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A new starting writer, always looking for ideas for my stories.

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Yippee! Another Calamity fic. It's always nice to see what people do with the mod and it's lore, and I can tell you're keeping it real. I'm excited to see where you go with this.


Heck, the fact that it's a Terraria fic alone is enough for me.

Oh, I thought the cover art was the main robot from ultrakill.

That, my friend, is pure, unrestrained Yharim to the max. Dude is pretty savage, but has incredible lore backing him up, as well. If you're interested, you can look him up on the Terraria Calamity Mod wiki.

As for the fic itself, I enjoy it! Well done, author!

I will wait and hope for this story become one of a famous story because i like terraria specially Calamity and FARGOS mod

God, i love terraria, and i also love ponies. These are my favorite kinds of fics! Cant wait for more.

There were some harsh words said in this chapter

I think this chapter was written relatively well though if I must have some constructive criticism was there a magic on Fluttershy that made them act a bit mad at first or was that just them being for one reason or another mean I'm just curious of what caused them to attempt to degrade the heavily armored Warrior no offense I'm just curious everything else seemed pretty well written and I hope you keep on writing this great story

In Season 2 of the show, the beginning two parter of the season is Discord's return. During the said two parter, Discord pulls some mind games on Twilight's friend's that causes them to become the opposites of their respective elements.

Kindness becomes Cruelty, Generosity becomes Greed, and so forth.

Essentially, when Fluttershy becomes cruel, she attempts to attack Yharim's self-worth through her words, but that obviously didn't go so well.

Aw thank you for the explanation and you're writing is amazing thank you such great work

Hell yes. Another terraria fic for my collection. Keep up the good work man i hope to see more.

i hope to see more of this my self

What about Queen Chrysalis for love interest

Queen Chrysalis might work, but since the Canterlot Wedding definitely won't be happening, they might be missing a common interest.

As for my two cents, I would actually say Fluttershy. Looking past all that Yharim has done to her and her friends, they might actually work, and their first encounter could actually be the spark. A long shot I know, but then again, I don't typically look for romances.

Huh, killing a main character right from the get go? Usually this would be where I leave, given that such writing is usually brought about simply because the author dislikes said character.

But I'll give this a shot, as there's so very few Terraria stories on here.

I'd like to preface this with the fact that I hold no ill will towards Shining Armor.

I killed him off because it opens character dynamics during interactions, what with a grief-filled hate being born some character hearts.

Are You still there alive and kicking?

I am, just slow going at the moment with other things. That, and Calamity released an update that's added/updated the lore, so got to go over that as well :|

No worries, good stories take time to make. I am just glad your still with us.

Well I can help help but get excited for the next chapter, so I wish my thanks for this lovely opportunity to continue reading this story

I look forward to more.

Things are certainly building up.

Aside from a few minor spelling mistakes and formatting issues, good chapter. I'm excited to see how both the past and present unfold. I like how it seems that Celestia and Luna are far more different in their ages than originally thought.

Are we going to see more Magic Storage or any other mods like that? Bringing mechanics from those, not to mention Terraria as a whole would certainly be interesting in the world of Equestria.

This was a fun read I do not think the element bearers would be able to do anything to the Jungle tyrant mainly because his beliefs weren't rooted and evil or control so the elements would directly not even affect him now acting without the elements could probably do something just the elements themselves

I am definetely going to bring in many more mods and asepcts from Terraria itself, which I've already got plans for.

Not to mention the bosses.

Not to mention that flutters has an encounter with him.

That did not go so well for anypony/anyone

I wonder if our tyrant is going to recognize flutters and ask if she has a grey sister.

Just binged this and i cant wait till Celestia tells Twilight and the other Bearers about the Jungle Tyrant. Or at least the censored version.

Why is Yharim called the Jungle Tyrant? He doesn’t seem to have a jungle theme.

While his armor itself isn't necessarily jungle themed, his main base resided in (what I called it in chapter 1) A-mare-zon rainforest.

All of this will be revealed shortly yet still gradually, just wanting to make sure nothing is off during the writing process.

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