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Regarding the Recent Events in the Blurr · 9:23pm Dec 17th, 2018

Internal Communications, Mark 146.222//99-6 SENSITIVE

This PM is ordered SEALED by order of the Authority. Any breach of confidentiality will be met with Ban. Please file under "Classification 19" and complete requisite form 2.16123 in triplicate upon receiving.

To my esteemed colleague,

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Don't worry, I'm happy to answer most any questions. As to the first one, I have to confess that I'm not really a member of other fandoms, at least not nearly to the extent that I am with the Brony community. I have plenty of other media I'm interested in, but nothing to which I am so dedicated.

To the second one, about how fandoms translate to the WWW, that I can speak about in more detail. In fact, I was thinking of tackling that in a blog post in the near future - perhaps tomorrow? Hopefully that can shed some light on the subject - I'm extremely flattered to see a creative interest in this, so I hope to help how I can!

Hey, Max, I know this might be asking a bit much, but I was curious what other fandoms you're a part of, and what they would translate to in the WWW? As you are the creator of this universe, I'd hate to try to write a piece of fanfiction about your fanfiction and missname one of your headcanons.

Thank you so much for the Fave of my story The Youth in the Garden! That you would means that my efforts to commemorate a life and a battle worked to some small degree.

Hey, thanks for the fav!

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