• Published 5th Jun 2019
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Chaotic Arc - Redsummer09

A man who was a knight, now the God of Chaos. Things can only go so well before the bad strikes.

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Time skip, get together and a rather chaotic chat

To say it has been a hectic three weeks would be an understatement.

The morning after they were introduced to their new guests, Discord immediately teleported the group to Ponyville, hoping to be done with this and cause some sweet chaos, much to Twilight's chagrin. She insisted that before anypony do anything, they were to, at the very least, discuss where the newcomers will be staying for the foreseeable future. She managed to do so, having correctly guessed their individual personalities and housed them with the pony they would get along with the most.

Blake will stay with Twilight at her castle (mainly for the library), Ren and Nora with Pinkie at Sugarcube Corner, Oscar and Qrow with Applejack over at Sweet Apple Acres, which left Pyrrha and Ruby with Fluttershy; however this also included Yang as she didn't want to leave her sister's side. When given these arrangements, almost everyone agreed with Twilight's assessment, keyword being 'almost'.

Saying Discord had a hissy fit would not do it justice, as he, surprisingly, gathered a mountain of evidence which all details why Pyrrha staying at Fluttershy's is a bad idea (he also incorporated Yang and Ruby, but that wasn't as focused on). However, his evidence and claims were promptly shutdown after Twilight showed him a letter sent by Celestia, which stated as clear as her day, that this organisation will be put through, whether he likes or not (guess which one he fit into).

Currently, the newcomers are currently in Twilight's library, as she and the rest of the Main 6 are on a mission into the middle of nowhere, for some reason. They decided that every so often they were to meet up at a set location to discuss their current situation, how they are and what they should do next. After Qrow and Oscar entered and Ruby shut the door, she addressed the collected group.

"So, how is everyone holding up?" Ruby asked nervously, still getting used to the whole 'Alternate World' scenario.

"Besides the fact we received the biggest shock of our lives three weeks ago?! Yeah, preeety peachy I'll say." Yang said sarcastically at the end.

Who could blame her? Just three weeks ago they found at that JAUNE ARC, who was deemed missing and later presumed dead, was ACTUALLY ALIVE. To say that rather regrettable and rather forgettable memories resurfaced since. One time, Princess Luna actually came to them saying to get professional help with all the nightmares they were having. Each were different between them, but they all followed the theme of them scorning him, Jaune turning into a monster of sorts and torturing them before brutally killing them at the end.

"Uh, I still don't know what this is all about honestly. I mean, who is this Jaune you keep talking about?" Oscar said timidly, squeaking in embarrassment when they turn to look at him.

"Gotta say, the kid's got a point. Even I don't know who he is, and I'm your uncle." Qrow said pointing a claw at Ruby and Yang.

Ren, seeing as he has one of the best stoic faces, decided to answer their questions. "Jaune Arc, that's his name, is-was the former leader of Team JNPR (Juniper), now renamed as Prune. While his combat levels were below the Beacon average, it was undeniable that he had a tactical mind most would perhaps sell their souls for." Ren said stoically, before getting a downcast and regretful, something mirrored by Team RWBY and the rest of Prune.

"Now way in hell he was that smart." said Qrow, not believing anyone could be that much of a strategic prodigy.

With flashing eyes, Ozpin quelled Qrow's denial. "It is true, in fact Port gave him a fourth year student test, with my permission of course, and while he didn't notice it, he got perfect marks with bonus points, claiming it was 'easy'." Oz said, having looked at the test results and was undeniably shocked by them. Only every one in every 50 fourth year students get a perfect score like his.

Regaining control, Oscar wanted to make something known. "Okay so? That doesn't explain how he got here, I mean, did something happen?' Oscar asked with Qrow nodding along.

"Well, If you're asking about me, you could've come TO me you know?" A voice sounded above them.

Looking up, the group were collectively shocked and surprised to see Discord/Jaune, in their Draconequus-Faunus form, reading in floating chair. Which was upside down, nonetheless. Looking down at their expressions from where he his, he couldn't help but be the slightest bit smug. "What? Never see a guy read upside down before?" he asked with a smug and teasing grin.

"W-w-w-WHAT?! HOW YOU DOING THAT?!" exclaimed Weiss, as seeing this is no doubt messing with her. Just by unexpectedly announcing himself, Jaune had managed to massively fuck with her views of the world around her, no doubt giving her the world's largest headache.

Somewhere, an alabaster alicorn sneezed.

"Oh dear Weiss, what's wrong? Got your panties in a bunch?" Jaune said teasingly, having popped into existence in front of her. (AN: From now, he'll be referred to as Jaune by the Remnant group, while those of Equestria will label him as Discord.)

All that came out of Weiss' mouth was a gurgle of embarrassed and disgusted noises, not able to form a coherent sentence. The other girls however just have mild blushes on their faces from hearing his remark. Jaune, deciding to ignore the faces he was getting and Weiss' freakout, turned to Oscar and Qrow.

"So, you wanted to know about little ol' me do you? Oh, I feel honoured." Jaune said dramatically, putting his lion paw to his forehead and leaning back in a dramatic pose.

"You gonna answer our questions or what?" Qrow asked irritated and impatient, having been fed up with these distractions.

Eyes snapping open and suddenly standing straight, he muttered something to himself about "Griffons these days" before looking the questioning duo. "Well, what EXACTLY did you want to know?" he asked with an eyebrow raised.

"W-w-well, we wanted to know what happened to get you here." Oscar stated intimidated by Jaune, not surprising when taking into account his abilities so far.

Loosing his cheerful attitude, a scarily serious one appeared. "Oh, I see now, You're wanting to know about that." he spat with venom.

'Of all things to know, it has to be that. Why must life hate me so?' Jane thought with disdain.

"Well, I guess I can tell you. Back after my false transcripts were revealed, did the group behind me do something unexpected. I won't go through it all, but merely sum it up. Ruby hated my guts from there, Weiss called me a waste of space, Blake didn't give a shit," that part shocked him, mostly because of him cussing, "Ren & Nora ignored me, Pyrrha was the same as Ruby, BUT, It's the next that is a personal favourite." he said to their shock.

"And, that would be?" Qrow asked, not really wanting to know as there was ONE name not mentioned yet. And she is known for her temper.

Chuckling with little to no humour, he revealed what shocked the two boys still. "Yang would beat me on a regular basis, more like daily now that I think about it. Some of those landed me in the infirmary for a week at best." he said with little care in his voice.

This shocked Qrow the most out of the two of them. He knew Yang had a temper, yes, but to beat him on a near daily basis?! He knew that if his sister Raven were here, she would be disgusted with as well. And they hardly, if ever, get along. Looking over to his eldest niece, who was currently trying to cease to exist currently, he made his IMMENSE displeasure known.

"Yang. You, me and Ruby are going to have a LONG talk about what you did." he stated fiercely to her, Ruby flinching alongside her. Looking back to Jaune, he still had one more question. "However, that still doesn't explain how you got here either." he stated to the Chaos God.

Jaune, thinking for a bit, answered truthfully. "Quite honestly, to this day I still have no idea. I was out in the Emerald Forest killing Grimm, when I was struck down suddenly. After being close to dying by blood-loss, I saw a blob of white and wine-red. Granted, my sight was blurry, so I couldn't tell what it was." he said. After checking the time on his, suddenly appearing, watch, he saw he was late for his time to feed the animals for Fluttershy. "Oops, gotta go now. Ta Ta!" he called by vanishing in a flash of white.

Qrow and Ozpin, who had taken control during the shock, looked to the two teams with disappointed glares. "I do not know what supernatural force possessed you to do such a thing, but know this. I have made more mistakes than any man, women r child, but the level of abandonment has not been, nor ever will be, one of them." Ozpin said before he and Qrow left the Library, leaving the two teams to their own things.

Right now, months of guilt and regret had come back and struck with a vengeance upon them. As they wallow in their grief and failure, they realise that their chance to reconcile with Jaune may very well be dead.


Author's Note:

After some trial and error, I've finally got chapter three for 'Chaotic Arc' completed. I know that not much has been said, but I feel this chapter was to be used as a context filler basically. In the numerous fanfics which portray Jaune being betrayed, there are a number of ways it could, so he is mine.

Also, I wanted to know if you wanted some erotic scenes. Not pure smut, but rather a relationship development chapter between two characters. I've got the scenario in my head, but wanted your input if I should do it.

Anyways, until next time, Redsummer out.