmm, wonderful. Tell me, what knowledge do you seek?" she asked, putting her head in her chin when leaning down to the two. Her voice sounding both sultry and curious at the same time.

Looking between each other, a silent conversation went between Discord and Spike. What knowledge do they seek? What the heck does that mean? Seeing as she hasn't introduced herself, Discord voiced his complaints.

"Well that was rude, not introducing yourself. At least I have half a mind to do so." Discord said in hurt and frustration, crossing his arms and looking away from her in a 'holier than thou' manner. Seeing she was about to retort, Spike intervened as to not start start.

"Whoa, hold on, what he meant was that it was kinda rude to not introduced yourself." Spike said, waving his arms about in a pleading manner.

Thinking on his words, the woman realised he was right. Deciding to start things over, she formally introduced herself.

"I am Jinn, a being created by the God of Light to aid humanity in its pursuit of knowledge. I've been graced with the ability to answer three questions every 100 hundred years." she started, shocking spike in awe and making Discord curious on this 'God of Light'. If memory serves, that earth pony, Oscar, said something about Jinn and the Gods. "You're in luck, as I'm still able to answer two questions this era." she finished.

Thinking on what she said, both Discord and Spike looked to each other, silently going over what she said. Being the more experienced, Discord went first.

"Well, that wasn't so hard was it? Nonetheless, I am Discord, God of Chaos and Spirit of Disharmony." he introduced, bowing down at the hip. He looked at Spike, silently telling him to go next.

"And I'm Spike, faithful assistant to Twilight Sparkle." the drake said, putting a claw to his chest in a proud stance.

Jinn couldn't help but giggle, being amused by the drake's childlike enthusiasm. Secretly however, she was cautious of Discord. She was graced to answer any question asked of her, for she already knows the answers. But, for some incomprehensible reason, she knows nothing of this Discord, claiming to be a God of Chaos.

Discord, seeing Jinn looking at him intently, embraced his chaotic nature. Having his back face her, he looked over his shoulder to her with a half lidded gaze.

"See something you like?~" he said with a whimsical tone.

Being brought out of her thoughts, Jinn blushed in embarrassment, something new for the magical genie. Sputtering out incoherent responses for a bit, she regained her bearings. "I'll have you know that I'm merely curious about you. Do not get any ideas." she said crossing her arms under her breasts, 'Don't look Discord, it won't end well.'.

Groaning out his displeasure, he complained. "Well, that is wonderful, another bookworm who steals the fun out of things." he said, throwing his arms in the air in frustration.

At first, Spike wanted to retort to his claims, but then realised that, in some way, he was right. 'Well that isn't a scary thought.' he thought in sarcasm.

Straightening himself up, Discord planned their next move. "In all honesty though, funny considering who I am, it WOULD be best to go to the others regarding our newest guest." he said, motioning to the idly floating genie.

"Yeah, you're right. I'll go on ahead." Spike said before running off. Jinn, looking to Discord, raised an eyebrow in confusion. Something he noticed.

"Don't worry, it will be fine. Though I am surprised he didn't just ask me to teleport us there." he said rubbing his chin. "Oh well, there's no rush." he said before floating off after the drake. Jinn, for once in centuries, had no idea what's going on.

"And I feel that will be a recurring theme." she muttered to herself, following the two to catch up.

"AHHHH!!" a voice yelled out in rage.

*Giggle*"Calm down Light, it was kinda funny." an amused female voiced said, trying to contain her laughter.

"Funny? FUNNY?! HE BROKE MY RELIC LAUREN, LIKE AN EGG TO BOOT!!!" the voice, Light, yelled at 'Lauren'.

*Chuckles*"I disagree brother, I'm actually quite liking Discord's 'methods'." another voice told Light, chuckling at his brother's misfortune.

"See! Dark gets it. Enough bickering boys, we need to do some hunting." Lauren said before leaving, Light and Dark following after her, Light still grumbling in anger.

Author's Note:

Sorry this chapter took so long to do, and if it may seem short. In any case, hope you enjoy. Keep an eye out, for my other stories The Black Horseman and One Eyed Legend should be done soon :D .

Until next time, Redsummer out.

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Hey, you know what they say "In order to make an omelet you need to crack an egg." In Juanecord's case it's literal.

Thought I'd try and write in some of his mischievousness into it.

9720048 I'm surprised you didn't add any egg-based puns. So I'm guessing that Jaunecord will find out what happened to cause him to be sent to Equestria?

Yep, along with a certain rabbit~

9720338 So thoughts on the RWBY panel at RTX this year?

haven't seen it yet I'm afraid. have to watch it still

Ok, can i offer some constructive criticism? you obvously play favorites for Jaun, other RWBY characters are waaaaay OOC, its ok to do it for parody but more serious stories will get you criticized, you need to do some proof reading here and there, really minor stuff and finaly pacing is too fast, you should`ve made the girls meet first them have Jaucord show up, that way there is a build up to the revelation. hoping this help further in the future.

9720449 Sadly they didn't stream it this year due to issues.

I got an idea that can stir up some drama. PM me if you're interested.

Considering how condescending and dismissive the God of Light was in canon, seeing him losing it was cathartic.

So far I like what I read.

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