Chaotic Arc

by Redsummer09

Memories and Chaos


Beacon Academy, to the outside world it is where the future Huntsman and Huntresses train to combat the Creatures of Grimm, mankind's greatest threat. The academy itself is designed to look like a castle, the purpose of this is to install a sense of hope within the civilians of Vale.

Though at the moment, all one student could feel is loneliness and despair.

Jaune Arc was the leader of Team JNPR (Juniper), and while he is the team's clumsy and goofy white knight while his combat level is below average, his tactical and analytical mind is perhaps one of the best to grace the academy, though like anyone cared for that anymore. When it was revealed that the Arc used falsified transcripts to gain admittance to the school, he became someone who is just oddly weak to the most hated person there.

Day after day, he was verbally and physically abused by everyone around him, all except for Velvet Scarlatina. The rabbit faunus never cared for the legitimacy of his transcripts, to her all that mattered was that whilst he did wrong, it was for the right reasons. To be a hero, to inspire and protect others who can't protect themselves. So when she to Jaune that she didn't care for those transcripts of his, he did something that made her blush like a tomato.

He pulled her into a tight hug and kissed her on the cheek, all the while muttering "thankyouthankyouthankyou" over and over again.

To Jaune, that was a miracle sent from the Heavens. Knowing that there is someone out there who didn't hate him this much was something he truly treasured from thereon, until the day he suddenly vanished off the face of Remnant, leaving a broken-hearted rabbit behind.

Present time

Discord, who has been revealed as being the once known Jaune Arc, glared at the ones he used to consider 'friends', while the rest of the Main 6 with the princesses watch in shock at what has transpired. From what they could peace together, these were the ones who drove him to insanity so long ago, should his words be true. But what confused them was that that happened over 1000 years ago, so how can they still be alive?

Before things escalated to quickly, Celestia decided to cut in.

"Enough Discord!" she called to him. If he were to actually do something to their 'guests', then they wouldn't be able to do anything considering they no longer have the elements.

Discord/Jaune knew she only called to him before things escalated, so he chose to humour her at the very least. Floating over next to Fluttershy while changing back to his Draconequus form, he continued to glare at them with pure hate for them.

Seeing as he relented, Celestia chose to address the situation accordingly. "Am I right to assume you are wondering why you are here girls?" she asked towards the heavily uneasy and confused Main 6.

"Y-yes Princess, bu-but we never got to ask considering Discord's, 'moment'." Twilight answered with the rest nodding, stuttering at the beginning from either shock or fear.

Celestia quells their curiosity, "The reason I have called you here with Discord, was to help with this group's" she pointed to the bonus audience "dilemma."

"And, what sort of dilemma would that be, perhaps?" Rarity asks for the group.

For a moment, the tanned-brown earth pony's eyes seem to flash, before a rather sophisticated voice spoke. "Our dilemma miss, is our sudden arrival herein this world." he answered to them.

Suddenly, Rainbow Dash flew into his face with a suspicious gaze. "Woah woah woah, you telling us you came from another world?" Rainbow asked him, not knowing if he's telling the truth or not.

"He's telling the truth Rainbow." Applejack said with a straight face.

"How can you tell Jackie?" Pinkie said, the ever happy pony planning one hell of a welcome party for the newcomers.

Before Applejack could answer her, Discord did for her "It's her connection to Honesty". Seeing the confused and curious gazes of the Main 6 and the princesses he clarified.

"Whilst the Elements have been returned to the Tree of Harmony, a bit with my influence involved, you each are still connected to them until the day you die." He answered with a professor like tone of voice.

Soon the golden blonde griffon raised a claw, "Uh, what exactly are these 'Elements' and 'Tree of Harmony'?" she asked.

Before anyone could answer her question, Celestia soon spoke up, "Before we have any questions answered, I feel we should introduce ourselves to better understand the situation." she suggested. Agreeing and one by one, the new comers each introduced themselves:

Red pegasus = "Ruby Rose, leader of Team RWBY (Ruby)"
Blonde griffon = "Yang Xiao Long, resident pun master and Ruby's older sister"
Monochrome unicorn = Blake Belladonna"
Pale white unicorn = "Weiss Schnee of the Schnee Dust Company"
Tanned earth pony = "Oscar Pine, but I'm also known as Professor Ozpin"
Black griffon = "Qrow Branwen, uncle to Ruby and Yang"
Dark green unicorn = "Lie Ren"
Orange pegasus = "Nora Valkyrie, self-proclaimed 'Queen of the Castle and Pancakes'"
And lastly, the bronze-orange unicorn = "Pyrrha Nikos, leader of Team PRN (Prune)

After the introductions were given, Twilight decided to voice an important question. "Wait, you said your name was 'Oscar Pines', yet also 'Professor Ozpin'. What do you mean by that?" she asked confused.

Eyes flashing again, he answered "What he meant was that I'm Professor Ozpin. For you see, my soul has transferred into the young man's body, which we now share control over." Deciding to make things easier, he said "Any other questions would you like to ask me?" with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah, what's that that Dissy's playing with?" Pinkie asked pointing at Discord, who seemed to be fiddling with a golden intricate lamp.

Turning their heads to him, they saw that he was holding what they know as the Relic of Knowledge, one of four gifts left behind by the Gods of Light and Dark. Before they could say anything, Luna asked before either of them.

"Discord, what pray is that?" she asked confused, as to her and the others it didn't seem to be all that important besides being a rather nice looking lamp of some kind.

Floating over to her, Discord answered her in a teasing tone. "Oh Moonbooty, I would've expected you of all ponies to not judge items by mere sight." he said to her with her turning red from anger and embarrassment from being called 'Moonbooty'. Before she could voice her complaints he continued, "But nonetheless, this isn't some lamp, the magic within it is comparable to the Elements themselves." he said seriously to their shock. An item that can rival the Elements of Harmony? Such a thing has never been seen before.

Looking over the lamp, he could feel something inside of it. Or rather, someone in it. If anything, it could be classed as when he was turned to stone by the Royal Sisters and later the Main 6, not so much turned INTO stone, but rather encased an a layer of stone who couldn't remove. The fact that there was someone out there who experienced the same thing as him was a welcome relief.

Seeing Discord with analytical eyes got her curious on why, "Besides being compared to the Elements in terms of power, what has sparked your curiosity Discord?"

His answer came without hesitation, "There's someone inside of it." he said serious.

"That would be Jinn."

They all look over at Ozpin, who has remained in control for the past few minutes, for answers. Seeing their gazes, he decided they could at least be trusted with this information.

"The lamp he is holding is what is known as the Relic of Knowledge, one of four relics left behind by the Brother Gods of Light and Dark. The other three relics are of Creation, Destruction and Choice. Within Knowledge rests Jinn, known as the Genie of Knowledge, who answers a total of three questions, no matter what they be, every 100 years." he said to them.

This shocked Celestia and Luna, more so the part about the Brother Gods. In their early years of ruling, they were often seen as the Goddesses of the Sun and Moon. To know that there are those, besides Discord, who have more influence then them is astonishing.

"Well that's all fantastic and what not, but why is her situation comparable to mine; merely wishing for a way out of a prison you can't leave yourself?" Discord asked irritated.

Celestia, seeing that it is nearly time to lower the sun, decided to cut in. "While there are some questions we want answers to, I'm afraid we have to cut this short. You'll each receive a room here in the castle for tonight, and tomorrow morning you'll board the train for Ponyville." she said with Yang snorting at the name. "I'll have my guards escort you there. Discord can you stay for a moment please?" she asked to him, with the others being filed out of the room.

Floating over to the front of the steps, Discord broke the silence. "Okay Celly, what's this about?"

"I do not know your past affiliation with our new guests, but can I trust you won't bring them to harm? she asked him seriously.

"I swear on my honour as God of Chaos that I will not bring them to harm." he swore, placing his talons on his chest while raising his lion paw in the air. Oddly enough, there seemed to be a pink beret on his head too.

Nodding, she said "Very well then, you may leave now Discord." which he wasted now time doing, immediately snapping himself away into his own pocket dimension.

Looking to her sister, Luna spoke up. "Sister, art thou sure Discord will keep his word? Thou has seen the hate within his eyes when looking at them after all." Luna said concerned and reluctant. After all, the whole time she has known the draconequus, it was all when he played some sort of prank; but never has she seen him this serious before.

"I hope so Luna, I truly do." Celestia said, not entirely convinced with her decisions thus far.

Astral Plane

"Are you sure this will work?" a voice said. The voice is easily male, with a calm and serene tone to match.

"Yes. After all, their pasts aren't the most happy. Though of course that's coming from me." a second male said. Similar to the first voice, though has a more demanding and menacing undertone.

*Giggles* "Oh boys, have some faith. I believe that some time together will heal their wounds. Don't you trust me?" a third but female voice said with sass in her voice, seeming to just radiate kindness to those around her.

"We do trust you, we just merely question your judgement. But for now, I suppose all we can do is wait." the first voice said, seeming to accept the situation.

"Good, now we need to find a certain WITCH, and from there we can progress." the female said before leaving.

Grumbling to themselves, the two followed her through a portal, looking for a certain cursed witch.