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Love Interest? Maybe? · 11:48am Jan 15th, 2023

For anyone that has been keeping up with the (as of posting this blog) two chapters of Infernal Tyrant King, I wanted to ask you all something.

Should Yharim have a love interest in the story (present time, that is. I've got a character to be used as a previous L.I. for backstory in regards to some events)?

A simple Yes or No is fine for me, but should you reply with 'Yes', I'd like to hear on who you'd like to see and why.

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Back, I guess · 2:15pm Dec 19th, 2022

Sooooo, yeah. I guess I'm back for anyone that remotely cared still.

Needless to say, I can understand why you'd be angry at me since I just up and stopped updating my stories. But good news (I hope)! I've a new story out to mark my return to updating on the site.

Now let's hope I don't vanish abruptly again, yeah?

The new story: The Infernal Tyrant King

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My unholy return to life · 10:33am Mar 31st, 2021

Welp, here it is. The explanation as to my absence for the last 2 bloody years.

2 years ago when my stories here first started, I suddenly found myself lacking any interest in MLP and thus put my stories off to the side. Sadly, I never put this out there for people to see at all so you were all left in the dark, which I deeply apologise for.

Lately, my interest was sparked once more and I thought 'Why not? Its something to do.' and have thus returned.

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