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I don't have a muse, I have a mule. If you like pencil art, czech out my DeviantArt page. http://wisdom-thumbs.deviantart.com/

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In Pursuit · 6:29am Sep 4th, 2020

That's the title.

A short series of chapters featuring Zephyr Breeze's rise from ignominy to physical fitness, a place in the Wonderbolts, his fall from grace, and then his pursuit of wing and wind sciences as RD's attache/fiance.

Someone chose not to write this. Are you thankful, or forlorn?

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Thank you. I miss drawing.

The Gears of War drawings on your deviantart are awesome, especially the one with Dom and the UIR soldier. The wine stain gives a blood-like splotching effect. Reminds me a bit of Sin City.

Ah,wasn't that november? Good look on your endevors!:pinkiehappy:


It's what I spent all of NaNoWriMo working on, but I'm a cotton farmer with bills to pay... and I'd like to get out of the farming business, you know?

any news on sword pony? left off right when it was gunna get fun!

  • Viewing 24 - 28 of 28
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