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A new starting writer, always looking for ideas for my stories.

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Long ago, I had a mundane life. Doing the same thing every day, wishing for something new to happen. It was only when I dressed up as my version of a male Eto Yoshimura from Tokyo Ghoul did everything change for me. Now I'm stuck in a kid's TV show fighting because of a misunderstanding. Like they say:

Careful what you wish for

A second displaced story by me, wanting to spice things up a bit. Do hope you guys (and gals) enjoy this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own either MLP or Tokyo Ghoul.

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Like most, I used to be a regular guy going about day-to-day life. Now? I'm stuck in a world of anthropomorphic ponies, deemed the most dangerous thing to ever grace the lands alongside a mismatched trickster, dark magic emo twat, lying (though admittedly sexy and hot) bug queen and a power stealing hybrid cunt.

Worst part though? I've been turned into a Nuckelavee from RWBY.


So yeah, I've decided to do a displaced story where a guy gets turned into a grimm from RWBY, specifically the Nuckelavee. Maybe within the first five chapters I'll get some crossovers with other stories/writers going, who knows.

Any who, this has been Redsummer, and I hope you enjoy.

P.s: this is inspired by Equestria's White Fang by Garnet Naturea

P.p.s: I do not own either MLP, RWBY nor the cover art. So do not assume I do.

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If you asked about Jaune Arc, you'd hear things like how he cheated into Beacon Academy, how no one cared for him from there on before vanishing then presumed dead by everyone.

If you asked about Discord, however, you'd hear tales about how with his power he threw Equestria into chaos, was turned into stone by the princess, returned only to be re-sealed and befriended the Element of Kindness.

But what would happened if Jaune Arc and Discord turned out to be the same person, and if unwanted guests happened to show up? Bad memories from a time forgotten will come back and teams RWBY and NPR will soon know not to anger a God of Chaos.

All rights reserved, I do not own RWBY or My little Pony, they belong to Rooster Teeth and Hasbro respectively (Also the pic ain't mine either, so credit to the artist.)

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