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Twilight's day was going to be just perfect. A whole afternoon of experimenting with poison joke, and then in the evening she would have Rainbow Dash for dinner, something they'd both been looking forward to for quite some time. She'd even written it down in the calendar!

Sure, maybe it wasn't too wise to run possibly dangerous experiments right on that day, but was the worst thing that could happen? Starlight's fears were probably unfounded, and she knew the cure anyway. Even then, a floppy horn wouldn't stop her from enjoying her time with the pegasus.

Unfortunately for Twilight, the universe had other plans, and the plant she'd chosen to run her tests on had seemingly developed a new, twisted, and very context-aware sense of humor.

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Hallarious story and consept, I was chuckling the entire time :rainbowlaugh:

And for the first time since it had happened to her, in contrast to all her predictions, Twilight, for the entire length of that evening and subsequent night, was incredibly glad that she lacked a mouth, as the whole castle and much of the city would have heard her otherwise.

Absolutely hilarious and a most fitting ending :twilightblush::rainbowwild:

Once the alicorn had finished writing, Starlight brought the scroll up to her own face. Squinting, she cocked her neck to a side, then said, "Sorry, Twilight, I can't understand any of this."

Considering how she was the only one able to decipher Star Swirl's chickenscratch, that really says something.

A flash of her horn, and the machine began to buzz, pulling the laboratory's air into its piping system through the grates around the walls and replacing it with clean air from outside.

Of course, that raises the question of what happened to the contaminated air...

Discord would probably be happy to help Twilight direct her complaint to upper management. Not like he has much fondness for the entity in question.

And it's always a nice thing when you agree with poison joke on what counts as funny.

Lovely bit of raunch. Thank you for it. Here's hoping Starlight landed safely.

So what happened to Starlight?


Considering how she was the only one able to decipher Star Swirl's chickenscratch, that really says something.

Well, Twilight has been shown to be pretty bad when it comes to writing with something other than magic or her mouth.
Starlight's landing is entirely dependent on whether her horn started to work again before her wings gave out or not.

I would love to see an epic first date with Spike and his special somegriffin.

Good title.

Such a good friend, Dash is.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Wait a minute... how is that a “joke” on Rainbow?

Unless she can’t get it up or something... Or she does the continuous expansion thing like Starlight... D:

Twilight nodded, happily smiling.

large think

Nicely played, Universe. Nicely played.

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