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Heheh, I like it already.

Oh boy, she's right next to the crystal empire, isn't she?

Sidenote; I feel like Monika's (Jacob's AI) personality is too advanced for only just now starting to exist but hey what do I know, other than that I'd say this is pretty good so far.

So do I, and since people are being displace on earth. People who are hearing about this displacement, they should be suspicious and if they do buy something from someone who has exactly what they need, they should do what Jacob did and just Punch them. In The Face. Writers need to do that more.

Its probably linked to his mind.

just wuna say I hope your story works out id love to see fellow my fellow commanders story's I mite never right any story's or maybe I will it depends if a good idea comes to mined. anyways cya on the battlefield commanders!!!.
(cybrans rule UEF droll)

the AI in the supcom series is suppose to be really advanced
look up "supreme commander QAI"

well for the cybrans I mean

Heh, fair enough, but it depends on if the character actually knows about displacement, which is a bit of a worse choice for authors due to potential backlash because Meta or something I dunno.
To my knowledge, basically that's not how it works. /shrug
Uh... That's a Quantum AI, and I doubt they'd put that in the ACU's. Just a standard AI would do it. (Plus a QAI would be really expense and not very cost efficient.)
nuh uh uef is better then cybran

eeh I guess but I bet all the AI the cybrans make are great as QAI just a bit less good then QAI himself
tho TBH I think the only AI their is. is QAI
because they never show any other AI.
unless you count the voice that shays you base is under attack.

also I wonder how many commanders are in the brony fandom.
anyways good luck on the battlefield commanders!!!.

Interesting start

HUZZA! an update has been sighted!

For the Cybran Collective!

m33m has come he will magic you and burn your lands all hail m33m!


*Blinks* I'm shocked that a certain someone didn't go after this story.

Serious question: who?

Just some guy who's been bashing Displaced stories with negative comments that offer zero constructive criticism.

What is Monica from?

Doki Doki Literature Club. It's. . .an interesting visual novel. Free, too. Let's just say there's a reason a tag for it is Psychological horror.

Yeah, he let me know in a P.M..

I actually was guessing that from what was said in this chapter but I wasn’t sure because I haven’t seen or played the game.

yea same here .-. also was he the one down voting every comment in the displaced group??

also that drinking game is a deadly game to play *pointing to the one on the displaced group*

I know, lol. It wouldn't matter, you'll be drunk even if the story had the least amount.

I hoped the comments for this chapter would be people speculating about the images from the prophecy vision.
Instead, I learned of someone who has a raging hate-boner for Displaced to the point where I think they need help.
Not sure how to classify what I'm feeling right now.

Interesting chapter can't wait to read more

I think the vision is of Nightmare Moon

Let me guess.....Mass Effect.

I believe you won't be seeing this guy now, I'm guessing you posted this story while he was asleep due to timezones.

For all we know, the Celestia of this world could be dead. She could be a fucking xenophobic ruler who will kill us on the spot. She could be brain dead and be under the control of an eldritch abomination.

a partial one out of three isnt bad

ill make sure to make one for you :P

Is the prophecy from Quotable Poems An Anthology Of Modern Verse Volume Two?

maybe the Seraphim are coming.

I know verses 1 3 and 5
1 is sombra's banishment of the crystal empire
3 is nightmare moon's first coming
5 is most likely speaking of the apocolypse spoken of in the christian bible. How jesus is the son of god who is sometimes refered to as the shephard and how he comes again during the apocolypse.
2 likely speaks of the serephim cometh
4 i have no idea what that one is.

Oh my will this end well... Probably not this is "Displaced" we're talking about

Crossover with Supreme Commander & DDLC.

:rainbowderp::pinkiegasp::rainbowderp::pinkiegasp::rainbowderp::pinkiegasp::rainbowderp:i was not expecting that ending AT all.

Slut princess. Bitch. Agreed.:moustache:

I'm sorry but Jacob's arguement for why they can't go home makes no logical sense even by multiverse terms.


If I had to Guess? Celestia said the Seer was an "Outcast" likely it is speaking of a Uprising or Rebellion by those cast out. The Innocence Lost so soon is likely referring to a Being that had it all and then lost it.

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