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Horrifically Fun


Luna has some rather strong opinions regarding punishment inside Equestria. These come to a head when Tempest Shadow's fate is to be decided.

My Little Pony: The Movie spoilers

Thanks to Tired Old Man for his input and Nova Quill/Firimil for her input and edits!

Luna vector by speedox12.

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This was likely the most beautiful thing I have ever read.

I don't get it.

Well, that happened.

well, that was a delicious bit of insanity XD

I feel a sequel where Twilight has Spike mop up after Starlight submits to the blender dimension is in order.

I also wonder if maybe being one of the audience in those meetings are the best part. It's a front-row seat on the most spontaneous alicorn insanity imaginable.

You know somewhere in all that is a guardspony lugging a huge sack of bits for scalping seats ahead of time to that show... :pinkiehappy:

I TOTALLY loved this! Great job!:moustache:

Twilight let out a distressed cry. “Starlight has a new book! It has cover that looks like a face! I think I can hear it chanting and laughing darkly at night!”

Is that the Spirit, by any chance?

I'm at a loss as what to write here... other than 'what'.
This was glorious. :pinkiecrazy:

This was a funny parody of the trope that Luna is some sort of vindictive arbiter of justice. Would only have preferred it if the jokes were more condensed.

Huh, given Celestia's trauma, it's possible her opinion of Luna bled out into the populace leading to an overall negative opinion on Luna festering into the fear and resentment that would turn her into Nightmare Moon. So the entirety of Luna's infamous reputation and actions could be blamed on Celestia not getting over one incident.

They've got some messed up dreams. Nothing ice cream can't fix.

Whatever it is you’ve been doing to make you produce this, you must have been doing a lot of it, and can I have some?

Twilight let out a distressed cry. “Starlight has a new book! It has cover that looks like a face! I think I can hear it chanting and laughing darkly at night!”

Just make sure remembers that it's nikto, not necktie, or nickle or some other N word. You do that and you'll be just fine...

Oh God. I was afraid this was going to be some sort of "Equestria is Westeros" style fanfiction with Luna portrayed as an axe crazy executioner...this was soooo much better. From now on, I'm just going to thumbs every thing you publish before I read it to save time.

Luna suddenly exploded in anger. "Tia! You unbelievable twat-waffle!"

I'm gonna start using twat-waffle as an insult.

Ah, not what I thought it was going to be. Exact opposite, in fact. I was hoping for a 'Luna seems like she's on the level with everyone else but she actually wants to make steaks out of Tempest and thinks this is entirely reasonable' kind of funny experience. Not another comedic 'Hey look Celestia's a bitch, Luna's innocent' story. Darn you, misleading titles. Well played.

“I was never punished!” Luna reminded. “Why would I hold a pony to standards that I myself was not held to?”

Err... what about 1000 years on the moon?

to have started the battle

startled maybe?

you all purpose on


Cadance, farbeit for me to

Hmm I've not found this written as a single word anywhere, however I think it should be used with "from" in place of "for"

concerned your family


have to be want an

missing "to"

met the nobels!” Celestia


I'd consider that less a punishment and more a move of desperation on Celestia's part, though I tend to think of the nightmare forms as (mostly) separate entities. Not to suggest the Princesses aren't at least partially responsible depending on the circumstances regarding the nightmare forms being summoned, but it's somewhat telling that Nightmare Moon spent 1,000 years on the moon and seemingly learned nothing.

Not sure if there's a statute of limitations for crimes in Equestria or if they'd even bother to apply it to long-lived/possibly immortal beings, but Luna was accepted with open arms after the Nightmare Moon incident. Plus, pretty much any villain that at least shows they're willing to try is basically forgiven on the spot by Ponykind (and possibly humankind for anyone not named Sunset Shimmer). So yeah... I can't help but find the "let's figure out what the CRIMINAL SCUM deserves" a hard row to hoe given what the show usually presents us. It's not exactly easy to swallow as humans were real crimes usually have real consequences no matter how bad you feel about those crimes afterward, but crime & punishment clearly works differently in pony society.

Well, I think we all know that Owloysius is the true victim here.

“Princess Luna, I’m begging you!” Twilight cried. “I can’t find Owlowiscious! I think the book ate my owl and he’s trapped in a nether realm between realities! I HEAR HIS DISTANT, FORLORN HOOTING EVERY NIGHT BEFORE I FALL ASLEEP!”

Luna suddenly exploded in anger. “Tia! You unbelievable twat-waffle!”

Dear diary, today it finally happened. Justice3442 has made me laugh myself into a migraine.

“Well… We took a vote after we paired down the list of options,” Twilight offered sheepishly.

Should be pared.

Other than that, this story is absolutely perfect. :heart:

Got this! Thank you! :twilightsmile:

good on you Luna, hell surprised Luna didn't bring up the fact that if anyone should be executed it is starlight.

>>Implying Starlight hasn't accidentally killed Sunburst herself a few times.

That was fucking hilarious!

Concerned YOUR family is correct.

In this context, I think "you're" was the right choice. Another aspect is I think the sentence needed a comma, which I've added.

Was missing the context. :P Even so it is still off putting, dunno.

Fucking gold!
You never disappoint.

The full quote is here:

“I mean it!” Shining insisted. “As far as I’m concerned, you're family!” He glanced at Cadance. “Right?”

“Your” is clearly wrong.
You can replace it with “Tempest is family” and it makes send but you can’t replace it with “family of Tempest”

Or just replace it with "you are" and see how much sense that makes. Which is a lot, so, I'm agreeing with you here.

I definitely feel that both Luna and Tempest Shadow can get along.

Oh, yes. That's actually correct now that I see the context. Lol.

I thought Luna was going to push for Tempest to be imprisoned in Tartarus or something, and we'd have a serious discussion about the value of forgiveness versus justice, etc. I got this instead, and it was so much better!


Well worth the read, great job, you beautiful bastard.

I mean, it's pretty much par for the course that Starlight would find the Equinomicon.

Luna shot Twilight an unamused look.........."Additionally, I’ve had to craft many-a dream tentacle-repellent spray !”

This made me think of something and I have to ask, have you seen Drawn Together?

That... is incredibly uber petty. and sad... and somewhat funny... but mostly sad.

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