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Chaotic Arc - Redsummer09

A man who was a knight, now the God of Chaos. Things can only go so well before the bad strikes.

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Explanations, reunions and one chaotic time

Outside Ponyville on the edge of the Everfree forest rest a cottage. What makes this particular cottage special from others is the one who lives there, a butterscotch yellow pegasus with a pink mane pony named Fluttershy. Fluttershy is often referred to as the most kindest mare one will ever meet. This is only proven by her shy and timid nature most of the time, but when it comes down to it, she will be forceful and dominant if the situation calls for it.

Currently, Fluttershy is lying down on her couch within her living room waiting for Discord to arrive. Just by thinking his name, she remembers the first time she ever seen Discord in person and it was frightening, even more so given his personality. When she and the other girls were tasked by Princess Celestia to reclaim the Elements of Harmony from Discord, she thought of possible things they would need to go through to get them back, but never did she think that he would toy with them in the hedge maze, corrupting them one by one into their opposites to destroy their friendship. Never in all her life was she so terrified after that experience.

But imagine her shock and surprise when Princess Celestia herself tasked them, mainly Fluttershy, to reform and befriend Discord, hoping his power could be used for good. Truthfully she didn't like that as, not only was she still scared from the first time they confronted him, but also the fact that they'd only do it for his power was a lot like slavery in her eyes. After she successfully befriended him things were tense between him and the girls, understandably considering what happened before, but she lived up to her Element and was kind to Discord the whole time...until Tirek that is.

When questioned why he did it, his answer shocked them speechless

Flashback: 5 days after Tirek

Currently the Main 6, along with Princesses Celestia, luna and Cadence and Prince Shining Armour, were currently sitting in a semicircle formation with Discord being in front of them with his head down in the throne room of Twilight's new castle. It was easy to tell by his posture that he was in a sort of depressed state, just leaking sadness around him. It was quiet for the next five minutes when Celestia spoke up.

"Discord, after the events with Tirek" she started noticing him tense up at the mention of that particular screw up "and we needed to ask you something, to better understand your choice." she finished seriously, but also trying to be gentle as even she knew this was a delicate situation for him.

For a moment it was silent, until Discord spoke up "S-s-sure, w-what is it?" he stuttered nervously.

Before Celestia could ask, Rainbow dash cut in, "What is it? WHAT IS IT? Dude, you turned on us for a demonic looking tyrant and for what?! For 'freedom?!" she questioned, flying up into his face with the others agreeing in some way. Soon it devolved into pointless chatter with each of their reasons overlapping another's with the princesses trying to calm them down, right before Discord responded.

"I was scared." he cut in.

That halted all conversation. He didn't shout it, he didn't screech it, but it still cut through their bickering merely because of what he said. How could Discord, GOD OF CHAOS, be scared? Something he answered without them asking it.

"I was scared that our friendship meant nothing, all because of your opinions of me. I may not show it not regularly, or at all, but the things that some ponies like yourself think and say hurt more than you know." he said before looking at Fluttershy. "I said you were the first friend I ever had, well that wasn't exactly true." he revealed in a solemn tone looking down.

When he stated about how all the things they thought of them actually hurt them made feel guilty for causing him pain, even if they didn't know it. Though they were curious to what he meant by not being his first friend, something Fluttershy voiced.

"What do you mean I'm not your first friend?" she asked timidly.

"There was a time long ago where I had friends, some debatable but friends nonetheless. It was only when they found out something about me that they showed our friendship meant nothing to them, which they showed by verbally, physically in some cases, beating me down day after day with no end in sight. So when I hear all these whispers and see the glares, I flashed back to then which lead to my decision." he finished, leaving them in shock.

If you said that there was a time where Discord was verbally, and if his words were true physically, beaten day by day, you'd immediately be diagnosed with mental instability and put into a mental institute. Throughout history, Discord is often described as an all powerful being that when angered, would strike you down with but a thought, so he was never challenged until the Princesses stoned him. For such a thing to happen to him, being abused like that, made them sick to their guts.

"Ho-how could anypony be so cruel?" Twilight asked after a moment of silence, heck even Pinkie's mane went flat from the thought.

"That was just how they are as people, their decision to hurt me like that eventually broke my mind, throwing me into the thralls of insanity, eventually trying to conquer Equestria before the Princesses hear turned me into stone." he said motioning to Celestia and Luna.


Since then everyone has been supportive to him, helping him when he needs it and they regularly check in on him to see how he is. Right now is their weekly get together where him and Fluttershy sit down eating cucumber sandwiches with tea and make idle and casual conversation.

Speaking of...


"Hello~" came them telltale pop of his teleportation and Discord himself greeting her with a big and enthusiastic smile on his face.

After the confrontation and their efforts to help him, Fluttershy has noticed that he has become more livelier, almost as if before was nothing more than a facade that has now been removed.

Getting off the couch, Fluttershy flew up hug his chest, which he promptly he returned. Exititng the embrace, she the asked "Did you get the sandwiches?" she inquired looking around for them.

*Snap* *Pop*

The trademark snap of his talons and a pop in midair greeted her by displaying a plate with 20 diagonally cut cucumber sandwiches with a pot of tea on the side.

"Indeed, and to change things up a bit I decided to add some mayonnaise. Was that ok?" he asked curiously.

Before she could respond however, a puff of green smoke drifted through her window inside, a signal use of Spike's dragon breath. Collapsing in on itself, it soon turned into a scroll sent through Spike by Twilight, which Fluttershy quickly unfolded before quickly reading to herself.

"What does it say Fluttershy?" Discord asked with a raised eyebrow. While he didn't show it, he was disappointed their time together was interrupted.

After a minute Fluttershy responded looking up at him, "It says that Princess Celestia asked the girls and us to go to Canterlot, something about a problem we could help with." she answered.

"Even me?" Discord asked. Whilst he was curious about this 'problem', he didn't really want to go in fear of scorn.

Nodding she replied "Twilight said that Celestia thinks you can help in this case due to your knowledge in certain aspects." she answered for him.

Putting a claw to his chin he thought on it, "Whilst I'm not an all knowing creature I DO have a lot of experience, hmmm ok I'll do it." he said before snapping his talons.


Suddenly they both inside of Twilight's throne room, with the remaining members of the Main 6 appearing too and screaming in shock before calming down asking the important question.

"Ok, how did I just suddenly get here?" Rainbow asked looking around before spotting Discord, immediately knowing it was him. After his mini confession a while ago, RD decided to spend more time with him, in turn finding out he was MARVELLOUS with pranks, such as turning Diamond Tiara into a chicken with some tar and chicken feathers. Best, laugh, EVER.

"That would be me. I thought we should go visit ol' Sunbutt together, sooooooo I teleported us all here before going." he answered slightly cheekily. "So, shall we go?" he inquired, the girls nodding in agreement before he teleported them there.


With a pop and flash of white, they all appeared in Celestia and Luna's throne room, with the sisters sitting at the top of the steps.

"Girls, Discord, I am pleased you could come here on such short notice." Celestia said with a friendly smile with Luna nodding beside her.

"Well Celly ask and you shall recieve, now what happens to be the probl-" he trailed off as he and the others notice they weren't alone.

At the right of the steps is a group of 8, sitting there gazing on what appeared to be, to them anyway, a mish-mash of different animals in one.

The group consisted of a:

  • Red furred, black and red-tipped maned, and silver eyed pegasus
  • Blonde furred, lilac eyed gryphon
  • White furred, black maned and amber eyed unicorn
  • White furred, silver maned and icy-blue eyed unicorn
  • Tanned furred, chocolate brown maned and green eyed earth pony
  • Black furred, red eyed gryphon
  • Dark green furred, Raven-magenta striped mane and magenta eyed unicorn
  • Pink furred, orange maned and aquamarine eyed pegasus
  • And lastly a bronze furred, red maned and green eyed unicorn

Each of the girls were looking at the new guests with a sense of curiosity, Twilight noting the bronze unicorn looked like Sunset Shimmer quite a bit, where as Discord had a different reaction. In his eyes Celestia saw an emotion never before seen in there other than insanity.

Pure, unaltered, HATRED

"You!" Discord said, spitting it out with enough venom to kill a dragon.

This got everyone in the room to recoil due to intensity of it. Though the new comers were curious as they don't know this thing yet it knows them?

"U-um, wh-what? Sor-sorry but I don't believe we met." the silver eyed pegasus stated, making Discord turn to her making her shrink at his gaze.

"Funny, considering the fact-" *Snap*

With a snap of his talons, in Discord's place stood a teenage boy measuring up to 6'1 feet tall in height, containing a moderately toned build. He had blonde and white striped hair with a deer antler and a blue goat horn sticking out of it. He wears a brown jacket which shows off his right lion paw and left eagle talon. Below that he wears red pants with one brown and green shoe. Behind him swishes a red dragon's tail with a white tuft of fur and on his back is what appears to be a blue pegasus wing and a purple bat or draconic wing. His eyes are asymmetrical blue, his right pupil being larger than the left pupil, with a white goatee on his chin and lastly a snaggle tooth.

"We used to be the best of friends, Ruby Rose." he said, spitting out her name with disgust.

To them, bar one, they are looking at someone who was presumed missing by friends and family alike back home. Now they know he's alive, but hates their very existence apparently.

"J-Jaune?" Ruby stuttered.

This can only go so well.

Author's Note:

I had this thought while reading some RWBY fanfiction that when Jaune was betrayed and left by his friends when his transcripts, how would it go if he went inside and became Discord?

And now I'm here writing this :D

All rights are reserved, I don't own RWBY, My Little Pony or the Picture used.

Feel free to comment any suggestions for future chapters if you wish!

-Redsummer out