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I don't have a muse, I have a mule. If you like pencil art, czech out my DeviantArt page. http://wisdom-thumbs.deviantart.com/

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Requesting a proofreader, & "The Last Duel" · 7:14am October 22nd

I'm writing a short story collection that bridges MLP:FiM and DnD lore. It's surprisingly simple in concept, but broad in scope, because it's a total rewrite of Swordpony. The most important changes:Spike's egg is the focus, and Grogar is the villain, not some unnamed deer god of death. I daresay you'll find it fits DnD mythos to a tee, to the point that you might question: Did Faust and her crew intend this, or were they merely influenced?

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Thank you. I miss drawing.

The Gears of War drawings on your deviantart are awesome, especially the one with Dom and the UIR soldier. The wine stain gives a blood-like splotching effect. Reminds me a bit of Sin City.

Ah,wasn't that november? Good look on your endevors!:pinkiehappy:


It's what I spent all of NaNoWriMo working on, but I'm a cotton farmer with bills to pay... and I'd like to get out of the farming business, you know?

any news on sword pony? left off right when it was gunna get fun!

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