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After the events of The Friendship Games, Principal Abacus Cinch returns to her office at Crystal Prep, only to find Twilight Velvet waiting for her, and she is not happy.

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Damn. Note to self, don't mess with Twilight Velvet's family.

9562445 Agreed.

She gives a whole new meaning to "Angry Mama Bear" in this.

REALLY good work on this one-shot. Yeah, I LOVED seeing Twilight Velvet going Mama Bear on Cinch without throwing a single punch (though she definitely would not have been above throwing said punch if Cinch pushed her too far). Seeing her blackmail Cinch into resigning was appropriately ironic (though seeing Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna seeming to get the blame for something Velvet did [at least as far as Superintendent Sombra is concerned] makes me feel bad).

Anyway, you did a REALLY good job on the exchange, characterizations and future story set-up in this prequel.

That's why I like Velvet, she greatly cares for her daughter, no matter what. Harm one hair of Twilight, you get to know Velvet

Mama bears are extremely protective of their cubs. Poking the cub is a bad idea. Poking the mama bear is a really bad idea. Poking both? That's just suicide.

Great little one shot.

Dang, Twi-mom, you scary!

Twilight Velvet is definitely not someone you wanna piss off. :twilightoops:


Velvet is awesome. Just who are those two? What power does she possess?


Oooh! I like that!

"Tick, tick, tick," Burst called out. "Boom!"

I know that reference!

Well the girl is an EQ version of Firecracker Burst, a character that was created as a recolor figure of Twilight Sparkle, but has been given a penchant for fire magic and explosives due to her name and cutie mark.

The guy is kind of a surprise for when I get around to writing the story connected to this.

If you're asking if Twilight Velvet has any powers, nothing like Twilight Sparkle and friends have. It's more about connections and influence, both in her writing career and in her other job.

Abacus Cinch

I still find it funny that EQG named that Principal after Atticus Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird. Nice touch on their part, Harper Lee wrote a great book that I highly recommend for anyone who hasn't already read it.

"Even if that were true," Cinch stated, "you would not pursue such charges. Even if you were able to somehow convince the authorities the truth of what you say and that magic actually does exist, your daughter would face the worst of the charges." Her eyes narrowed and lips pressed thin. "I sincerely doubt you want her to spend the rest of her life in prison."

I realize that this is somewhat beside the point (since nobody present intends for the courts to actually get involved), but this is a rather implausible argument. I'm surprised Velvet didn't call her on it before getting down to business with the proper threats.

It's hard to imagine a scenario in which the frightened teenager (who clearly had no idea what was going to happen when she activated her device) comes off worse in court than the manipulative adult who blackmailed her into it (and who every single witness holds responsible for what happened).

Is Cinch expecting the authorities to hold Twilight 100% responsible for her actions as Midnight Sparkle? It seems rather unlikely (and would be on shaky legal ground at best).

I recommend Maine. The beach is overrated, oil rigs are likely to be a blot on most political careers, and I sincerely doubt she has the charisma to pull off the last one.

... deer lord.

you know as cool as this is... Twilight Velvet is even worse then Cinch at this point. How many others have not taken what she asks?

Would have been funny if the scandal included a horse's severed head in bed with her as she woke up for the day.


That's what I meant. Her 'other job.'

It will be revealed in hopefully my next multi-chapter story.

DAMN, Velvet does not fuck around! ESPECIALLY when her kids are involved!

Didn't know that.

Oh, I misunderstood. When you said "deer lord", I was like: "Oh god, what'd I do wrong?"

My fault :rainbowlaugh:

Does this mean Velvet is part of the EQG equivalent of SMILE?

Yeah, I don't think I like the idea of Twilight's mom being in the Illuminati/mob, but it's not a bad story. :applejackunsure:

What Don Velvet wants, Don Velvet gets

I would not think so, Twilight Velvet is using perfectly legal means to get her revenge on the person who she entrusted her child's wellbeing to, who not only failed miserably, but failed due to her own unwillingness to lose a competition. And while Velvet's methods of obtaining that revenge is morally and ethical levels, it's nowhere near the danger and potential danger Cinch caused by her own closed-mindedness. And I think Velvet knows this. Sure, she may be doing this because her daughter was in the middle of it all, but if this were to happen to any other child, she would still take the similar precautions since Cinch has been proven to be an unreliable caretaker and unworthy of her position.

Because threatening to either harm someone or even perhaps kill them is so much better?

No. Ethically, Velvet is acting in no way better than Cinch was during the Games. But on a logical standpoint, she's the most sane person in that room. Let me put it this way, Principal Celestia and Luna had exactly no plans to have Principal Cinch pay for the deeds she's committed. But Twilight Velvet on the other hand is more than willing to end a threat to her daughter and the other students by any means necessary, even if murder is the only way to achieve that goal. And if we think about it, Twilight is simply playing the cards Cinch laid out against herself. But I do see your point.

Move to Neighvada and become a high-class prostitute for all I care!

With a quote like that, it's best if the story is rated T instead of E.

I cant wait then you very much have my attention

So... I'm very much getting a CIA wetworker vibe from Mrs. Velvet here.

"You saw during The Tri-Cross Relay how dangerous the magic was. You were given a chance to end things then and there, albeit with a tie.

Conveniently ignoring neither Celestia, Luna or Cadence did anything to stop the games after a carnivorous plant tried to eat the participants.:trixieshiftleft:
Shouldn't they be forced to resign too?

9565134 Celestia wanted to call off the "Friendship Games" after that. Principal Cinch was the one who insisted on continuing even though she was offered the chance to call it a draw.

Now I'm curious who Velvet works as. Will this be explained in this next long story you mentioned that you are writing?

The mother of heroes is best not trifled with. Best case scenario, her children come after you for vengeance. Worst case, she takes care of you herself.

Not sure how to feel about Velvet wielding threats and blackmail like this, but I'm certainly intrigued. Looking forward to seeing what you're building up to.

I've always found it a bizarre choice. Cinch is almost nothing like Atticus. He'd probably do everything in his power to see her put away for life after the Friendship Games.

I agree that it's weird.

Move to Neighvada and become a high-class prostitute for all I care!

Well she DOES have a great body, I bet she would make a LOT of money working as one.

I am scared of no man but that thing scares me

This is beautiful, seeing Twi's mother like this, like a mafia boss is amazing.

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